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Solar Christmas Lights: Decorate Your House with Them

Is that time of the year again? Yes, it is! Christmas is right around the corner, and if you still haven’t gotten your Christmas tree up, then you are definitely on Santa’s naughty list! If you are as high-spirited as me when it comes to Christmas then you must have already speckled your eccentric backyard with sparkling and glittering fairy lights! In this article, we will show you some amazing solar Christmas lights which make your Christmas party more beautiful.

As much as it’s easier to set lights around the indoors, you break a sweat while working on the outdoors lighting system whether it be from all the physical work of setting them up on the rooftops or from hours and hours of pondering over getting a source of electricity. 

This year though, you have got nothing to worry about because we bring you the best quality solar Christmas lights that would light up your outdoors with the Christmas spirits! 

But first, let us get acquainted with the advantages of Solar Christmas lights!

What Are the Advantages of Solar Christmas Lights?

solar christmas lights


One of the major advantages of using any sort of solar-powered lights is the fact that you do not need to use any kind of electricity to power up the lights. Using these solar-powered Christmas lights to decorate your house can minus the stress of finding a source of electricity for your outdoor space. 

The eco-friendly option is better for the environment. Not only are solar lights friendly for nature but they are also budget-friendly! Solar lights can help you save on your electric bill as well, which means you can easily keep your lights on every night for the entire Christmas season! Isn’t that wonderful? 

Solar lights are also very adaptable and versatile options that can be used to brighten any nook of your garden or yard. Fortunately, these eco-friendly lights do not require to be connected to an extension cord to reach an outlet, so you can simply wreath them around any tree, bush, wooden post, or outdoor decoration without having lights laying around shambolically on the ground just so that they can reach the outlet. And the cherry on the top? There is so much need to worry about rain or snow because— there is no electric cord entailed in the system— there are water-resistant solar lights that you can use! 

Now, before we move onto recommendations and such, let us first know a few things about the precise selection of solar lights!

How to Choose the Best Solar-Powered Christmas Lights?

solar christmas lights


We all have some aspects that we keep in mind whenever we go out to purchase any sort of item. As with solar lights, there are some various aspects that you will have to look for in the solar lights that you might purchase. Not all solar lights are made with keeping the same quality level in mind, so it is very essential that you know what to look for in your solar-powered Christmas lights, so they can last a few Christmas seasons! 

Let’s See What These Aspects Are:

  1. Durability: Some of the lighting options that you might find will be made out of plastic. While, this can be a great option especially if you are looking for lights only for this holiday season, but if you are a one-time investor (like myself) then you will want to look for lights that entail solar panels made out of tempered glass, which will last much longer than the former ones! 
  2. Replaceable Lights: As we all know, light bulbs do not last forever, so you certainly want to find a bunch that allows you to replace the bulbs with ease and less hassle as we all know, it can get a bit costly to get a new set of solar lights each Christmas season. 
  3. Sunlight Requirements: As the name suggests, solar lights do need sunlight to work properly much like how a human needs caffeine in their system to function properly. How much daily sunlight does your yard or garden get? 

Some solar-powered lights require roughly around eight hours of daily sunlight to function properly. Whereas others require less because they can store sunlight even when the air is blanketed with dark, cloudy skies. You must determine how much average sunlight your yard receives before you take it up a notch. 

Now, let us get started with the reviews!

Best Solar Christmas Lights Reviews:

1. Brightly Coloured Snowflake Solar Lights

Brightly Coloured Snowflake


If there is something that screams Christmas, then it is definitely snowflakes. Maybe that was what kept in mind while making these vibrant 20-foot string of LED snowflakes. To help amplify the Christmas cheer, these lights can be a great contrast against the snowy bushes or your Christmas tree

These lights can flash or be a solid attraction of attention in your garden. But if you prefer more real-like and authentic snowflakes, then this string of lights can be purchased in ivory and warm ivory as well. When these lights are fully charged, they can easily last a good ten hours! 

2. String of Fairy Blue lights 

solar christmas lights


If you are looking to enrich your yard this Christmas season by giving it a nice touch of shine and glow, then a sole-colored solar string like this one will be the best option available to brighten your outdoor space. This 72-foot thread of lights is obtainable in blue, red, purple, green, pink, and white. There are also eight various modes that you can pick. They will stay alight for eight hours or more! 

3. Blue Icicles with a Meteor Shower look

Blue Icicles


These lengthy, tube-like LED bulbs turn on and off in arrangement. So that they give off the look of glowing particles falling from the sky. You can have a soft light that looks like snow. If you want to go with something intense, you can choose a meteor shower. It all depends on the speed that you set it at. These lights need roughly around six to eight hours of sunlight a day to get eight to twelve hours of illumination at night. 

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4. Vibrant Colourful Strand of Mini Holiday Lights 

Vibrant Colourful Strand


Many a time, the best way in the list to decorate your garden is a lengthy string of mini lights. This arrangement can be very eye-catching (like most lights are) and pleasing especially. If you have a fence or other lawn decorations that you want to outline. This option entails 100 lights that can be pre-set to blink slowly or a solid glow. These lights will have enough power for eight to ten hours of life if they get enough sunlight. 

5. Solar Warm White Lights for a Patio

solar christmas lights


This 33-foot string of lights is a perfect choice. If you want your yard to stand out from the others around the street. These lights have various functions, they can be on unwaveringly. You can pick from one of the seven given settings. It will either make it blink, twinkle, or other interesting brightening patterns. The thin wire that interlinks the lights is quite pliant. This will make it a handy choice if you want to go for more complex decorations that you want to produce! 

6. Santa Ornaments for Your Garden Path

for Your Garden Path


Last but not the least, these tiny replicas of Santa are my absolute favorite! These illuminated ornaments make to place on the ground to light up a garden pathway or passage. These cute, little Santa figurines make out of crystal, so they do light up quite nicely. If you don’t like Santa (who doesn’t) there is another option as well, they also have little snowmen figurines. With enough sunlight, these ornamental figurines can last up to eight whole hours! 

That was all about Solar Christmas Lights. We wish you guys a merry Christmas in advance, and hope that the new year brings new hope of light into our dull lives! 

We also hope that by reading our article, you help in one way or another. 

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