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Know All About Standard Door Sizes

If you are renovating your old home or building a new one, countless factors are essential to consider when choosing materials. The essential part of the house is the door, and you should make sure to check the standard door width, shape, and design, although it can be a daunting task, especially when you have a certain design and style that you can implement in your house.

Amongst all the things to consider, doors are also very important for your house as they are the main source of protection against almost everything. It protects you from outside animals, burglars, etc. for this reason, it is also important to consider standard door height, as various door sizes are available, and you can implement them at your house. You must know the average door size, as after measuring all the door designs and styles, you will have to measure the area where you want to install the door. 

Most homeowners have a hard time when it comes to measuring the door and the frame of the door. It usually happens when they do not know about the standard interior door size or exterior door size. But this article is here to tell you all about the door sizes and the width of the interior door that you should start to work on. Walk down through the article to know all about standard door sizes.

What Is the Standard Door Size?

standard door sizes

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Whether you need a decorative or functional door, you should always know that the size matters in this case. There is a standard door size, but the door size also depends on various factors. For example, your preferences and the size of the area where you wish to install the door. 

As mentioned earlier, the door size depends on your preferences, but the primary factor is the size type of door you want. To know about the average door height, you should look around the home. The door sizes that lead to the interior rooms vary from the door sizes of the exterior door frames.

Generally, the usual and main entry size of the door measures around 36 inches in width and 80 inches in height as it adheres to the rules of IBC. The depth of the door depends on the door material that you choose. However, there is no limit on the height of the door; you can get doors that are much taller than the 80 inches in height. Taller doors are the best and visually appealing. This looks specifically beautiful in those home designs with tall or large entryways or a cathedral ceiling.

There is also a double entry door which is also known as the French door. The standard exterior door size in width is not that much for these doors. In other words, double doors are not that wide in size because you have two of them. The total exterior door frame would already be wider than the standard door dimensions. You can also get custom entryway doors with unique door dimensions. 

Interior doors offer more standard options. The widths of the standard door vary between 19-36 inches. Also, it depends on the use of the door and the room design. You will not need that wide door for small closet space as you would need for bedroom or bathroom spaces. The reason for the small standard sliding door size is that people do not have to pass through it. As for the doors and frames for spaces such as bedroom and bathroom is where people of all sizes have through them. They need wider door frames that help the people to easily pass through them. 

The most common and standard entry door size needs a minimum of 32-inch widths on both interior and entry frames of the door so that people of all sizes can go through it. The reason for this is to accommodate the accessibility by the majority of people and mobility devices. It may be an essential figure that you should keep in mind if you want to install a new doorway. For standard garage door sizes, the dimensions required 16 feet wide and 7 to 8 feet high (double garage doors). 

Standard Dimensions

standard door sizes

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In the United States, the standard height for the entry door will be 80 inches and height and 36 inches in width. However, the width varies from 30, 32, and 36, as the prominent. Anything above the 36-inch is considered an exception. 

However, due to the building rules and regulations changes, the entrance is not essential to match these measurements. This is especially true when your house is more than a few decades old. The door thickness depends on the material and the door type; however, the thickness varies from one ¾ inch to 2 inches. 

The door material type also plays a highly essential part that affects the door dimension. The standard screen door size for steel and fiberglass is set at 6 ft 8 inches and eight ft. It is essential that you get a good fit for the front door because a poor door fitting can cause security issues. Also, it will also let the bad weather kick in the house.  

Whether a commercial or residential building, standard entry door size is very important. The standard door frame size is 80-inches which also goes by the building codes. 

Standard Exterior Door Size

A typical garage door or the normal door size depends on the IRC. According to the IRC building code, your exterior doors should be a minimum of 80 inches in height. The exterior door size should be 3 feet and 80 inches in height. Various doors come in the category of exterior doors, such as:

  • Entry door
  • Back door
  • Garage door
  • Security door

You can get the stock exterior doors in widths in the range of 30-32 inches. The usual door thickness should be around 1 3/4. The standard sliding door size and height can also vary and depends on your preferences. You can generally get these doors in the height of 80 inches and an average door width of 6 feet. There are countless door sizes that you can choose according to your needs and desires. They vary from 60 to 96 inches in height. 

Standard Garage Door Size

standard garage door sizes

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The garage door size is something that you will need to get in the right and appropriate size as it will decide whether you can get your car in the garage or not. The standard garage door height should be in the range of  7-8 Ft. the width of the garage will always be higher than the height of the garage, you should get the garage door up to 8-9 ft wide/ during the construction process, companies usually install a 10 ft wide garage.

You should always get the average garage door height and size as it plays a highly essential role. Various typical garage door sizes are available in various designs and styles, there are also automated doors that you can install in your garage that will open up with a button.

The loose-fitting of the door can cause harm to your security, and during windy days, the door will make excessive noises that will cause severe disturbance and increase noise pollution. As far as the standard garage door height and standard garage door width go, you should get the height of the door depending on the size of the vehicle. You should keep in mind that whenever you get a big new car. Also, you should get the door height of the garage, which lets the cars of sizes let in without any issue. Although most of the average garage door sizes are big enough to let the call of all sizes pass through, you should check and measure the door.

Standard Commercial Door Sizes

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IBC determines the standard screen door size. The building codes will define the minimum and the maximum door size so that people can pass through them easily. It helps them make the perfect door size as it will help during an emergency when evacuation is needed. The building code demands the door size with a minimum width of 32 inches, and the maximum width is 48 inches, although there are a few exceptions. Rooms in hospitals or other medical facilities should have a minimum of 41/5 inches of width, as the height of the door depends solely on the preferences.

The standard front door width and height also depend on the IBC. The standard front door height should be at least 80 inches high according to the IBC building code. Various standard front door sizes come in the rules of the IBC building code. The common door sizes for the commercial buildings are 36 inches with an average of 80 inches in height. In commercial buildings, standard sliding glass door size depends on the area size and your preferences, usually, these are tall in height.

Standard Bathroom Door

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Your bathroom should follow the rules of the International Building Code (IBC), as it is a place where most people go through almost daily. When renovating your house and you want to make changes to your house bathroom door, you should know that it also follows the same rules of IBC. You should get the bathroom door with a height of 80 inches and the width can be anything from 24 inches to 36 inches. You should always make sure that the thickness of the door depends on the door frame and design. Getting appropriate is also essential as the more durable a door is the better privacy you will get.

Standard Sliding Door size

standard door sizes

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Having a sliding door is the dream of many people who do not get it in their house to due to the fact that it consumes space. The benefits of the sliding doors are that it makes your house look more modern and more standard. The standard sliding door height is about 80 inches tall and its width varies and depends on the space and the material that you use. The typical width of the sliding doors is in the range of 60 to 72 inches wide. These are the common door sizes for the sliding doors, you should always make sure to get the sliding door that is smooth and is working flawlessly. Most of the doors tend to get stuck as time passes, you should get the top quality of wheels on the slider so that it never gets stocks in between.

Interior Double Door Sizes

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The width of the interior door should be according to the code of the IBC. The double doors are an elegant and royal addition that you can add to your bedroom. The standard bedroom size for the double door should be wider than the single door. It is because you will have to add two doors. Another essential thing to keep in mind is that both doors should be of the same size in both height and width, thickness and design. To be on the safe side, you should do the measurement twice to not make any mistakes.

There are also different measurement methods for frames. When frames for the double door should always have two sides and space in the middle so that the doors do not get stuck in the middle, ensure that the additional hardware fits into the doorway in the wall. You should make sure that measurements are highly equal and accurate to install these types of doors easily. There is no standard bedroom door width, but it should be around 60 -72 inches for the width. You should always double-check the width of the interior door, or you will end up with the wrong size of the door.

Interior Bedroom Door Sizes

standard door sizes

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These are more interesting than all the other door types. The reason for this is that they do not have a fixed door size. You will not have to think about all the other IBC rules of building codes. Rather than focusing on the measurements, you should look more into the architectural house direction.

There are regulated sizes that you can select if you find a door that is fitting for you. You can get the items that measure in the ranges of 24-36 inches. The height should be of a standard size of 80 inches, it is the standard bedroom door size as it is most commonly used globally. Installing the process of the bedroom doors is also not that hard; you can install it pretty easily.

Height is very important for the interior doors to keep in mind as it is very important for installing the right door to your house. The typical 80 inches is the standard door height that falls in the regulations of the IBC building codes.

Why Is It Important to Get the Right Fitting Door?

standard door sizes

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Along with the size and importance, you should also consider various other factors when changing the entrance door. You should also consider your home style and know that the additions you are considering will work well with the current entry. Keeping them in mind will help you with the need to make any changes to the entry or make any changes to it. There are various entry door styles, and it varies from classic and traditional with a wood-paneled door or modern and artistic that have decorative glass. 

Also, consider the elements such as sidelights, transoms, or decorative inlays on the front doors. It will add visual interest along with extra natural lights that you will get at your house. You should also consider your budget and pick a door that matches your style, which fits your budget, preferences, and style. you can also read 

The front is the thing that gives the guests the first impression of the home, and it also provides a significant impact on the curb appeal. For this reason, you must know the normal door size. You should take your time and choose the best door design that you can check either on the internet or go to a showroom where they collect the best door designs. You should choose the door entry that will make your home feel welcoming, content, and comfortable. 

How to Measure Door Size?

standard door sizes

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You should measure the size of your current door before you head out and check for the different types of doors of all sizes. As you know, there are various sizes, heights, and the thickness of the door. For this reason, you should measure your current door and check its size. You should always know the standard bathroom door size to get the best bathroom door according to your standard door dimension. The sizes of the doors vary from the size. Some small doors have better designs than the big ones. You can also get a custom-made door that you can have in your house.

If you want to learn about measurement standard door dimensions, you should know that it includes the measurement of the door panel. Most people do not know this, and they tend to measure the frame or the door opening, which creates confusion and makes them get the wrong door size.

You should measure the door from the bottom to the top for getting the appropriate height, and for checking the width of the door, you will have to go from left to right. After doing all that, you should measure the depth of the door to determine how thick the replacement needs to be.

If you have a door that does not fit in with the frame well, you have a frame that does not have a door. To tackle this, you can measure the door jamb so that you can determine the size of the door you want for that specific door frame. You can get the door jamb thickness if you measure the door jamb between the stops and the backside.

What are the Things to Consider When Choosing Doors?

Like many other aspects of the renovation process, you should always check your priorities and desires before making any move. The following are the essential bits that you should consider when choosing a door for your house.


Various doors will be beautiful in look but will not work properly or will get stuck when opening or closing them. Some doors are only functional with nothing fancy about them. Some doors use standard hinges, while there are also sliding and pivot doors. Swinging doors are now gaining more popularity. They are also another alternative to traditional wooden doors.

Additionally, you can install them easily, and they offer a more dynamic way to exit and enter a room. A sliding door is the best choice if you do not have enough space in your home. It will prevent you from having to move out of the way when the door swings wide open.


It is by far an essential thing to consider when installing a door. You can get the doors in various materials that range from hardwood, stainless steel to glass doors. Moreover, you should look at the market or take inspiration from the internet and see the high-quality materials you prefer for the home.

You should also look for something that matches the style of the home. If you want a rustic or industrial theme, a studded pocket door will help you get the touch to flair up your room. For those who want the traditional or country-inspired look, you should get a nice barn door that is made of reclaimed hardwood, and it will be a thing that boosts the property value of the house.

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standard door sizes

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standard door sizes

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It is not easy to renovate the house; there are various things to consider, and most people tend to forget about the door. You should always make sure to check for the measurement more than once so that you have the most precise measurement of the door. You can always ask for tips if you are unsure about the door size. The article covers everything that you should know about standard door sizes. You should consider taking the help of those who are experienced and have experience in selecting door designs and sizes.

Door Height Width Thickness
Commercial Door 80 Inches, 200 Centimeters, and 6ft 32-48 Inches, 80-120 Centimeters, and 2-4ft 1 ¾ mm
Bedroom Door 80 Inches, 200 Centimeters, and 6ft 28-32 Inches, 70-81 Centimeters, and 2ft 1 ¾ mm
Bathroom Door 80 Inches, 200 Centimeters, and 6ft 24-36 Inches, 60-90 Centimeters, and 2-3ft 1 ¾ mm
Entrance Door 80 Inches, 200 Centimeters, and 6ft 36 Inches, 90 Centimeters, and 3ft 1 ⅜ mm
Double Door 80 Inches, 200 Centimeters, and 6ft 30-60 Inches, 220 Centimeters, and 2.5-5ft 1 ¾ mm
Glass Door 80 Inches, 200 Centimeters, and 6ft 60-72 Inches, 152-182 Centimeters, and 5-6ft 5-6 mm
Sliding Door 80 Inches, 200 Centimeters, and 6ft 60-72 Inches, 152-182 Centimeters, and 5-6ft 1 ¾ mm
French Door 80 Inches, 200 Centimeters, and 6ft 30-60 Inches, 220 Centimeters, and 2.5-6ft 1 ¾ mm
Garage Door 84-96 Inches, 210-240 centimeters, and 7-8ft 108 Inches, 270 Centimeters, and 9ft 1 ⅜ mm

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