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9 Best Wooden Shoe Rack To Keep The Mudroom and Footwear Well Ordered

Tired of finding a pair of shoes from the heap? This is the worst-case scenario ever. Why? Shoes piled upon each other won’t only make it harder to find the right pair when needed, but it reduces its life too. No matter what you do to keep them arranged, they will shatter and end up in a heap. So what can keep them safe and easy-to-get? A shoe rack? Obviously.

But there are thousands of options available for shoe racks. From plastic ones to wooden and pocket-friendly DIYs too. But which one is the best to keep your shoes and a foyer or porch organized? The answer is the Wooden Shoe Rack. 

It will cost you a little bit more but trust us, they are the best option. When you go for DIYs, there are still a few shoe racks that will keep the area clean and organized, but your lovelies will still be in a mess. 

The main purpose of having a shoe rack is to keep the footwear organized and in a way that you can find it easily within seconds. So having a basket or box for the same is useless. But not every wooden shoe rack can do the wonders. So here we have mentioned the few of the best wooden shoe racks to get for the crispy space. 

But before that, we would like to tell you a few things before getting the shoe shelf. Keep in mind its size, material, shelves, assembling and budget (you can’t neglect that). 

Let’s Keep Your Footwear in Place With These Wood Shoe Racks:-

1. BrightteR Entryway Bench With Shoe Storage

 wooden shoe rack


The one on this list is something that you can keep in the mudroom as well as a bedroom. This shoe storage by BrightteR has a cushion placed on the top tier to make its sitting area and has two storage shelves and cubic baskets.

The bench is made up of Paulownia wood. And it can also work as the kid’s toy storage area in the bedroom. You can hide away little things in those baskets and find it whenever you want!

– Has two-tier shelves and baskets for storage.– Shoe rack space is little less.
– Provides a sitting area.– Has the old and rustic finish.
– No need of assembling the furniture.

2. Homfa Bamboo Shoe Rack

 wooden shoe rack


This wooden shoe rack is made up of bamboo, so naturally, it is durable, stylish, and eco-friendly. This piece of product will come in a box, and you will have to assemble it using screws. 

Don’t worry! It isn’t a hard process. The rack has four shelves for storage, and it can also be used in the kitchen, bedroom, or foyer. You can keep green plants on it as well. It can give a home to up to 12 pairs of shoes.

– Has four shelves for storage.– It isn’t scratch resistant.
– Safely designed with rounded corners.
– It is multifunctional.

3. Tangkula Wooden Shoes Rack

 wooden shoe rack


If you are someone who has a “collection” of footwear and likes to show it off, then this one is for you only. The 7-shelves Tangkula wood shoe rack is made up of high-quality wood and is sturdy.

The bottom two shelves of the rack are of 7.5 inches while others are of 5”. The purpose of this style of construction is to house your different styles of footwear, from crocs to high-heels.

– Has seven tier shelves that too of different measurements.– A little complicated process of assembling.
– Provides a flat surface to keep decorative things.
– Space-saving design.

4. SONGMICS Sturdy Shoe Rack


This bench cum shoe rack by Songmics is made up of thick bamboo and has a finishing effect on it. This one is available in five different colors. So you do have options to select from! You can use it as a console table in the living area too.

We often struggle with the space to buckle up the shoe. This bench will let you give the final touch by providing you the sitting area.

– Has two-tier shelves that can accommodate up to 6 pair of shoes.– Needs effort while assembling.
– Has a sturdy and finishing outlook.

5. 4 Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack

 wooden shoe rack


The 4-tier wooden shoe rack can accommodate up to 9 – 12 shoes. The product comes with the hardware to assemble the product. It is designed in a way that consumes less space. The compact and minimal design of it is loved by the customers.

The curved design from the front restrains the shoes from falling down and creating a mess. You can keep this piece of furniture in mudroom, bedroom, or even in an entryway.

– Has four-tier shelves for the storage.– Not good for the person looking for more modern look.
– Will ventilate your shoes.– Will take up time in assembling.

6. Homfa Bamboo Shoe Shelf Storage Organizer 5-Tier

 wooden shoe rack


The 5-tier shoe shelf from Homfa is made up of 100% bamboo, which makes it durable, strong, and environment-friendly. It can accommodate at least 12 shoes. The modern design of the shelf makes it multi-functional.

You can place it in a kitchen, balcony, living room, bathroom, or in any room in your house. This smart piece can help you out in arranging anything, literally anything (from towels to utensils, too).

– It has five shelves to store the shoes.– A little complicated process of assembling
– Multi-functional.
– Has a simple and sleek design.

7. SogesHome Shoe Rack

SogesHome Shoe Rack


Does your family have more than 15 shoes (altogether)? If yes, then get this one, this shoe rack by SogesHome can accommodate up to 20 footwears. Yes, you read it right. TWENTY.

It is made up of laminated thick wood, has a drawer and flat surface to keep tiny things and decoratives, respectively. We do have a habit of checking ourselves last time before heading out this furniture can help you out with that place a mirror on it and touch up things in the drawer and you are good to go.

– It has five tier shelves, a drawer, and a flat base.– Assembling process may give you a little headache.
– Each tier can hold 3 – 4 pair of shoes.
– Less space consuming and more space giving.

8. INNOKA 6 Pairs Boot Rack

INNOKA 6 Pairs Boot Rack


You can add this one to the existing shoe rack, or have a private one for yourself. This boot rack from INNOKA has the base of wood and sticks of aluminum. It can hold six pairs of shoes. This one is best even for the rainy or snowy season.

It will keep your footwear dry and fresh. You can keep it wherever you want, bedroom, closet, garage, mudroom, or anywhere.

– Different design.– Can hold up ony 6 shoes.
– Consumes less space.– Suitable only for boots.
– Keeps your footwear neat, clean and as it is (like the day you brought them).

9. 5081 Shoe Station


Want something that can fit anywhere? This ClosetMaid’s 5081 shoe station is the best option. You can use it vertically as well as horizontally. It is defining the true meaning of multi-functionality.

Keep it in a closet to hold up small and precious things, place them in the mudroom for transforming it into the shoe station. The magic box comes in two colors, espresso, and white. Get the one that can go with your wall color.

– laminated wood for the lusturous design.– Can hold limited number of shoes.
– Multi-functional.– Doesn’t have many color options.
– Easy to assemble.

Get The Best One For Your Mudroom:-

So this was the list of best wooden shoe racks that you can get to keep your footwear and mudroom organized and well-treated. Now you won’t have to take a headache of finding a shoe that isn’t in a pair. Get anyone of it and let your shoes take rest on them.

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