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5 Sustainable Home Decor Ideas to Blending your Greens and Style

It’s natural to lose yourself in the latest trends of interior design inspiration. People consume hours scrolling through pictures of trendy paint colors and furniture styles, all fantasizing about making their home look better. You may need to do the same but might bother about your design preferences. It might conflict with your eco-friendly lifestyle prompting you to opt for sustainable home décor

Home design and renovation can create adverse impacts on the environment. Building homes and redesigning them creates waste and emits harsh chemicals into the environment in several ways. These effects are irreversible. What are some answers to this major issue? The answer is a shift in home design and choosing sustainable home decor.

The Trending Sustainable Home Decor Brands 

Revamping your home is tempting, but if you’re conscious about the influence your home makeover will have on the environment, contemplate where you shop from. Of course, it’s crucial to keep in mind that there isn’t a way to shop, especially online when you factor in packaging for the products you buy and emissions from the vehicles that transport your goods that have no impact on the environment. 

But the great news is there are quite some stores and brands that strive hard to reduce their impact on the environment. These brands also ensure to give back to organizations committed to it, too. These sustainable home décor brands use eco-friendly materials and many of them support artisans around the world to ensure that they’re doing their bit to preserve the earth in the process.

Decorating your space that reflects your style is how we add personality to your home, infuse it with unique energy and make it feel intimate and comfortable. You can add so much life to a dull, bland room, and bring in so much satisfaction just by adding a few sustainable home décor ideas

These days, there are so many modern decorations and accessories you can buy to enhance your home. Before you are carried away, there are some things you may want to think about especially if being eco-friendly. You’ll also want to reconsider your budget and what you can manage to spend right away.

Luckily, we’ve got some sustainable home decor ideas for the year 2021 that blend style and sustainability. You can make your house look however you like while sustaining your work to make the Earth a better place to live.

Choose Natural Materials

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You can select eco-friendly materials for your home, not only for furniture but also for flooring and cladding decor. The best choice for sustainable home decor is reclaimed wood, which has the added benefit of being very durable. To be truly green, it must originate from a sustainably managed forest. The landscapes in such forests should retain to prevent disturbance to ecosystems.

Choose items made of natural materials like bamboo over plastics. You can also obtain pieces that don’t have chemical coatings as well. You may also desire to stay away from leather and want some vegan, animal-friendly alternatives instead.

Another option can be selecting ecological marble, made using a blend of the glass from old cathode-ray tubes that are usually found in old television sets. The most genuine choice for sustainable home décor is to use natural fibers like coconut fiber obtained by brushing the outer part of the nut. This fiber does not generate static (unlike synthetic carpet) and also does not retain dust. 

Choose Eco-Friendly Appliances

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It is crucial to lessen waste, particularly the waste of unnecessary electricity usage by home appliances, not to mention trash production as a part of sustainable home decor.

There are lots of approaches you can use to accomplish this, like using LED lighting and having an air-conditioning system that doesn’t use too much power. Consumption can decrease almost fully through the use of a photovoltaic system with battery storage. It can produce electricity during the day and stores it for the future during the night. Additionally, fix a shower with low water use and use the rainwater as much as possible in the home.

The kitchen is the part of the house where the majority of the energy-consuming products are placed. One of the sustainable home decor brands Ekokook has created a green kitchen with a small bin under the sink, where collection and reuse of water save about 15 liters of water per day. This is comparable to the water used by a dishwasher going round once. Thus, using eco-friendly appliances as a part of your sustainable home decor can reduce the consumption of resources and therefore the pressure on Earth. 

Eco-friendly Decoration

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The things we wish to fill your homes with, contribute to making our home green and sustainable. Nowadays there is a large range of eco-friendly furniture for you to choose for sustainable home decor. The production process must also value the environment and has to take into account the requirements.

It is not possible to appreciate the planet without taking care of the people who live on it. For example, the VivaTerra, a sustainable home decor brand sells goods made by artisans around the world. They also believe that the ethics of their product is fundamental.

Take Advantage of Vintage Furniture

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Vintage furniture or furniture made with recycled materials are some other possibilities. A good example is Cohda’s RD4 Legs chairs which are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Another interesting example of sustainable home decor, the Pet Lamps which is designed by Spanish Alvaro Catalan de Ocon. They are stunning pendant lamps by artisans who reuse PET bottles in creative ways.

DIY lovers can also appreciate restoring vintage furniture in order to promote sustainable home decor. Usually, only a few modifications can give them a new life. Use unique natural and ecological paints, which contribute to decreasing domestic pollution. You can find motivation looking at Isabel Quiroga’s works, where she blends the leftover materials from a series of lamps.

The Sustainable Home Decor Fabrics

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For the fabric materials used in your house, there are sustainable home decor options and various decoration elements which you can use. To assess whether or not a fabric is eco-friendly, you must begin with the raw material used.

The most ecological and natural ones are hemp, coconut, and cotton. These materials are easily recycled and you can find their variations that are 100% organic, cultivated without pesticides, and use plant-based dye as a sustainable home decor idea. It is essential to pay special attention to select products that are home-grown and made within the country. Substances such as pentachlorophenol and tetrachlorophenols (PCP and TCP) can protect tissues during transport and storage but not permissible or subject to restrictions in some countries.

You can find many designs for homemade materials like mats made by sewing together soft pom-poms for amusing results. You can re-use the bags to take coffee or sew small leftover squares of fabrics to produce an eclectic pillowcase.

Making the right choices in these diverse domains allows you to put your personal touch in your sustainable home decor, keeping the environment in mind.


Sustainability is a concept that has been revolving around the minds of people for the past few years and has become one of the main facets to look into while working on a project. Not only do people like to practice it at home with sustainable home decors, but also in businesses. 

Companies want to lessen their carbon footprint and produce sustainable products and services. These commodities help to decrease the strain humans have on the environment and the Earth. Trying to understand, be more empathetic, and informed has started applying to Nature and our surroundings. We hope this article will guide you through the various types of sustainable home decors and can help one switch out in their home to live a better, healthier lifestyle and improve the surroundings they live in.

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