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22 Different Types of Curtains to Jazz-Up a Space

To any home, windows form the soul and curtains act as eyebrows. Like different shapes of eyebrows, there are different types of curtains as well. Curtains form an integral part of a room as they shape and frame a scene in the space.

These are noticeable and significant elements of decor. Different styles of curtains can be used to form a complete look of the space and knit the different parts together. Curtains can amp up the entire look of the room and at the same time prove as important functional elements. Window curtain types maintain the required privacy in a room and block the entry of direct sunlight. From an aesthetics point of view, these may add a pop of color and style to a boring room.

Curtains play an important role to level up the decor of the interiors with their unique fabric, texture, color, patterns, and style options. These can give a simple door or window an aesthetic makeover. The key purpose of curtains is to prevent light from coming into the room and impart a sense of decorative accent simultaneously.

Different types of curtains with a wide variety of shapes, prints, and choices can set the mood and add tone to the room. These are a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics to be added to a room.

Knowing the Difference Between A Drape and Curtain

different types of curtains


A drape is a fabric panel that comes in different lengths, patterns, and colors. These are generally composed of heavy fabric and appear more formal than curtains. From the living room to the master bedroom, these can be incorporated into various spaces.

Curtains form the most common window treatments utilized in residential properties. As compared to drapes, these are composed of lightweight fabric and are conventionally sold in pairs.

Different Fabrics for Curtains

There are many types of curtains available in different fabrics. Every fabric has a set of qualities unique to it, let’s know more about the fabrics and their functions:

  1. Cotton: Versatile
  2. Polyester: Affordable and Durable
  3. Silk: Luxury Effect
  4. Acrylic: Wooly Texture
  5. Velvet: Adds glamour and richness
  6. Brocade: Sophisticated tone
  7. Rayon: Strong, soft, and breathable
  8. Voile: Light and airy
  9. Lace: Traditional and romantic 

How to Choose from Different Types of Curtains?

different types of curtains


Selecting a curtain might appear to be an easy task but it can be quite challenging. You need to find the perfect fit for your windows that will make the home look great.

Let’s look into a few factors that may assist you in buying the well-suited curtains for your home.


When selecting curtains, make sure that you opt for durable fabrics that let natural light seep in to maintain perfect lighting levels in the room. It is advisable to go for sheer curtains for maximum lighting in dark spaces.

Heavy curtains are good options where greater coverage is required and these may even act as insulators and keep the cold away in the winters.


When selecting the color palette for the curtains, try to choose a scheme considering the existing palette. This will make the set of curtains complement the whole room.


The to-go pattern for curtains is the one appearing in any of the wallpapers of other important design elements of the space. A pattern that goes along with the existing decor is the best choice for curtains.

22 Types of Curtains to Jazz-up a Space

Selecting the best curtain out of different styles of curtains can be a tough task as there are many considerations. With a sea of options in textures, colors, styles, etc. this is not a stress-free experience and demands a little beforehand knowledge to make the best purchase.

Here is a list of 22 types of curtains you may explore to find the right match for your room.

Curtains Classified by Length

Curtains can be classified based on the lengths they come in. There are different types of curtains for windows like:

1. Sill Curtains: Types of Curtains for Living Room

different types of curtains: Sill curtains


These types of curtains begin from or above the top of the window and go to the window sill. These go well with small windows and come in handy for spaces where a curtain draping ground is avoided.

2. Apron Curtains

different types of curtains: Apron curtains


Apron curtains start from the top level of the window or slightly above it and end several inches down. These are suitable for smaller windows and can form a visual illusion of additional height. These may aid in making a small window look bigger.

3. Window Curtain Types for Illusion: Floor Curtains

different types of curtains: Floor Curtains


These curtains go from the top of the window to the floor. When matched with small windows, these create an illusion of height, and if paired with full-length windows, these can offer a sleek and modern look to the room.

4. Puddle Curtains

different types of curtains: Puddle Curtains


These curtains beginning from or above the window level stop a few inches below the floor. The extra length of these curtains puddles on the floor and offers a luxurious look to the room. Upon being paired with any size of the window, these offer a dramatic and glamorous appearance to the room.

Types Of Curtains based on Styles

The length of a curtain is not the only important consideration, the style matters as well. 

5. Panel Curtains

different types of curtains: Panel Curtains


These curtain styles offer a classic and simple look to the room. These are among the best types of curtains for bedrooms. They spread across to conceal the entire window and they can be slightly slid to let in natural light.

6. Enhancing with Different Styles of Curtains: Window Toppers/ Valances

different types of curtains: Window Toppers/ Valances


These are the tiny curtains running across the top portion of the window, hence known as window toppers. These are generally accompanied by a set of panel curtains as window treatments.

7. Cafe Curtains/ Tiers: Among the Great Window Curtain Types

different types of curtains: Cafe Curtains/ Tiers


These types of curtains for bedrooms resemble a valance but they run across the lower part of the window than the top. These are great to opt for natural light along with privacy.

8. Window Scarves

different style of curtains: Window Scarves


These are sleek fabric strips enveloping the curtain rod. Varying in their lengths, their styles can resemble a valance to full-length curtains. Though these don’t block light, they can be used as styling options to add a touch of drama to the space.

9. Balloon Shades: Outstandingly Different Types of Curtains

different style of curtains


Balloon shades are best suited with the function of blinds and added elegance of curtains. These fabric panels start from a level above the window and reach the window sill. The scallop design at the bottom can be adjusted as per the required amount of light. 

10. Austrian Curtains

different style of curtains: Austrian Curtains


These curtain styles resemble panel curtains with a distinctive feature of scallop all over their length. These can be hung for a traditional look in the space.

11. Priscilla Curtains

different style of curtains: Priscilla Curtains


Priscilla curtains are the frillier version of panel curtains. These are typically offered in sets of two and are accompanied by ties or valances. These can either be set up like classic panel curtains or hung on separate rods. An overlapping effect can be incorporated in these rods to add drama to the space.

12. Swags 

different style of curtains: Swags 


A swag is a type of curtain to enhance the high-low design. With a shorter central part, it forms a balance across the length with its edges flowing and draping the ground. This unique style lets in light by offering unique aesthetics to the space.

Types Of Curtains as per Opacity

One of the main deciding factors is the thickness or opacity of the curtains. Available in different opacity levels, these curtains let in a manageable amount of light.

13. Sheer Curtains

different style of curtains: Sheer Curtains


These can be great to impart a decorative accent in the room. These curtains offer minimal privacy and have lower light-block potential than what can be offered by a thicker curtain material. The most common fabric that goes well for these curtains is chiffon, but other than that it is offered in gauze, voile, and many more options,

14. Semi-sheer Curtains

different style of curtains: Semi-sheer Curtains


These are the most commonly opted curtains with opacity enough to serve with privacy but transparent enough to allow natural light in the room. These can be composed of cotton, linen, or polyester.

15. Blackout Curtains

different style of curtains: Blackout Curtains


If your top priority is to block lights, these are the most appropriate options. These are made of heavy materials and can prove to be useful in bedrooms and private spaces with high opacity levels. Let’s see the blackout curtain.

Types Of Curtains As Per Pleat Style and Header

The pleating details of curtains can induce a new style in the room based on the selected option.

16. Pinch Pleat

different style of curtains: Pinch Pleat


Pinched on the top, this header offers fuller pleats and a neat look to the room. These can be hung with rings or pockets.

17. Goblet Style Pleat: Type of Curtains for Bedroom with Elegance

different style of curtains: Goblet Style Pleat


Headers are put at the tip-top of the material and pinch drops below a few inches with this style.

18. Tie-Top Types of Curtains

different style of curtains: Tie-Top Curtains


This styling option allows the curtains to be attached with poles with knots or tying bows on the top. These are great options to ignite a romantic, laidback, or bohemian appearance.

19. Box Pleat

different style of curtains: Box Pleat Curtains


These are the classic and formal styling options that offer clean, angular, and wide pleats. There is a specific sewing pattern involved in this that needs precise dimensions.

20. Popular Types of Curtains for Bedroom: Grommet 

different style of curtains: Grommet Curtains


These are the curtains with holes on the top so that they can be put on the rod directly. With this hanging method, few parts of rods are exposed. These offer a soft look to the room.

Types Of Curtains Based On Patterns

The next consideration while selecting a curtain is the pattern that goes well with the decor.

21. Different Patterns

different style of curtains: Curtains with Patterns


These are the types of curtains for living rooms or bedrooms. Patterned curtains are the most trendy window treatment methods which can reflect your personality. These are offered in various materials and a wide range of patterns.

From classic to modern, they come in striped, floral, plaided, or paisley and many other patterns. 

22. Solids: Letting You Explore the Different Kinds of Curtains 

different style of curtains: Solid Color Curtains


Another option to spruce up the room is to go with solid curtains. These are great choices to add an accent to a room. These offer a clean look and vary from casual to formal styles.

The Best Decor Option…

different style of curtains


With a wide range of types of curtains, it leaves homeowners with numerous choices to choose from. With the sole function of curtains being to block the excessive light and offer privacy, these also play a significant role in sprucing the space with its decorative appearance.

While choosing from the types of curtains, there is no compromise needed between the function and style. Curtains having the perfect balance and combination of both offer aesthetic appeal to the room.

With a selection of style and fabric that suits your needs and budget, these can enhance the visual attraction of space and serve as interesting decor elements.

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