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study room ideas

Stimulating Study Room Ideas: How To Make It More Inspirational Place

Parents who are thinking of buying a new home or constructing a house, then don’t forget to include a study area for your kids in the home. A study room is a place where they do homework, arts, projects, and computer works. Kids can do their work privately in their private spaces. Without getting disturbed, you can create a space where your kid can study for long hours. Here we gathered up nine study room ideas to make your study area more inspirational and exciting.

When we think about a study room, a typical image of a table and chair comes to our mind. But, we can make it more fun and modern place by including some elements and decors.

A study room design contains a perfect desk, comfortable chair, bookshelf, remainder board, and organizers. It’s hard to design a study space in compact spaces but you can also fit this space with some smart solutions.  

Check out these awesome study room ideas to make your space more motivational:

Get Motivation

study room ideas

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Don’t feel motivated to study for the upcoming test? Or your kid gets easily distracted while studying in a short time. A study room should have a motivation feel to it; otherwise, you won’t be able to do your work. Pick out a few motivational quotes and messages and hang them around the room. These colorful messages will motivate your kids to study hard and to stay motivated. 

Write Down Things

study room ideas

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Always place a board to write down important stuff. We tend to forget things, so; it is better to write things and tasks on the board. You can also hang a wall calendar where you can mark your study schedules and important dates. Use your creative ideas to make things more fun for you. 

Calming Colors

Calming Colors In room

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Colors play an important role in making the ambiance of any space. Use bright colors in your kid’s study room. Paint the walls with the favorite color of your teen. According to color psychology, some color shades help you to remain calm and focused, so include some soothing tones in your study room.

Smart Solutions For Small Spaces

Smart Solutions For Small Spaces

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Living in a compact apartment? And have no study area separately, then make one in the existing room. A loft bed is the best solution for compact and small spaces. Uplift the bed and place a study table underneath. This way, you’ll utilize your space in a multipurpose way. Use multifunctional and space saver furniture so that you can use the space efficiently. 

Study Desk

study room ideas

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No matter how much old is your kid, a study table is necessary to do their homework. A study table should be comfortable and large enough to put all the stuff. A built-in desk like this is perfect, as it stores all the study material and has enough space to work on. You can find all your stuff in one place, and this will keep you clean and organized. Love group study? Place a large table and surround them with comfy chairs or benches. 

Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves in room

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Shelves are a must thing in the study room because you have a lot of stuff such as papers, files, books, and gadgets. Install some open shelves; they add a fun element to the room.

They look very modern, trendy and you can use them as a storage unit. 


study room ideas

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Don’t forget to place some organizers in the room. No matter how many storage cabinets you have, still we have a lot of cluttered stuff. So put boxes and baskets to put your toddler toys. Always build storage cabinets and shelves that serve as storage of books. If your kid loves to read books, then build a bookshelf and put favorite storybooks in that.  Wall-to-wall cabinetry also looks very appealing, and it is functional too. Place your favorite books and other study materials in them, and this makes the place more clear and clutter-free. 

Doodling Wall

Doodling Wall

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Turn a wall of your kid’s study room into a writable wall. Kids quickly learn things while playing. So this helps to learn fast by drawing and writings. They can draw, erase, and again draw on this wall. They can show their creativity, and this will help them to expand their imagination. Use either a white writable print or black chalkboard paint to paint the wall completely. 


study room ideas

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Make sure the lighting of the study room should be appropriate. Low lighting causes strain and pressure on the eyes. Place the study desk near the windows or under light fixtures. Place some cute study lamps for focused lighting and wall lights to provide sufficient lighting in the whole room. 

Use these study room ideas to make the space more inspiring. Studying for long hours is a difficult task, but changing the ambiance of the study room makes this task less complicated. Of course, you can’t make the study less hard, but you can make it fun and less tiring. So, transform your study area with these awesome study designs. To get more ideas about organizing your house and renovation tips visit housedecorationtip.