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White Dove Benjamin Moore: Find Everything About It

People who have stood against the display of paint chips and looking to choose and being confused between white, off-white colors. There are many colors people get confused with, such as cloud, vanilla, white, and off-white. Many people know that it can be nerve-wracking when it comes to choosing between any of them. It is common for people to come for the same shade over and over once they find the color suitable for their house. There is a highly popular color known as simply white dove Benjamin Moore, also called white dove paint. This paint is amongst the go-to paints. 

Benjamin Moore invented and bought this paint color into the overall collection of the paint a decade ago. As time passed, it tended to become the favorite choice amongst the professionals and homeowners. 

The reason this paint is so popular is due to its versatility. You can incorporate this color into the walls, trim, cabins, and other millworks. This makes the BM simply white amongst those colors with a lot of popularity, making it rank in the top 10 most popular colors in the overall system.

It is the best paint color that is not too sterile and comes with virtually zero yellowish looks, making it the best to take the edge off. If you want to transform your house into a modern and classic look, this color should be the best choice. People using this color have seen the instant difference in their house as due to it being somewhat white, it can help you make your rooms larger than it is.

You can also use this shade throughout the house and the outdoors such as your fireplace. This statement is enough proof that you can use it anywhere you want to. This paint is the best fit for the bathroom, bedroom, and other common areas. 

LRV Of White Dove

For those who don’t know the term LRV, the full form is Light Reflectance Value. It is a scale that designers use for knowing how dark is a color. For measuring the lightness and the darkness of the color, there is a number between 0 and 100. In this, 0 is pure white, and 100 is pitch black. The Ben Moore White dove comes with an LRV of about 85.38, a good score for white paint colors. This color is not dark with this amount of LRV because it comes in the category of white paint color, which makes it difficult for the color to be black.

The best and perfect white paint color would be light enough to make your room brighter, not too light. The LRV score above 90 can be risky to choose as it can be severe white, making it look boring and uninviting. Lower LRV rate is not something to avoid, but they will not provide you with the same room brightening effect, and they will have more undertones. 

When looking at this color with an LRV of 85, you will get a light, and airy feel when you put it in your room. You can enhance this look even more if you have a room where you are getting a lot of natural lights.

OC 17 Benjamin Moore Undertones

white dove benjamin moore


white dove benjamin moore


Like most good colors, simply white Benjamin Moore is also a complex mixture of colors. It is made up of various shades and colors blended. The mixture of colors is the reason you will get warmth and interest. In places such as lighting conditions, you will also get some unintended consequences. 

Many people noticed it after painting. They noticed they were getting the green undertone from this color. However, you should know that this case was usually for some lightning conditions. Most of the time, the natural golden lights will provide you with a warm yellow-green undertone. 

The good thing about White Dove color is that this undertone effect is mind, and it will look awesome and beautiful. You’ll love the relaxing vibes you will get when the sunshine hits the color.

The only downfall was the green undertone, which is the problem that most people went through via LED lights. You can tackle the green undertones by changing out the LED lights because there are green undertones.

A great way of finding out the undertone is to go to the product page of the paint page, which you can find on the manufacturer’s website. When clicking on the shades option of the BM Moore white dove, you will get to see the paint color in various shades that you will get from darkest to the lightest.

Many people reported that they saw the greenish hue in their dining room. The strongest shadows that hit the paint color tend to look more green. This color is also good as the white dove exterior paint as the light it will reflect will help you make your house cooler than it is because it will reflect the light.

Is Benjamin Moore White Dove Paint Warm Or Cool?

white dove benjamin moore


OC 17 Benjamin Moore is neither cool nor a warm white. This color comes with a great balance of cool and warm tones, but it is a warmer white than a cooler white. 

It is not overly yellow or warm-looking either. It is not a cold, stark white. This color is not a severe white due to the yellow undertones. This feature of white dove benjamin moore is something that makes it stand out from the rest of the colors. You will get beautiful shades that will look beautiful on the house.

What Trim Color Goes With White Dove?

white dove benjamin moore


For the white dove color, it is better to go for the simple solution. If you want to create a little contrast between the trim and the wall, you can go for the eggshell finish and the glossy finish from the trim.

Not only will this mixture look awesome, but the stain or semi-gloss finish that you will choose for the trim will be durable. The additional durability is essential for the trim that is around the doors, baseboards, windows. These places are those in which paints have to go through wear and tear.

To make your kitchen look awesome with the White dove paint color, you can paint everything white with the Benjamin Moore white dove paint. To make the kitchen more appealing, you will love the idea of a white shiplap under the breakfast bar. You will get an excellent look if you choose BM white dove for the walls and trim. You will provide the walls with the eggshell finish, while the shiplap and trim are semi-glossy.

Is BM White Dove Too Yellow?

If you think white dove Benjamin Moore is too yellow, then you are wrong. The balance of the grey touch added to the yellow prevents it from being too yellow. There are some cases in which this paint color can look yellowish, such as:

  • This color can look warmer when you have it on the south-facing lights. It may even look warmer and pick some of the yellow, but this case is with most whites. Strong south-facing lights are something that will make you go through some challenges. 
  • When you incorporate it with the cool-toned marble or countertop made of quartz or furniture and cabinets of white color.
  • You will get the yellowish look when you have white appliances. It can look yellow when you compare it with the white appliances.

White Dove Paint On Interior Walls

white dove benjamin moore


You will get the best paint look on your wall if you get a lot of natural lights into your space. The walls will be the best backdrop for the décor and the furniture. The wall painting of the Sherwin Williams passive and making the trim, doors, and walls beneath the chair are of White dove color. 

If you do not get enough natural lights, it is better to opt for the white dove paint. The walls will look phenomenal when there are various natural lights, and any white paint can make the walls look a bit grey. Sometimes, it may make the walls look more dull and shadowy if the room does not have sufficient conditions.

White Dove Color On House Exterior

white dove benjamin moore


You will get a gorgeous house if you paint the house exterior with the Simply White Benjamin Moore. It is a fabulous shade that will enhance the look of the house. The gray touch that comes with the Benjamin Moore White Dove makes it the perfect choice for the house exterior. The undertones will keep it from looking too bright when the sun hits the paint.


This is all the information that is critical for you to know about the BM white dove. This paint can help you to make the rooms larger than it is due to the white color. The undertones of white dove benjamin moore will prevent it from being too bright, which affects the eyes. It is better that you take a sample and try it on the wall and see how it looks. It will offer you an idea of how well it will look in your house.

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