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walk-in closet dimensions

How to Select the Right Walk-in Closet Dimensions for Your Home?

Who doesn’t love to have a grand walk-in closet in a bedroom with multiple shelves and plenty of hanging space? Everyone has a dream of having this kind of closet in their home where they can store everything. Nowadays, a modern house would never be complete without a walk-in closet. Let’s see the detailed guide on how you can measure the walk-in closet dimensions for your home.

They provide more functionality to the storage and add a little luxury to your home. But designing a closet is not that easy; you have to plan everything properly. If you make the closet too small, you won’t be able to see all your clothes! Similarly, if you make it too big, you’ll end up wasting space. So what should be the ideal walk-in closet size? 

Today we have brought a complete walk-in closet dimension guide so that you can build your dream wardrobe space without getting messy. So if you’re planning to renovate your house or just the closet space, take a look at our guide on building a built-in wardrobe for both him and her as this will give answers to all your questions. 

Things You Need to Know Before You Start?

We all know that designing and planning are very challenging, and not everyone can do it. Planning the entire design and its interiors requires a lot of time. If you follow this guide, you will definitely get a fair idea of ​​how to start the process and make the right measurements. The design of any walk-in closet mainly depends on three factors:

  • Your budget
  • The space at your disposal
  • Your storage requirements

All these three factors are very important before you step into any closet project. You should know what you need and how much you can spend. For example, if your house has low space or you have low/minimum storage requirements, then a small walk-in closet is perfect for you. 

Different Types of Walk-in Closet Layouts

Usually, the custom closet layouts have floor plans ranging from 25 sq ft to more than 100 sq ft. But the most common varieties are:

  • Square and small
  • Narrow and long
  • Large

The Square & Small Closet

walk-in closet dimensions

Source: hearstapps.com

These types of cupboards are perfect for homes that lack space. The standard size of these types of closets is 5 feet X 5 feet. At first, you may feel that it is too small and cannot hold all your clothes. But if you cleverly add shelves and storage places, you actually store a lot more than you previously thought.

The Narrow & Long Closet

walk-in closet dimensions

Source: thespruce.com

This closet is standard size with dimensions of 6.5 ft X 9 ft. Here you’ll get one long wall where you can store many of your things. But mismanagement and clutter can give a stuffed feeling because it has a narrow passage. For optimal utilization of space, you can install double-hanging rods and open shelving. 

The Large Closet

walk-in closet dimensions

Source: freshome.com

This is the dream closet of every homeowner, right? This closet has dimensions around 12 ft X 14 ft. It has a huge space to store many clothes, shoes, and other accessories. It will be a perfect solution for big families who want a luxurious walk-in closet. 

Various Styles of Walk-in Closet

These walk-in wardrobes come in many styles and formations, and you can pick whatever style you like the most. Here are some common designs and layouts:

Single-Sided Walk-in Closet

walk-in closet dimensions

Source: porch.com

This design is pretty common as it takes less space and has a good storage space. Here the storage units are placed on the wall that is opposite the entrance. 

Double-Sided Walk-in Closet

walk-in closet dimensions

Source: closetandbeyond.com

In this layout, storage units are placed on the opposing walls, and in between, there is a clear pathway. They can be small to medium in size. 

Island Walk-in Closet

walk-in closet dimensions

Source: spaceageclosets.com

The layout of this closet is similar to a two-sided walk-in closet but with an island in the middle. You can place storage units on three walls and place a dresser unit on one side of the wall. They require a lot of space, and you can change them to store your luxury products and accessories.

Wrap Around Walk-in Closet

walk-in closet dimensions

Source: hzcdn.com

These types of closets have the maximum storage space than the others. All the storage units are placed on the three walls, and they can be medium to large.

How to Take Walk-in Closet Dimensions?

Now we’re going to tell you how to take accurate measurements of the various walk-in wardrobe sections. 

#1. Hanging Space

walk-in closet dimensions

Source: twimg.com

So let’s start on walk-in closet dimensions with hanging space. 

We all need a hanging space to hang our dresses and long coats. This can be easily done by hangers supported by a rod. For this, a comfortable width would be 24 inches (61cm).

There are two types of hanging space: Half Hanging and Full hanging. Dresses and long coats need long hanging spaces, and shirts, skirts, and trousers need shorter hanging spaces. You can put shirts, tops, most skirts, and folded trousers in half hanging space and use the full hanging height for hanging dresses, long coats.

walk-in closet dimensions

Source: houseplanshelper.com

The average height is 3ft 6ins (1.07m) for half hanging space, and for full hanging, the average height is 5ft 6ins (1.68m). You can also customize the height and length as per your requirements. 

#2. Shelves & Drawers

walk-in closet dimensions

Source: digsdigs.com

So now, let’s move on to the dimensions of shelves and drawers. They are often built to an overall height of 80 centimeters. So the three drawers will be at 25 centimeters high each and a kickboard of 5 centimeters, with 45 centimeters in depth. In comparison, the shelves are more commonly 45 centimeters deep. Look at the below picture for more clarity.

walk-in closet dimensions

Source: houseplanshelper.com

#3. Dressing Space

walk-in closet dimensions

Source: homary.com

Another space that needs your attention is the dressing area. You’ll need at least a minimum space of 4 x 3ft (1.2 x 0.91m). But if your closet space is small, there is no need to make this area. 

#4. Shoe Shelving

walk-in closet dimensions

Source: cloudfront.net

For a woman, shoes are the love of her life! From flats, heels to boots, any girl will tell you the importance of shoe storage. So if you also want to keep your shoes good, then consider making shoe shelves.

22-26 centimeters height is good for heels and flats and men’s shoes. Leave about 22-30 centimeters in width (depending on shoe size), a depth of at least 35 centimeters.

#5. Accessories Organizer

walk-in closet dimensions

Source: pinimg.com

No closet would be complete without separate space for accessories. This will help you get ready and keep you organized. You can also display your designer bags and jewelry to create an aesthetic vibe in the closet.

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Bonus Tips

Here are some tips for you to make your walk-in closet more functional and more pretty: 

  • Use double rods 40 inches and 80 inches from the ground for hanging clothes to maximize the storage space. 
  • Always have a separate shelf, rack, or drawer for the shoes. This will clear a lot of floor space. 
  • Always keep the right amount of lighting in every corner of the closet. You can use under cabinet lights and wireless lighting.
  • Place at least one full-length mirror to check yourself. 

To Sum Up!

This is all about Walk-in Closet Dimensions Measurement. Your walk-in closet should be trendy, stylish, and functional. To make the perfect closet, always take the right measurements of the space where you want to build the wardrobe and the dimensions of the shelves, and other things that we have mentioned in this blog. 

You can always add more shelves and drawers as per your storage requirements. Finally, decorate it with structural lights and mirrors, and your dream closet is ready! Read our blog on craft organization ideas to get more organizing tips and tricks. 

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