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Hire a Tree Care Company to Have Healthy Trees and Shrubs on Your Property

An average backyard often faces different diseases and insects due to poor care and maintenance. That is where a professional arborist makes the presence. As they are professionals, it is easy for them to observe the infectious diseases in plants and shrubs.

These experts also provide planting, pruning, tree removal, and overall tree management services. It is important to hire an arborist to take care of your backyard. There are several factors that you should know while hiring tree care services in Lexington.  Let’s get to know these factors-

Finding an Arborist

Every area provides some tree care services that you can find out with just a Google search and narrow your choices based on the ratings and reviews. You can find more information about the company using the company’s website. This way, you can check for their credentials and experiences and conclude if you should hire them or not.

You can also get to know some tree care companies by contacting the municipal offices and know the licensed tree care companies. Click here for hire Houston arborists to prune your trees.

Qualifications an Arborist Should Have

  • You should hire an arborist who works with a professional organization or is certified through these organizations.
  • An arborist holding a certificate from the International Society of Arboriculture can be considered.
  • An individual gets the ISA or MSA certificate after spending a minimum of three years in tree caring. He may also hold a college degree in horticulture, forestry, or something similar and pass the needed exam to get the certification.
  • One can visit the International Society of Arboriculture website to search for certified arborists.
  • A professional arborist may also possess the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) accreditation.
  • All in all, the arborist that you hire should be under an active license and have prior experience. Secondly, he should provide you budget-friendly services; else you can always look for other arborists in your area. 

You should always check their total work experience and portfolio that lets you have an idea about their past work.

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Points To Remember While Hiring an Arborist

  • Other than the needed certifications, ask about the insurance, too, while hiring tree care services. You can cross-check by contacting the insurance provider. 
  • You may ask your neighbors, colleagues, or friends for a professional if they can suggest anyone reliable.
  • Discuss the payment and payment methods. It is good not to pay all at once. You can pay half of the amount and the rest when the work is done. Keep all the things in writing to avoid any circumstances.
  • Make sure the company cleans up any residue or dispose of any garbage like the last thing of their service.
  • You should not fall prey for the services that sound too good to be true; always be reasonable with the price.

Tips on Keeping the Trees and Shrubs Healthy

  • It is advised that you always plant the trees and shrubs in the right place. With the right place, we mean the canopy should have enough space to be fully grown. The tree should not be in contact with any power lines and the underground lines when the roots expand.
  • While buying the bushes, make sure you know which type of decoration you want from them. Keep that image in mind and explain the same to the shrubs provider.
  • The next tip is to plant the water and shrubs or any vegetation regularly. Get to know the hydration needs of your plants and water accordingly. Overwatering and underwatering both are the issues, and yellow leaves are a sign that you are not watering correctly.
  • Mulching the trees is another form of protection you can have over the roots of the trees. The mulch retains moisture in the soil and prevents the trees from accidental lawn mower cuts. There are various types of mulches, and choosing the one is a matter of your preference.
  • In the backyard, it is always beneficial to use fertilizers as they make the soil more fertile and improve the overall growth of the plants and trees. You can use slow-release fertilizers and let the soil soak the nutrients for longer. Testing the oil periodically also helps.

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  • It is important to prune your trees regularly as it gets you rid of any excess branches, dead parts, and improves the aesthetic values. Tree pruning is a great thing to do in winters since trees in this season are dormant, and hence the pruning comes beneficial.
  • Let an arborist visit your backyard and detect all the possible issues with your garden or backyard. These professionals let you know about any viruses, diseases, or anything wrong with the trees and shrubs to provide the treatment accordingly.

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You don’t have to rush things while choosing tree care services in Lexington or anywhere else. Feel completely satisfied before you sign the agreement, and don’t forget to explore all the tree care services providers. Visit the website of the companies you shortlist and check their portfolio, experience, license, and at last, trust your intuition.



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