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12 Reasons Why You Need a Tile Roof

A tile roof is a great investment for your home. Not only does it add value to the property, but it also improves the insulation and overall appeal of your house. It will be difficult to find a better roofing material than tile. With so many benefits, you should consider changing from shingle or metal roofs to tiles today!

1. Tile Roof Is a Sturdy Roofing Material

Tile is one of the most durable materials that you will find in the market. Weighing around 380 pounds, or 150 kilograms per square yard, this type of tile roofs for sale has a class 4 wind rating and a class 10 snow load rating.

A high-quality tile does not break easily even if it is subjected to extreme weather conditions such as hailstorms and hurricanes. It can last up to 50-100 years depending on how it is maintained. This makes the tile a wise investment because it requires minimal maintenance cost compared to other types of roofs such as metal that needs to be replaced every 20 years or more often due to corrosion and rust.

2. Tile Roof Is Great for Any House

Tile Roof


You might think that this type of roofs is only good for houses located in the southwest. However, tile is versatile and can be used effectively for any house.

Even if you have an area where it snows heavily during winter or hail falls frequently, tiles are sturdy enough to withstand these elements. You should consider applying a sealer to your tiles before winter so that they will not chip easily when the ice starts falling from the sky!

3. Tile Roof Is Lightweight Compared to Other Types of Roofing Material

The weight of tiled roofs is much lighter than other types such as metal roofs which are heavy due to its thick material. Metal roofing materials have an average weight of 2 pounds per square foot while tiles weigh around 1 pound per square foot. Check out some of the best tile roofs for sale to see how they are lightweight yet sturdy enough to protect your home.

4. Tile Roof Is Economical

Tile roofs make use of clay which is naturally abundant in most parts of the world, particularly in Asia and Europe where clay tiles are used widely in houses and buildings. You can save money when you install a new tile roof because it is cheaper compared to other materials such as copper, slate, or steel.

Although these types of tiles are slightly more expensive than traditional clay tiles, they almost last forever! It will be difficult to find another type of roofing material that can survive time like classical or Spanish clay tiles do. 

Investing in this type of roofing material can save you money in the long run. Normally, homeowners pay around $0.60 to $1 per square foot depending on the location of their house or other factors that influence how much it costs to install a new tile roof.

5. Tile Roofs Are Lightweight Roofs

Tile Roof


Tile roofs are normally made from clay, pumice stone, concrete, and polymer materials which makes them relatively heavy for their class because other types of tiles such as asphalt tiles only weigh about 30-40 lbs per square foot.

If you decide to install tile yourself, make sure that your home is built on well-compacted soil so that the roof will not crack if another person walks or dances across it! 

It’s also advisable to hire a contractor to install your tile roof so that it can be done properly and without problems such as leaks. Contractors normally work with the entire team, but they only get paid when the project is complete and there are no issues.

If you hire a contractor who just wants to steal your money, then expect that they will cut corners and use cheaper materials than required. Good contractors do not mind installing tile roofs cheaply using the best materials possible because they know that their customer is going to replace them in the future for free!

6. Tile Roof Lasts Long

Tile tiles have been used since ancient times as building material. There were some cases where broken tile roof pieces remained intact even after thousands of years such as those found in Pompeii which is an archaeological site located in the region of Campania, Italy which was buried during an eruption of Mount Vesuvius. 

However, tiles are not indestructible because they also need maintenance just like any other type of roofing material. It is crucial that you provide regular cleaning and checking to prevent mildew from growing on your tile roof so that it will last for years. Some people even use their tile roofs as ventilation space for their homes!

8. Tile Roofs Can Differentiate One House from Another

Tiles come in various colors and textures which make them unique compared to asphalt or concrete types of tiles available today. You can choose a tile color based on your preference but make sure that the color contrasts with the exterior paint color of your home.

Because tile roofing is a permanent solution for most homeowners, you can choose a color that matches with the color of your exterior paint so they will easily create a seamless transition from the home to the roof which makes it impossible for anyone to tell where one stops and another begins! 

9. Tile Roofs Are Attractive

Tile Roof


Most types of tile roofs look beautiful especially when installed by professionals. It is easy to see how these tiles make homes elegant and attractive from the street since they normally use colors such as reds, blues, greens, and others.

10. Tile Roofs Protect Against Weather Conditions

Tile roofs can withstand heavy rainfall and winds just like any other type of roofing material out there today because it has strong and flexible that allowing them to bend and withstand the weight of the tile. The only problems that you may encounter with your tile roof are rusting, mildew growth, and discoloration which can be prevented by regularly applying some protective coating on it.

11. Tile Roofs Are Beautiful All Year Round

Because tiles come in different colors and textures, your home will always look beautiful even if there’s no snow or flowers decorating your yard!

Expect for your house to stand out among others during winter since most clay tiles have a red color making them look like hot chocolate covered in whip cream! If you want something more elegant, then make sure that you choose blue colors to create a gentle atmosphere for your home. 

12. Tile Roofs Are Cheap

Most of the time, homeowners spend more on asphalt and concrete tile roofs than clay tiles because they normally go for cheaper materials to save up on their expenses.

The price of a clay roof can be determined based on its size and thickness which is why it’s important that you measure your home before choosing where to start with your tile roofing project. You may also consider learning how to install these tiles yourself since some people do not mind staying late at night after work just so they can finish the entire project within 24 hours!

It is pretty obvious that tile roofs are very advantageous compared to other types of roofing materials available today. If you want something impressive, durable, and simply beautiful for your own home then make sure to turn to tile roofing. You can even use your tile roof as a “roof garden” for growing plants and flowers if you want to add more excitement and beauty to your backyard!




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