/A Complete Guide On Terrace Garden (Including Benefits, How to Make, and Few Amazing Ideas)
Terrace Garden Ideas

A Complete Guide On Terrace Garden (Including Benefits, How to Make, and Few Amazing Ideas)

According to the current scenario of the environment, we guess what we need more is trees, flowers, and plantations. We all know about the fire in the great Amazon. It is the source of maximum oxygen on the earth. And every year, around 15.3 billion trees are cut down. At this rate, there will be a day when we have to use modifiers for the fresh oxygen. If nothing else, we can at least contribute something to our mother earth. How? With the help of Terrace Garden.

If you are living in an apartment and have a great space on the terrace that you want to put to use, then a terrace garden is the best option. There are many benefits of having a terrace garden at your place.

But first, do you know how many people are going to the garden terraces? The answer is many of them (around 40% – 50%), it has become the trend. They are not only functional but also the best thing to have at your place. From kids to adults, everyone will love to have a personal garden. 

So here in this article, you will see how you can create your own terrace garden with a few amazing ideas. Before that, let’s look at the benefits of rooftop gardens.

Few benefits of Rooftop Gardens:

  • It purifies the air and produces oxygen.
  • It will give habitat to wildlife migrating.
  • It will capture and harvest rainwater.
  • It will have a personal space of having time with nature.
  • You can create your own small farm to grow veggies.
  • Your kids will learn how to take care of nature and its importance.

There are many more benefits of having nature’s element at your own place. Now let’s move towards how to make one.

How to Make Terrace Garden?

If you are living in a building, you won’t be having a patio to have your evening snacks or spend time with your loved one. And to your rescue comes the terrace or balcony garden. This way, you will be able to stay close to nature and your partner as well.

Before you start making the terrace garden make sure the building or condo you are living in allows it. Check with the person in charge if it is okay to create a terrace or balcony garden. Don’t worry if you don’t have a terrace, creating a garden on a balcony is also advisable.

Once you are on with the permission, check if your terrace or rooftop can hold the weight of soil, and ceramic pots. If it seems that it can’t, then get plastic pots and a low-weight soil mixture.

There are numerous ways to create a garden at your place. You can make terrace gardens using ceramic pots only. Get plantations of different vegetables, fruits, and a few flowering plants. You can also get climbing plants. But if you are looking for the perfect and traditional terrace gardens, here you go.

When you are making a terrace garden, you wouldn’t want your ceiling to leak because of water, right? So below is the trick to create a fabulous waterproof garden on your terrace without harming it.

Step 1: Select the area

Garden Terrace

source: homify.in

Decide the area where you want to create a garden, be it a whole terrace or a specific area. When you are selecting the space, keep in mind the outlook of your terrace garden.

Step 2: Get the Treated Wood

source: projex.com.au

When you are going for the terrace garden, the use of treated wood is advised. Create wooden flooring on the entire space. If you have large unused space, then create a garden that you might have seen on rooftop cafes and restaurants.

Create sections on the entire floor where you would like to have plants. Here you can differentiate the areas of flowering plants and veggie plantations. 

Step 3: Do the Masonry

Garden Terrace

source: theenglishgarden.co.uk

After creating the floor idea, do the masonry or call Maryland masonry contractors to help you create the base for the plantations. Use bricks to create the outline. You can go for whichever shape you like, be it a square, circle, or even a triangle.

After creating an outline with bricks, get a plastic fabric and lay it on the area. What after that? Keep reading…

Step 4: Put in the Soil

source: erlamstudio.com

The most important thing to get for the garden – SOIL. You can’t grow plants without soil. And you can’t get any type of soil. Soil should contain the necessary nutrients for the growth of the plant. If you wish to grow only grass on the floor sections and for the vegetation, you are opting for pots, then the normal garden soil will work.

But if you wish to design a garden with veggie plants, you will have to get high-quality potting mix soil. You can create it yourself by mixing 1 part coconut coir, 2 portions of compost, 1 part vermiculite, and a half or one full part of worm casting. And Tada! Your potting mix soil is ready. 

Make sure to mix well, and get the raw ingredients of good quality. After that, put on another layer of brick on the plastic fabric to protect it from moving away. 

Step 5: Spreading the Seeds Equally

Terrace Garden

source: theenglishgarden.co.uk

Now your base, i.e., the soil is ready. Now, you just need to put in the seed and wait for the baby to grow into a beautiful plant. But before spreading the seeds, make sure you have done the leveling. There shouldn’t be more or less soil on either side. The soil should be equally distributed on every nook.

If you are growing grasses, then 1 or 1.5 inches of soil layer is enough. If you are going for another plantation, ask the nursery person how many inches or soil layers will be needed. This way, you will be able to create a suitable soil bed for the seeds.

Once the leveling is done, spread the seeds uniformly. This way you won’t see soil patches in the properly grown grass. And each seed will get sufficient space to grow comfortably.

Step 6: Take care of Watering

Terrace Garden


Water is an essential component of the growth of plants. Make sure you water them on a daily basis for their healthy lifespan. But remember, every plant has its need for water. So before starting, read the guidelines on the package of seeds regarding it. 

Having a garden on a terrace can make it difficult for you to water it daily. The reason can be anything, there are chances that you will forget about watering the plants and that is common. So try to get self-watering plants or install a drip irrigation system.

Step 7: Fertilization

Rooftop Garden

source: decoratorist.com

It will take about four to six weeks for seeds to germinate, and once it is developed, make sure you fertilize the soil. This is the time when it needs a high amount of nutrients to grow healthily. And for that, you need to get the high-quality fertilizer having a larger portion of nitrogen.

You will see the healthy grass strands in your garden after that. So don’t miss out on this process, especially if you are growing grass.

Final Call on Terrace Garden

Once you have successfully created a beautiful and heavenly garden area on the terrace, your task doesn’t end there. You need to take care of them. Regular trimming, watering, soil change, and many other factors. Treat them as your child and look at how they will help you in having purified air and fresh oxygen to breathe.

You can arrange to get to gathers, kitty parties, weekend night-outs, or just me-time amidst nature. The biggest benefit of having a terrace or balcony garden is staying close to nature and it can act functionally as well. 

Now as promised, we have penned down a few amazing ideas for terrace gardens. Have a look at them.

Partitioned Terrace Garden

Patio Terrace Garden

source: dluxeinternacional.com

Here as you can see, the owner has created a grass bed and has added a sitting area and on the backside, at the corner, there is a cabin where you can store things that are needed for gardening. And for privacy, the owner has installed walls.

Clean and Organized Terrace Garden cum Patio

Patio Garden Terrace

source: storymirror.com

Just as shown in the image, you can create raised grass beds on the sides and arrange pots in a way that you can have a patio as well as a rooftop garden. There you can read a book or just spend quality time with your family and friends.

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

source: houzz.com

Don’t have a terrace, no need to get sad you can still create a garden. Where? On your balcony. The image shows how the landlord has smartly converted a balcony into a garden by placing rectangular pots on the fencing and at the sides. 

Housedecorationtip has gathered a few more photos of the terrace garden for you to get a perfect idea and awesome inspiration. Scroll down for the same.

Terrace Garden

source: decoor.net

Terrace Garden

source: architecturaldigest.com

Terrace Garden

source: youtube.com

Terrace Garden

source: blogspot.com

Terrace Garden

source: hgtv.com

Garden Terrace

source: nuenergy.org

Garden Terrace

source: forbes.com

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