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We see you are here to offer something to our website. Since you are here, first accept our welcome. Welcome to the HouseDecorationTip’s write for us page. 

Also, thanks so much for showing interest in posting a blog on our website. Before we move towards the guidelines let’s see what we offer to our audience. (In short, website briefing!)

Here on HouseDecorationTip, we provide information and decoration tips and ideas for everything related to home decor, be it exterior, interior, outdoor, garden, home maintenance, home renovation, DIY, kitchen, organizing ideas, etc. Every blog on the website will provide readers with abundant data that too in engaging form. Our main aim is to provide every person landing on our webpage to have solutions for their problem. 

The in-house writer team at HouseDecorationTip spends hours researching the topic and analyzing the best available ideas and tips to offer the perfect solution. Hence, we have really high expectations regarding the content for Guest Posting. (We know expectations hurt, but we have formulated guidelines to help you and ultimately us!)

Guest Post Policy & Requirements

We have tried to mention everything in detail, be it related to quality requirements or the link placement in the blog. Read through!

Quality Requirements:

Before you invest your time and skills in the content, read the following points, and start accordingly.

  • We accept blogs with a minimum 800-word count. You can draft an extensive and comprehensive article of more than that as well. We like to have qualitative and valuable content on our website.
  • The content should be original. By that, we mean don’t copy or spin the article, our content editors will know it. It might put your reputation at risk as well. Draft 100% original content for the guest post on our website.
  • Structured content is preferable. Add proper subheadings, bullet points, and also write short paragraphs with a maximum of 70 to 100 words. This will increase the readability and readers won’t get tired of reading.
  • Content in the English language is only accepted. 
  • We not only look at the information but also the writing style and how engaging it is? So make sure you write in an engaging manner to hold the reader till the end.

Preferred Topics and Subjects:

The architecture industry is too wide to add a single topic, so to help you with it we have made a list of preferred subjects. 

In short, you can write basically on everything related to sprucing up the house wholly. There’s one more thing we would like to tell you – Always check whether the topic or subject you have selected is already there on our website or not. Even after that, you feel like discussing, just talk to us, we will be happy to help you.

Link Requirements & Policies:

To avoid receiving content with spammy links, we formulated few policies regarding this too!

  • Place at least one internal link in the content, that will redirect the reader to one of our blogs. Also, make sure it is relevant to the topic you have written. This way it will add value to the content as well.
  • You have a free hand on placing the external link in the blog, but make sure it is relevant to the content and adds value to it.
  • You can only add a single link to your content, i.e., which will take the audience to your website. (Relevant link only!)
  • We don’t accept any affiliated links from the guest author’s side in the article. So don’t add any of it. (Will be removed or changed if found any!)
  • Good news! We also put up the Author Bio with the article. So don’t forget to send us the descriptive bio with the name and image. Claim the credibility of your write-up!

Post Image Requirements:

We don’t have high expectations for image requirements. Just one or two and that’s it. Look below:

  • The dimension of images should be at least 800*800 pixels. 
  • If you are picking the image from somewhere else, make sure you have the right to take it from there, if not cite the source along with it. You can also download relevant photos from a free platform like Pexels.

Editorial Policies:

Note that, we have the right to edit and review the content for grammatical errors and quality checks. So don’t mind or feel offended we ask for too many changes. Our only aim is to provide our readers with quality and informative articles to read.


We have a full pack of SEO and Social Media experts, who will make sure the article is properly promoted on all our platforms. You also make sure about promoting the article on your social media platforms after you receive a live link.

Where to Submit?

Once you are done with the writing, proofreading, and reviewing from your end, submit the article to us at [email protected].

After receiving your article, our content editor will review it. You will receive a mail regarding the changes (if any). However, if it is good to go the content will be uploaded.

You will find a mail in the inbox with the live link and acknowledgment, after the blog update on the website.

Which are our search terms?

You would have reached here either by searching “home decor ideas write for us” or through the website’s blog. If you are here from Google’s search result that is because of the search term. You can find any website with the same niche as ours through the following ‘Search Terms’:

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Thanks much for taking an interest in contributing to HouseDecorationTip. We will be waiting for your mail and positive response.

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