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Travertine Floors: Everything You Need to Know

Travertine floors are one of the most elegant and gorgeous options for your interiors. These tiles can add up the most significant style to your place. These floors are specially made up of travertine tiles.

These are so attractive and eye-catching that you can’t resist their beautiful appearance. These tiles can be useful in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor or other floorings as well as the walls, and much more places. These tiles have been used in architecture for the past centuries.

Are you thinking of adding Travertine floor tiles to your dearest home to enhance its interior? Well, this article will guide you with some essential points about Travertine tiles. These points will further assist you in installing the tartine floorings.

So let’s dig deeper into the travertine floor tiles, to know more! 

What Is Travertine Tile Made Up Of?

Travertine floors

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As we have discussed above, Travertine floors are made up of travertine tile, so let’s discuss what these tiles are made up of? Travertine tiles are made up of travertine. Travertine usually is meant by a natural stone. It can be categorized like other natural stones such as granite marble and onyx.

Furthermore, if we talk about its origin, we found out that travertine forms under the limestone caves or in the season calcium carbonate. It forms when the condensation of travertine happens and that becomes harder. It has the main characteristic that it has the microscopic pores generated by carbon dioxide bubbles when it is present in the material itself. And because of these types of pores. This material becomes more vulnerable to specific cleaning methods.

Travertine Tile Colors

Well, travertine tiles are most mesmerizing and give an aesthetic look to the place. These tiles are available in numerous colors to decorate your place. You can choose lighter or darker shades among different travertine tile colors. You can choose the range of colors as per your ease and liking. So you can choose white travertine tiles or dark brown travertine tiles for the floorings of your places.

Advantages of Travertine Tile

Travertine floors

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Travertine tiles are the most appropriate option for the floorings of your place. These tiles are not new in the market these tiles have been used for the longest time. These tiles have some appealing benefits. These benefits are as follows:

Highly Durable 

The durability of travertine tiles is one of the key reasons why homeowners prefer them. If the tile is natural, scratches, chips, and cracks are unlikely to occur. Many experts value the weathering effect that might develop over time. It gives each piece a unique personality that harkens back to ancient buildings.

Natural tiles, as well as polished or honed tiles, are available. Finished tiles are less damage-resistant, but they are more glossy or lustrous.

Extremely Easy to Repair

Durable does not imply indestructible, because harm is unavoidable. Travertine flooring, on the other hand, is extremely easy to maintain. If any damages because of some reasons.

You may easily remove a broken tile and replace it without having to remove portions because it comes in tile shape. Scratches are also less obvious due to the earthy tones.

Highly Long-Lasting Up to Several Decades

Travertine floors can last for decades with proper upkeep and care. As previously said, a weathering look will begin to appear over time, which many people find appealing. You can also choose to avoid this by applying a stone sealer regularly.

Gives a Sense of Prestige to Your Home

When you put travertine tiles in any area of your home, it will give your home a sense of prestige. Earthy tones and natural designs combine to produce a one-of-a-kind aesthetic in your foyer, living room, or kitchen.

Because travertine is a natural product, no two tiles are alike. Many people consider travertine tiles to be a work of art created by nature, and we can’t say we disagree.

Travertine Floor Ideas

From travertine bathroom floor, travertine kitchen floor to outdoor travertine tiles, the list covers it all. Check it out!

Travertine Tile Kitchen Floor

Travertine floors

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Travertine floors

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If you wish to create a Travertine kitchen floor, you can add any color of travertine tile on the floor of your kitchen. We suggest you choose white color travertine tile for the kitchen floorings. It will surely give a classy feeling to your kitchens.

Travertine Tile Bathroom

travertine tile

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travertine tile

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If you are thinking of creating a travertine tile bathroom then you can add a travertine bathroom floor or travertine tile on the wall. You can choose the color of travertine tile as per your ease and convenience.

Outdoor Travertine Tiles

travertine tile

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travertine tile

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Outdoor travertine tiles are fabulous, they can access you and signify the exterior of your home. These tiles will give an eye-catching look to your outdoors. You can use these tiles for patios, rock gardens, and other exteriors of your home.

Travertine Floors in Living Rooms

travertine floor tiles

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travertine floor tiles

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You can also add travertine flooring to your living room as it will increase the glory of your living room.

How to Clean Travertine Floors

clean travertine floors

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After the Travertine floor ideas, we will talk about the cleaning of the travertine floors. 

It can become easier if you use the appropriate cleaner to clean these floors. You can make the management of Travertine Floors effective to a greater extent.

Things You Have to Do While Thinking to Clean Travertine Floors: 

clean travertine floors

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  • Always put your cleaning solution to the test: Perform a little spot test in an inconspicuous place before beginning. Ensure the product is safe even on white travertine tiles.
  • Use a dry mop instead of a damp mop: Wring out the mop as much as possible till it is moist. Water infiltration can be caused by a damp mop, which can lead to damage.
  • Select an appropriate product for cleaning: When cleaning natural stone, chemicals must be used with caution. Chemicals and liquids can penetrate travertine tiles, discoloring, dulling, or damaging them. 
  • Always use Ph neutral cleaner product: Ph cleaners are usually highly preferable to clean all-natural stones with a PH-neutral cleaner. This indicates that the substance is neither too acidic nor alkaline. Hence, it is less harsh or abrasive to your travertine floors. 
  • Avoid using vinegar on your travertine floors: As discussed above that the acid is not suitable for travertine floors we suggest you not use the vinegar as it is extremely acidic and hence it can make your flooring look dull and affect its shine.
  • Dish wash liquid is advisable for the cleaning: Well if we talk about the dish wash liquid, these are highly advisable for cleaning Travertine floors. As dish wash liquids do not contain harmful chemicals as compared to others. But you can only use these liquids 2-3 times a day on travertine floors. More than 2-3 times use of dish wash liquids can also be harmful to your floors.
  • Do not use bleach on the Travertine floor: As the bleach liquid or powder may contain harsh chemicals like ammonia and others. These bleach powders or liquids can be very much hazardous to the floors. These chemicals can be intensively harmful to the travertine floors. In turn, they can also change the look of your floors.

Cleaning Travertine Floors

clean travertine floors

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clean travertine floors

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Well after knowing some does and don’ts, you should know the procedure of cleaning the Travertine floors. The process of cleaning Travertine floors are as follows : 

Remove the Dust

The very first step in cleaning is to remove the dust from the floor. It is most important to perform while cleaning the Travertine floorings.

As if you clear the dirt by the floor. The floor will be more easily cleaned. You can remove the dust from the floor using any mop on it.

Prepare the Solution

After removing the dust, prepare the solution for cleaning purposes. It is important because some of the dust particles will remain on the floor even after removing the dust from it. For preparing the solution you have to add the solution into the bucket of warm water.

Wring the Mop Properly 

Further, dip the mop into the warm water bucket and wring it properly to avoid excess water.

Start Moping 

After wringing the mop, start moping in your room and for this, you have to start from the farthest place of the room. And after mop the entire room to the entrance of your room.

Rinse Floor 

Afterward, the moping, take the water filled with cold water and start the earlier steps again. And mop your floor once again with clear water. It will ensure that the soap and detergent get removed with the dirt and dust particles.

Dry It with the Dry Cloth

After all the above steps, you should dry your floor with a clean cloth. It will assist you in preserving the shine of your travertine tile. It also increases its durability.

Our Thoughts on Travertine Floors

In the crust of this article, we want to conclude that Travertine floors are a fabulous thing that can add up the glory to your place. The interior of your home will glow like glitter with Travertine tiles. In the article, we have discussed some important aspects of Travertine floors.

We put our best efforts to guide you. We hope that you have liked our views on these aspects. If you have liked our efforts then kindly please share this article with others also this act will motivate us in a better way.

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