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8 Reasons Why Virtual Renovation Is a Boon to Real Estate Agents

A certain visualization of renovation is required to sell an old listing. But if you go for an actual renovation, there is a lot of hassle and money involved. The virtual renovation comes to your aid in such situations. It is a kind of real state photo editing. It digitally refurbishes the furniture & fixtures, paints the wall, and includes aspirational artifacts. Virtual home design and renovation provides you significant leverage in the following 8 ways:-

1. Gives Proper Budget Idea to Homebuyers

Your job is to inform your buyers about all the possible repairs and renovations required in your listing. Virtual renovation does that for you. It adds transparency to your communication with the homebuyers. They can calculate the time, budget, and resources required to renovate the home based on the presentation provided by you. Based on that, they can evaluate that they are capable and willing to move further with the deal or not.

2. Enriches Your Social Media Profile

77% of brokers use social media for increasing their brand value and real estate sales. You need to constantly upload attractive pictures on Instagram and Facebook to catch people’s attention.

What can be better to grab eyeballs than the before-after slides of interior makeovers? You can provide renovation ideas and tips with these images to keep your audiences engaged. You can also put live online virtual renovation sessions.

3. Builds Goodwill & Strong Partnerships

Virtual Renovation


When you show a property listing in its original shape and renovated look, you provide transparent information. You are not hiding any repair and refurnishing expenses that they will need to do once it comes into their possession.

It increases your goodwill and credibility as a real estate agent in the market. Along the way, you build strong partnerships with the real estate virtual home design & renovation companies.

4. Makes Your Real Estate Website Stand Out

Buyers are looking for expertise and quality while going through the listing. When they witness virtual renovation online, they can see the best possible representation of your listing.

The digital home staging in the form of renovation enhances your website’s listing as more buyers click on your link and keep it marked. It conveys your brand message about your willingness to assist your clients.

5. Provides Freedom to Restyle the Space

Virtual Renovation


It is not only about digitally renovating a space. The virtual renovation also involves restyling the space with virtual home staging. The old style of furniture, wall colors, curtains, etc., can be replaced with modern stuff.

You can place modern multi-functional furniture, plants, trendy wallpapers, etc. You can put this virtually restyled presentation during your open house sessions to enable your clients to see the same old property in a contemporary look.

6. Creates Interesting PR Campaigns

Virtual home design plays the role of a gripping virtual aid when it comes to PR campaigns. You can create engaging online and offline interior magazine articles with before and after pics of a property.

Interior design is a kind of subject matter which interests many people. Instead of only writing about how to redesign a space, you can show it with images. Your brand value will get a boost with the contents of interior designs with pictures.

7. Helps in Taping All Market Segments

Not everyone has the same budget when it comes to buying a home. Some buyers are looking at the market of old or unfinished homes to get in less money. Being on a tight budget, they want to know the cost of the home with renovation before buying it. You can penetrate that market segment as well through virtual renovation.

8. Closes the Deal in Less Time

Virtual Renovation


Virtual renovation reduces your number of follow-ups to close the deal. Buyers agree to buy a property only when they are sure about what they are getting. The virtual renovation provides them with the required confirmation

. They know how the place will look after the renovation. It throws the guesswork out and gives them a better idea of the work involved and the expected outcome. This indeed moves them to make a decision quickly.

In a Nutshell

Virtual renovation is beneficial for real estate agents, buyers, and homeowners. It broadens your approach and provides a visual aid to the buyers. The virtual home design can be altered anytime according to the preference of your prospective buyers. It proves to be a boon to increase social media followers as well. So what are you waiting for? Bring your old listing to life with virtual renovation.



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