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Update Your Home with These Super Cute Wallpaper Patterns

Wallpaper may be an old-fashioned home decor accessory, but it’s making a comeback in certain circles. You can find awesome wallpaper designs at just about any price point, so don’t think that you have to spend big bucks to update your home with this colorful way to dress up your walls and give them some personality. Use these super cute wallpaper patterns as inspiration, then go out and start shopping.


Wallpaper Patterns


Unlike traditional patterns, geometric designs are based on complex shapes like triangles and squares. Geometric wallpaper can be a bold statement in your home and adds an artistic touch to any room. A colorful and eye-catching pattern, geometric patterns are great for a living room wall, dining room wall, or hallway wall. 

If you’re looking for a design that brings attention to one area of your home, these graphic and modern patterns are sure to bring interest wherever they’re placed. The wallpapers above have nice backgrounds with color variations; some might need walls with lighter colors for more accentuation. 

For example, a dark blue background will not compliment floral designs well but gives some room for light blue alternatives of different hues. As is noted below: geometrics (patterns) often lead you into unique spaces within your home where other prints or combinations might not go because they require some space around them. 

These patterns could be used to add interest to any room, depending on color variation and placement. All patterns aren’t really designed alike and are intentionally made in certain ways for various effects- so do make sure you know what ‘look’ that you want before picking one. 

There are also different textures available such as matte, gloss, embossed, woven, grasscloth, etc so again think about how it would look in your home and how much work it would take to keep it clean and looking fresh when considering which pattern to use. Think hard about whether you’re going to want something colorful or if you want something monochromatic…either one can be a great choice if done right.


Wallpaper Patterns


As a general rule, herringbone wallpaper can make any room look busier and smaller than it is, especially if you tend to like more complex patterns. If you opt for a print, choose one that’s relatively small—nothing bigger than about 4 inches wide or tall. 

You can even try herringbone wallpaper in a single color: It will help unify your space and add interest without overwhelming your senses. Just be sure to keep it sparse; too much of one hue will likely give your room an odd feel. 

In addition to painting, paper can also be used as a wall covering over painted drywall or plaster. This process is called papered veneer, which was common before World War II (the classic example being French provincial furniture). 

Also popular now are large-format printed vinyl sheets that are self-adhesive and require no additional adhesive. The amount of finish required depends on how smooth (or not) your surface is underneath. 

A semi-gloss paint gives the best results because it allows good adhesion with adhesive papers (canvas textured finishes do not allow for good adhesion). A professional can apply new finishes over old finishes, but it’s important to prep well so there are no problems down the road.

Above all, measure twice and have patience when working around existing cabinets, trim work, and other details. A custom mural created specifically for your kitchen backsplash? Now that’s fabulous. Whether you opt for a commercial product or create something yourself, splashy tile effects lend eye-catching drama to almost any kitchen backsplash scheme. 


Wallpaper Patterns


While we love traditional wallpaper, stripes are a more modern and budget-friendly alternative to wallpaper. Simply painting your bedroom walls in complementary colors will create a striped pattern and is a great way to update a room without breaking your budget. If you’re feeling crafty, add some personal touches like quotes or photographs. 

You can also cut any pattern from paper or fabric and glue it directly onto your wall. Whether you do something subtle or bold, it’s an easy way to put some wow into any room! Check out these ideas for inspiration. 

Whatever look you go with, remember that planning ahead is key: Stripes aren’t as simple as they seem! Make sure that all of your stripes are pointing in the same direction (up/down), so they flow together nicely when moving through space. 

Try not to let them cross one another at angles; if there aren’t enough straight lines available (which is common when putting patterns on smaller spaces) use strategically placed doorways and windows instead. Also be mindful of other elements such as lamps and pictures, which may interfere with your stripe placement.

Before committing to anything permanent, take photos and move around until you find a good composition for your space. And don’t forget about those little gaps around doors. To cover up unattractive edges, place pieces of tape vertically along each edge before adding paint; then paint over the top while making sure no tape shows through. The tape ensures that everything matches up perfectly once dried. When dry, remove tape and violà—stripes complete! If done correctly they should line up exactly every time.



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