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Christmas staircase decorations

Less Is More with Unique Small House Christmas Decorating Ideas

Your favourite carol is ready to play…


Hark how the bells,

sweet silver bells,

all seem to say,

throw cares away

Christmas is here,

bringing good cheer,

to young and old,

meek and bold.

With all the nostalgia rushing in her mind, Julia turns off Alexa. She still remembers when she was a child, how she and her sister used to decorate her grandeur home with the help of mom to make it a festive, perfect home. These feelings were hurting her more than soothing her soul because this Christmas she won’t be able to go home, and her small apartment in this big city does not render her enough space. If you are one like Julia facing such a problem, then it’s time to gather some smart Christmas decorations for a small house instead of being sad. Don’t worry; we won’t bother you with doing much research because here we have brought beautiful Small House Christmas decorations ideas. We are sure that these ideas will lighten up your house and life just as Santa does in our life.

Unconventional wreath

Unconventional wreath

Source: dailydoseofstyle.com

Why go in making a conventional wreath when you can create the most beautiful one out of marabou feather boa. Put it on the main door with your favorite ornament and beautiful ribbon on it. 

Dinner place

Dinner place

Source: pinterest.com

It doesn’t matter if you are not able to go home this Christmas, why not invite some friends over dinner. Dress up the dining chair with the fabric sash and ribbon along with the greenery ornament for the complete look. What do you think of this small house Christmas decorations idea?

Pillow should be speaking your Christmas mood

Christmas Pillow

Source: aleenes.com

Allow pillows to be your part of the celebration by decorating them with the holiday graphics cover. If the time is not a constraint, then many DIY videos for creating your own pillow can do wonders. 

Put that old ladder into use

old ladder reuse for Christmas decoration

Source: familyhandyman.com

Why left any stone unturned, even when it comes to your old ladder. Place the ladder vertically on the wall, and decorate with ribbons, advent calendar, conceal treats, new year resolution, small gift packing, and whatnot. 

Tassels on drawers

Tassels on drawers

Source: tumblr.com

Give a finishing touch to your drawer with the red and mustard yellow tassels. These small details incorporate the great festive mood. 

Those joy of sprinkles

festive lanterns

Source: batteryoperatedcandles.net

Make anything and everything Christmas ready for your small space. Turn out those leftover birthdays caps into glittered trees. Add on some spark with the glittering stars on it. Hurrah! Here are the perfect festive lanterns ready to be placed on the fireplace or any place you want to highlight. 

Conquer the ceiling with beauty

Christmas ceiling decoration

Source: youtube.com

Don’t allow the lack of space issue to spoil the festive mood. Hang cardstock snowflakes on the ceiling. Just grab a ladder, and you are ready to go for the most enchanting and beautiful Christmas evening.

The bar cart is ready to dress up

Christmas bar cart

Source: myglitteryheart.com

Decorate the bar cart with the whimsical candlesticks, flashy gold tchotchkes, faux fur, and garland. After all, this evening is all about wine and dine. Don’t forget to stock the cart with some needed dine and wine stuff. 

Pom-Pom Garland

DIY Christmas pom pom garland

Source: artysgetaway.com

Add a stroke of happiness with the DIY Pom-Pom Garland. With some beautiful yarn, cord, and fewer efforts, you can create a mesmerizing decor piece for your home. 

Lighted Canvas

family photo canvas on mantel

Source: taraflannery.com

Prepare a lighted canvas for your mantel. To add a more homely feel, add pictures of your family on the canvas and decorate it with lights on it, and your priceless family picture is ready. 

Beautiful staircase

Christmas staircase decorations

Source: proflowers.com

Light up the stairs with the flameless pillar candles as if you are inviting Santa to bring all the happiness and good vibes for the next year. Even you can decorate it with garland or put gifts for guests on each staircase to give the best festive feel.

Style your tree

Christmas Tree Decorations

Source: collectionsetc.com

Decorate the small and mobile Christmas tree with the vibrant red pieces of small gifts, garlands, light, peppermint swirls, and secret messages paper chits for coming guests. 

Demystifying the attraction

Christmas Dining Table Centrepiece decorations

Source: southernliving.com

Demystify the happy and small house Christmas decorations secret with the glittering centerpiece. Add greenery faux, candle, water, cranberries to a jar, and place it on the center of the dining table and cheer to the festivity.

Bow is beautiful

small house Christmas decorations

Source: pinterest.com

Tie a bow on the mirror of your bedroom. This is one of the easiest yet attractive ways to lighten up the dull corner of the room.

The window is your platform

Christmas window decorations

Source: pinterest.com

Create a small village on the window ledge by placing cardboard houses, snowflakes, colorful ornaments, hanging starts, and warm lights to highlight the corner. 

Half wreath

small house Christmas decorations

Source: pinterest.com

If you are amongst the ones, who think minimalist is the best, then half wreath is for your kind of folks. This decor piece can be created with the metal hanging ring, twine of greenery, and decorative elements like ivy, flowers, and holly leaves. 

Introduce twig centerpiece

Twig centerpiece

Source: christmas.365greetings.com

Add a twig centerpiece for your dinner table. Paint the branch with white color and decorate it with the silver baubles, bells, light, and whatnot. This cost-effective decor idea can save money as well as enchant the decor with its beauty.


small house Christmas decorations

Source: anyonecandecorate.blogspot.com

Never limit the decoration to the wall or door if the chandelier can equally contribute towards the festive look. Add greenery effect on the chandelier; otherwise, snow theme decor helps to steal the guest’s heart. 

Merry Christmas

We are so sure that these small house Christmas decorations ideas will surely lighten up Julia’s mood. Go ahead and start welcoming the festivity mood by decorating your small or big home. Every inch of your small space can lighten up the mood and feel. So are you ready to decorate your space with happiness and laughter? Go Merry this Christmas.

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