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trippy canvas painting ideas

22+ Trippy Painting Ideas That Are Trending in 2022

Are you in search of easy trippy painting ideas? Trippy Painting Ideas art is one of the most prevalent visual trends in design, media advertising, and popular culture, especially in the era of digitalization. Even though their artistic expressions are frequently seen as goofy, if we look back to the time when they first debuted, we can learn some fascinating facts about the movement that may inspire us.

So, if you’re seeking some inspiration for simple trippy paintings, Then you must read this article, which has 22+ trippy painting ideas. This article is written to provide you with fresh ideas for creating a variety of new trippy drawings.

1. Trippy Drawings of Rock Poster

trippy painting ideas

Source: pinimg.com

Trippy paintings of rock concert posters are occasionally enjoyed by fans who closely follow and associate with their favorite bands. Trippy art can be a good way for fans to express their love for the band.

2. Geometric Shapes: Easy Trippy Painting Ideas

trippy painting ideas

Source: outletgraphic.com

With a multitude of geometric shapes and spirals, acrylic trippy painting ideas can also be inspired by early twentieth-century art deco posters. You can overlap and merge these geometric forms as much as you wish. Additionally, trippy paintings can have more life with all of the hues on the color wheel by painting in vivid colors.

3. Repetitions; Trippy Art

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Source: cdn-si-edu.com

Repetition is another crucial factor to consider when you are making trippy drawings. This will give your work more depth by allowing you to focus more emphasis on specific aspects of the drawings. If you have a clean blue ocean, for example, try putting a few waves or another feature in the ocean that will change color as it gets closer to the beach.

It’s crucial to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach here; as long as you feel like you’ve incorporated enough depth and variance to establish an effective dimension and theme you’re good to go.

4. Kaleidoscope Inspired Trippy Canvas Painting Ideas

trippy painting ideas

Source: cloudfront.net

You can easily use the visuals and representation for your trippy painting ideas If you’ve ever gazed through a child’s kaleidoscope, which divides an image into many shards of color and light. Start it by thinking of trippy drawings to be stained glass, almost an abstract form of art. And link them together by lines, yet broken up into various shapes and sizes to make them hallucinatory.

5. Embrace Asymmetry for Trippy Drawings

trippy painting ideas

Source: etsystatic.com

Use asymmetric faceted shapes as a pattern instead of the more traditional ordered pattern. This asymmetrical patterning is not only attractive and effective but also adaptable to a variety of styles. Drop the golden ratio rules or any other grid rules for a unique and highly stylized aesthetic.

6. Painting Ideas Trippy Inspired by a Rave Poster Design

trippy painting ideas

Source: pinimg.com

This trippy art can appear to be from another world, similar to how rave music makes you feel and offer listeners a hallucinogenic and out-of-this-world experience. You can use a similar vibration and experience. For instance, use the roots of surrealism, trippy, and futuristic in your trippy drawings if your rave music’s taste is more on the surreal, trippy, and futuristic side.

7. The Contrast of Color for Trippy Canvas Painting Ideas

trippy painting ideas

Source: pinimg.com

Color vibration, or the usage of hues at opposite extremes of the color wheel, is another easy and effective trippy art idea. Increase the brightness of the colors you employ, and place them into the forefront and backgrounds of your canvas.

8. Play Lettering to Get Trippy Art

trippy painting ideas

Source: amazon.com

Using texts and letters of your favorite words or catchphrases can help you achieve your personality in your trippy drawings. Further, you intensify the patterns by playing with the dimensions of these letters. 

9. Create an Illusion

trippy painting ideas

Source: fineartamerica.com

Even basic lines can be utilized to create the illusion of movement and flow when used correctly. The use of bold and basic lines together can be tweaked to produce wave patterns to your trippy drawings. Don’t be scared to make use of these irregular lines a little wavy and illusionary.

10. Soft Gradients for Trippy Art

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Source: amazonaws.com

Adding soft gradients and changing transparency effects to your trippy art might make it more fascinating. The art can be basic but gradients can make it ideal for visual attention. Try different things and find what works best for you!

11. Scale Play for Trippy Drawings

trippy canvas painting ideas

Source: pull-in.com

One of the most appealing ways of employing patterns, shapes, letters, geometric forms, etc in your trippy drawings is their scalability. Play and have fun with the scale of all these elements up for massive visual confusion and prominent shapes. Or settle the scale down for a more intricate aesthetic.

12. Easy Trippy Painting Ideas: Peacock Feather

trippy canvas painting ideas

Source: netdna-ssl.com

Peacock feathers can be used as part of your trippy paintings. if done correctly the results can be mesmerizing. You choose a brighter one with a peacock color template like yellow, red, and blue as your primary colors to make your canvas more captivating.

13. Go Bold

trippy canvas painting ideas

Source: trendhunterstatic.com

Consider developing a really simple art to match with bold, and high-contrast design. Bold elements can make a significant difference in your art by making it a centerpiece.

14. Rock Stars Trippy Painting Ideas and Inspiration

trippy canvas painting ideas

Source: encyclopedia.design

Your trippy drawings can frequently feature your favorite musicians and rock stars from any era you wish for. For example, sketch a face-forward portrait of Doors frontman or Jim Morrison in pencil on a sheet of drawing paper. 

And using oil or acrylic paints, fill in the hair and the space around his face with free-form shapes, rays of colored light, specks of stars, and more things you fancy.

15. Relate Color Wheel and Emotion for Painting Ideas Trippy

trippy canvas painting ideas

Source: wolfgangsvault.com

Use colors that relate the most to your emotion to make your trippy art as expressive as possible. Color is one of the most crucial factors to consider, the most noticeable feature of trippy art. You must choose colors that will help you create the atmosphere you desire. Colors that have an effect on your subconscious and help you imagine specific things are vital to choosing.

Do you know you can also express all your moods at once? Splash read if you’re feeling bold, blue if you are calm, and green if you wish to feel fresh and secure.

16. Trippy Pattern on Your Trippy Paintings

trippy canvas painting ideas

Source: wfcdn.com

From pinstripe, floral, to paisley, draw all eyes to trippy style drawing. You can play with the maximalism by adding bright colors to these patterns. that creates a trippy aesthetic, which goes well with a textured background.

17. Everyday Object Sculptures Inspiration for Easy Trippy Painting Ideas

trippy canvas painting ideas

Source: printmeposter.com

These everyday objects for enjoyment or functionality can be used to draw inspiration for your trippy paintings as well. Although few people consider these things to be works of art, you can always think outside the box for your latest creations. Experiment with everyday items to create a cluster of beauty.

18. Go Minimal

trippy canvas painting ideas

Source: kindpng.com

Minimal designs frequently work nicely with almost any art. Since they balance the complexity out. Fewer elements can add to more recognizability of your emotions in tripping drawings.

19. Painting Ideas Trippy That Express the 70s Era

trippy canvas painting ideas

Source: flixcart.com

No matter what style it is, the vivid colors and trippy painting ideas can easily relate to the 1970s and 1980s and hold a special place in our hearts for those vintage-inspired themes.

20. Combine and Contrast Elements: Trippy Painting Ideas

trippy canvas painting ideas

Source: gr-assets.com

Mixing and combining forms, patterns, and colors may help you create personalized and unique compositions that are both energetic and beautiful on your trippy art canvas. This idea will help you maintain lively, snappy, and engaging compositions of shapes, patterns, and colors.

21. No Rules for Trippy Painting Ideas

trippy art

Source: fineartamerica.com

Till now you must have noticed that trippy art does not have a secret formula. The trippy paintings, which are bright, lively, and visually stunning, can find their inspiration and rules from practically everything – Digital, furniture, colors, names, so many other things that we can’t even list!

22. Collage Your Experiences

trippy art

Source: shopify.com

You can’t make up your mind on which color, artist, era, shape, experience, emotion, or pattern to use? Why don’t you use them all? Take a look at your personal identity and show the versatility and aesthetic expression in total. So, if you are dealing with a lot of confusion, try combining them to see what creative effects you can come up with. Trippy collages of different experiences are always a good option.

23. Free-Form Drawing of Trippy Canvas Painting Ideas

trippy art

Source: s6img.com

Draw your canvas space with free-form shapes, paisleys, artistic letters, spherical mushrooms, or whatever else comes to mind with your pencil and drawing paper. Feel free to resemble anything you like, don’t be too concerned with the appearance of your theme. 

Color the shapes as desired with watercolors, acrylics, oils, or pen and ink in vibrant and dramatic hues. When it comes to trippy art, you truly can’t go wrong, we assure you that; beauty and meaning are in the mind of the beholder.


1. What Is Trippy Drawing?

The origins of trippy drawings can be traced back to the late 1960s, with influences dating back much further. The trippy art that you know and love was shaped by movements like Art Nouveau, Vienna Secession, Surrealism, Op Art, and Pop Art. Trippy art is an immersive, sensory-stimulating experience that leaves you with something to remember. 

Many people immediately link this trippy art to psychedelic art. However, there is yet to be a definitive solution for this art; each artist views it through their unique eyes and perceptions.You may convey your anger, grief, and dread about something through trippy art. Fantasy imagery, kaleidoscopic and spiral patterns, ultra-bright color, incredibly fine detail, and funky typography are all hallmarks of trippy art.

2. What Are the Key Elements of Trippy Art?

Elements in trippy art include visual representations and written reflections of one’s mind. That can literally range from civil rights, the Vietnam War, recreational drug legalization, and feminism. Posters of rock musicians whose lyrics spurred the movement are also expressed in trippy art. Some of the artwork was created to mirror the vivid visions that some individuals see after using recreational drugs. 

The following are some of the most typical characteristics of trippy art:

  1. Meaningful themes
  2. Spiritual notions
  3. Lettering with a sense of style
  4. A rainbow of vivid hues and patterns
  5. Paints that glow in the dark
  6. Shapes that are both geometric and free-form

As we close, It’s not difficult to create simple trippy artwork. In reality, completing your first few simple sketches without much effort can be quite simple. When looking for exceptional art, however, you must examine some samples by research and evaluate how to create simple tripping drawings that express your emotions well. We hope that these 22+ trippy painting ideas gave you enough confidence to start with one immediately!

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