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The Perfect Guide Of Standard Door Size

Are you revamping your house? Or are you planning to build a new one? There are so many factors to look after when designing a new house or revamping your home or your office. One of the essential factors is “doors.” We need to decide the style of the door, in-swing or out-swing, etc. But it is also important to understand the standard door sizes, measurements, dimensions, frame cut, door material, the finishing, and more. 

The standard size of the doors would vary depending on the type of the door. It could be interior doors, french doors, exterior doors, entry doors, etc. The actual size of the door would also depend on the building or house. To fix a standard size of the door, you need to consider the door frame and understand the space of the door opening and then measure the door width and height. 

Starting with essential things to keep in mind while looking for a door:

  • Door size
  • Budget
  • Door style – Swinging or Sliding door
  • A door with in-swing or out-swing
  • Texture and material of the door
  • Door finishing  

How You Can Take Door Measurements: 

You need to decide if you need a pre-hung door or a slab door because measurement for both is taken in a different way. A pre-hung door comes with a door, hooked, and frame, and a slab door does not have a jamb. 

Here is how you can measure a pre-hung door. Take measurements from the interior part from one hinge to the opposite side to the other hinge where the sides of the door would stick. Don’t forget to note the measurements. Check if the door would fit well when closed by taking measurements by keeping the door open. After this minus three fourth inch, which is for flooring allowance. Note the figure. After that measure, the thickness of the door and note the figure. Take these notes with you when you go to buy the door.

Slab doors do not consist of hooks or frames so you just have to check the height, wilderness, and thickness of the slab doors.

Missing wall space? Use Narrow Doors:

Narrow Doors

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Narrow Doors

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For small rooms, large doors can be a little too much. A narrow door will offer a clean look and provide more wall space. To do this, you need to take off the old door and jamb and assemble a new pre-hung door to fit in the space. 

Do you have enough space? Remodel with Wider Doors:

Wider Doors

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standard door sizes

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Moving large furniture through normal or narrow doors is a task or almost impossible. With wider doors, things can be easy. You can remodel your house and replace old narrow doors with wider doors. 36 inches doors may be available in stock, and you can also think of customizing the door’s size as per the availability of space. To install these doors, you will need an experienced professional as the wall will have to be enlarged to fit in the wider door. 

Do you wish to customize? Order a custom size pre-hung door:

standard door sizes

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standard door sizes

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If your measurements don’t match the door available in the stock, you can get a customized door with the help of manufacturers, who will help you make a door as per the specific measurements. This will help you get a door with a perfect fit that can be placed in the jamb and can be opened and closed easily due to the ideal size and measurements. You can also read how to build deck stairs

Standard Door Size:

Wider Doors

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Wider Doors

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There are many doors or different sizes available in the market. The door’s size depends on the use of the door, the location, building type, etc. Generally, the standard size of the door is 80 inches, used by building codes. The widths of the door change frequently, but you can look for an average exterior standard door, which will be 36 inches. If you are looking for an average interior door, its width would be between 28 inches and 32 inches. 

Standard Exterior Door Size:

standard door sizes

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The size of standard exterior doors depends on the IRC (International residential code). As per the IRC codes, exterior doors can be 80 inches in height. The standard door sizes of an exterior door are generally 3 feet wide and 80 inches high. Exterior doors can be used as entry doors, garage entry doors, backside doors, etc. Homeowners designing new houses prefer making the exterior doors taller with a height of 96 inches. 

For sliding glass doors, the standard size may vary depending on the layout of the house. The average height and width of sliding doors are 80 inches and 6 feet. The wideness of the door is available in multiple sizes, which you can choose as per your requirement between 60 inches to 96 inches. 

Interior Door Sizes:

standard door sizes

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standard door sizes

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standard door sizes

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The size of internal doors also is advised by the IRC. Internal doors are not as large as the main door, but their height remains 80 inches, like the exterior doors. But the average width for interior doors like bedroom doors, barn doors, bathroom doors is around 28 inches, 30 inches, and 32 inches. Other sizes in width are also available for doors. The standard size of the thickness of the door is 1 ⅜ inch. Doors of closets and wardrobes are not required to meet the interior door building codes. 

Commercial Doors:

standard door sizes

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We need to follow the guidelines of IBC and ADA for the commercial buildings’ standard door sizes. The code defines the height and width of the maximum and minimum size to ensure people can enter and exit efficiently, even in emergency situations. According to IBC, a commercial building door’s width is 32 inches minimum and 48 inches maximum apart from some exceptions. In hospitals, medical rooms need to be at least 41.5 inches wide. 

For commercial buildings, standard door height has to be at least 80 inches tall. As per the guidelines of IBC, the average height and width of doors are 80 inches and 36 inches. 

Entry Doors:

standard door sizes

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The thickness of an entry door is always thicker than the internal doors. The standard size for front doors is 36 inches, which is obviously oversized for interior doors. But the standard door height is consistent with the internal door at 80 inches. Entry doors are usually broad in comparison to internal doors to move appliances and furniture in the house. 

Exterior French Doors:

standard door sizes

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standard door sizes

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The exterior french doors standard size is 80 inches high and 36 inches wide. French doors are quite popular for new homes’ exterior doors and are also available easily in the width of 30 to 32 inches. There is a fixed size of 6 feet 8 inches for fiberglass doors and steel doors with a thickness of 1 ¾ inch.

Not having the correct measurements of a door can really mess things up. This is why one of the most important factors of buying a door is the standard door sizes; otherwise, the door just won’t fix, and you will have to go through the process again. Take a call if you wish to change the entire door or get another one without changing the size of the door. If you wish to do some remodeling of your house and change the door’s size, be it wider or narrower, you must not miss out on the codes and standard sizes. A custom door can be helpful in some cases where you need specific measurements and designs. for more information visit Housedecorationtip.