/4 Essential Tips for Designing Your Wardrobes In 2022
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4 Essential Tips for Designing Your Wardrobes In 2022

Having a beautiful, spacious, and well-styled wardrobe is the ultimate dream. Not all wardrobes are created equal; some are designed with very stunning looks but low on storage space. Whereas, others only provide adequate space to store clothes. Whatever be the reason or need, a well-designed wardrobe adds to the look of your house and helps to create a favorable impression. 

Usually built on one side of the room, they can also extend the wardrobes to passageways with even floor spaces being used efficiently, to store footwear and other essentials. Corners, open spaces, and even doorways can create a proper wardrobe that offers ample space for the entire household. To help you create your own exquisite and stunning wardrobe, 

We share a few tips that will go a long way in fulfilling your aspirations. 


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1. Have plenty of drawers

In a wardrobe, one can never have enough of drawers as they are essential to keep your clothes well -organized along with other important stuff, such as jewelry, makeup kits, etc. 

Some of the clothes that you can organize easily and efficiently in drawers are ties, socks, personal wear, and even t-shirts along with your fashion and clothing accessories. It is an economical option to store clothes. Its greater accessibility makes it easy for your reach.


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2. Keep adequate space for hanging rails

While drawers are perfect for smaller garments, your sleek and fashionable long dresses need adequate space and arrangements to hang them properly, so they do not get wrinkled or creased. While single rails are suitable for long dresses, double rails can hang shirts and trousers. 

You can design this space, depending on the number of clothes you would like to store in each section of your wardrobe, and even have separate sections to distinguish between your casual, party, and office wear. Always design a hanging space twice the size you estimate, to account for future purchases, as it may not be possible to change the configuration of your wardrobes later.


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3. Install bright lighting

Having bright lighting within your wardrobe will help you easily see the different dresses and clothes inside your wardrobe and make a quick selection, saving your time. Installing a lighting system inside your wardrobe becomes more essential if it is in a part of the room that has no access to natural light. 

Slim LED lighting is the latest trend as it adds a very subtle and stylish look to your wardrobe without being too bright and overpowering. You can even set a trip switch to turn on the lighting whenever you open your wardrobe. 


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4. Spend time on designing it

Given the fact that a wardrobe is not something you construct often, and they usually last a lifetime, spend time on its planning and design, while also foreseeing your future requirements. A good way to begin would be to account for the number of clothes you would like to store in them and how they need to be placed i.e. in drawers or by hanging rails. 

Plan for more space than you estimate and account for the lighting inside the wardrobe so that your wardrobe builder can plan for them and plan to keep the wiring for the lights concealed to give it a more elegant look.


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Building a wardrobe is an interesting exercise and needs carefully planning. Make sure you consider professional advice for the design. The quality of materials to be used in crafting it, and how you can install some space savers within it to help you store the maximum clothes and accessories comfortably.