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5 Creative and Fun Ways to Display Your Pictures

Once upon a time, we’ve all displayed photos in picture frames and called it a day. But, what if we told you that you don’t have to anymore as there a million creative ways to make these moments feel special on a wall in your living room. If you have times with your family that you love and want to frame them for eternity, we’ve got a few ways to display your pictures.

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These intimate moments captured through the eye of a camera can make your home feel cozier and give it character. Wall pictures that are perfectly harmonized and grouped can make an eye-catching statement in any room of a home.

Adding a collection of pictures in your home and matching the right ones with the right room requires planning, and having said that, there are many things to consider before measuring and hammering picture hangers.

While basic frames are still a great option, there are now many other options to morph your photographs to turn them into fantastic statement pieces.

Yet, it can be hard to think of creative and fun ways to show off your prints which is why we’ve got a few photo display ideas that you can steal right away—or save them for the next time you’re ready to show off your favorite pictures on that wall.

Let’s take a look at how Spacejoy guides you in arranging your photos on display and making the most of both the space and the pictures themselves.

Make a Gallery Wall 

Ways to Display Your Pictures


Be sure you use images and decorations which complement each other and match cohesively. If you want to decorate a small wall, try a collage of colorful Polaroid photos to bring character to space. To make your living room wall look like an art museum, you can start by decorating the walls with colorful abstract paintings in vivid colors – this will give life to space.

On the other hand, it’s not how many or how few pictures you have up on your wall, but their size ratio. After all, five small pictures on a wall can look modest, but five oversized pieces can be overwhelming, correct? Also, make sure that you have a good mix of big and little objects on your gallery wall so that it brings symmetry to space. A good rule of thumb to follow for a wall photo is the 1:2 ratio.

Remember: If you don’t have a large wallgallery walls can be hung around windows, around doors, above bed heads, above and around fireplaces, or even around cabinets in a kitchen. It is all about bringing a personal ring to space.

Turn Them into Magnets

Instagram photos don’t just have to live online forever. If you want to try something creative, turn your social media pictures into magnets and display them in your kitchen. You can choose a smattering of ones you love and arrange the finished product however you desire on your fridge. You can also display these magnetic pictures on your working desk with the help of a magnetic holder.

Turn Your Staircase into a Gallery Wall

Ways to Display Your Pictures


How many of you are frozen in terror when it comes to hanging family photos or art in a stairwell? If you are, we advise you that the only way to make this creative tactic work is to do a progressive grouping of art following the stairs’ angle in your space. And, when done right, the pay-off is awesome.

Believe us! First, when assembling pictures in the stairway, imagine a straight line parallel to the stairs’ angle.

To make the overall look of the frames tune in to be cohesive. It is best to choose two frame finishes, either black and silver or gold and wood combinations. It is essential to keep the interior spacing between frames to make the grouping of the pictures and not chaotic.

After your work is complete, check the assembling of frames from a distance. This will tell if you’ve made a mistake and guide you to where you need to hang the next piece.

Ledge Your Memories

Ways to Display Your Pictures


A picture ledge provides a stylish and creative resting spot for framed photos or picture collage ideas. Mix in some objects d’art, and you have a high-end look that’s as interesting as it is sophisticated.

Floating shelves are the most comfortable and glorious option for bringing the character to space. You can simply add the shelves anywhere and everywhere as you please, and it will never be in one’s way.

You can also add multiple layers of shelves to your room and display another décor to brighten up space. The other plus point for floating shelves is staying away from hammering and unwanted plug pins, which cause damage.

Vintage Love

Ways to Display Your Pictures


If you’re thinking of adding a bit of DIY photo display to your walls, we’ve got your back. Make use of old windows and transform them into a frame to display pictures on the wall.

If you want to know how to display polaroids with a vintage-feel start, by placing the polaroids in old glass bottles, preferably milk bottles – store them on a floating shelf that has a rustic twist and hue; and voila! You’ve got yourself a classic way of displaying family photos.


Displaying pictures on the wall becomes a focal point in the room, so you will need to get it right. Keep in mind to select pictures that have a common motif be it the print, hue, or character.

Use the style and composition of the pictures to provide continuity to your space. So that it can tell a story as soon as guests enter the space.

A collection of pictures often creates a spotlight, so don’t be afraid to try to venture through something unique and with a touch of drama while arranging and hanging photos on display.

Once you perfect, you’ll amaze at how something as ordinary pictures can transform a space in your home. 



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