/11 Best Small Bathroom Tile Ideas: Create A Luxury Looking Bath
small bathroom tile ideas

11 Best Small Bathroom Tile Ideas: Create A Luxury Looking Bath

Are you thinking of renovating and decorating your bathroom, but you’re out of ideas? The bathroom is as important as the other parts of your house, and also it’s a great place to show your decorating skills. When it comes to the bathroom, there are many things to consider while renovating such as Should you stick with bright colors? Will large tiles work in a small space? Check out some small bathroom tile ideas.

Whether you’re a designer or just a homeowner who wants to renovate his bath, it is always a challenging task, while dealing with a small space. You have to be clever with every decision and use multipurpose space. And the first important thing in the bathroom is the tiles as this is one of the first things that anyone will notice when they step into the room. 

We all dream to have a grand setting bath with a huge luxurious freestanding shower, right? But in reality, that’s not possible because the majority of people have small bathrooms. So whether a bathroom is tiny or huge, you can make it luxurious and grand by using some tricks. That’s why today we brought 11 awesome small bathroom tile ideas that will transform your bath from boring to a colorful and fun place. After all, it is the place where we all unwind the day and relax. 

In this blog, you’ll find some creative tile ideas that’ll transform your bath area. From herringbone patterns to the luxurious marble tiles, we’ve listed all types of tiles. 

11 Stylish Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

Below are some examples of how tiles can be used to achieve specific design effects in small bathrooms: 

1. White Tiles to Create Openness

White Tiles to Create Openness

source: lettalondon.com

We all know that when it comes to small spaces, the white color is the best choice. This color makes the bathroom spacious and you’ll feel more open. You can use white tiles on the floor and as well as on the walls to create the perfect elegant-looking bathroom. 

2. Black and White small bathroom tile ideas for Drama

Black and White for Drama

source: houzz.com

Want to create some drama in your bath area? Use white tiles with black detailings or vice versa. These patterned tiles will visually elongate the space and surely will add a sense of depth. The above bathroom has a diagonal black and white patterned tiled floor while the walls are naked. They’re looking absolutely fabulous together. 

3. Large Square Marble Tiles

Large Square Marble

source: thespruce.com

Look at this amazing bathroom, isn’t it look magical? The significant things that make this bathroom different from others are the wallpapers and the stunning marble tiles. Here the vanity is in beautiful royal blue color, and the wallpaper on the wall is in the same color but has a floral print on it. To balance out these dramatic shades, a subtle white marble has been used on the floor. It is actually a brilliant idea to use a neutral tone whenever you are using a deep or bold color so that it will not look flashy. 

4. Floor-To-Ceiling Mosaic small bathroom Tile ideas

small bathroom tile ideas

source: realhomes.com

For many years mosaic tiles are the most trendy tiles and people are still crazy about it. The reason is its simplicity. Larger tiles can create the illusion of big space, but that doesn’t mean you have to forget about these cute little tiles. Look at the above bathroom, here the mosaic tiles have been used from floor to ceiling, and it is looking gorgeous. These hexagon shapes will draw the eyes upward toward the ceiling. 

5. For adding Style Think Patterned Tiles

 small bathroom tile ideas

source: victorianplumbing.co.uk

What do you think about the pattern tiles? Yes, they look great in the bathroom, but they’re a little bit tricky to use. Because sometimes they’ll make the space spacious and sometimes excess use of them will create a cluttered looking bath. The key to using them is that they don’t use them on the walls and floor together. 

You can create a feature bathroom wall tile with your patterned tiles. This will totally impress your guests and help keep your eyes off the floor. Or you can use some pattern tiles on the floor just like the above bathroom. 

6. Glossy Wall small bathroom Tile ideas for Reflect Light

small bathroom tile ideas

source: rehabitat-interiors.com

Never use these glossy tiles on the floor, but they will look magnificent on your bathroom walls. They will reflect even more light and make any tiny bathroom spacious. This bathroom has pale green tiles that are glossy enough to create the illusion of a larger area without looking dated. 

7. Use Bold Graphic Tiles to Make a Statement

Bold Graphic

source: pythonline.com

What is bolder than a graphic tile and that too in the bathroom? Nothing, right! But this trick only works when it is used with restraint, being used only on the ground. You have to use them in limit; otherwise, they’ll quickly become overwhelming, and disorienting. The visual effect created by these graphic tiles will elongate the space.

8. Penny Tile small bathroom tile ideas

small bathroom tile ideas

source: airtasker.com

Another great bathroom tile idea is the Penny tiles. Yes, they may look small, but they magically can transform your bath area. You can use them on the wall behind the sink area just like this bathroom, or you can use them also in your shower walls. They will keep the walls fresh and fun. 

9. Terra-Cotta Tile Floor


source: decoist.com

Terra cotta tiles are the best choice if you’re looking to bring some natural elements into your bath area. Stepping on them is just like stepping back into time. They not only make the space tranquil but also bring the luxury that is unable to get that from any other type of bathroom tiles. 

10. Diagonal Tile Pattern for Visual Interest

small bathroom tile ideas

source: pythonline.com

Here the glossy tiles are placed in the herringbone pattern, which beautifully creates a subtle look while drawing your eye to the longest part of the room. It also helps extend the space. Try something like these diagonal patterns to achieve a refreshing-looking place. Don’t be afraid to try out various tilework patterns, believe us they’ll look stunning. 

11. Checkerboard Bathroom Tile


source: pinterest.com

If you’re still confused with the tile design, go for a checkerboard pattern. This is a classic pattern that looks good in any shape or size of the bathroom. You can use them on your walls or shower area, and they even look excellent on the floor. Just don’t use this pattern altogether on the walls and floor because it will create a stuffed-looking area. 

small bathroom tile ideas

Image source: hearstapps.com

small bathroom tile ideas

source: improvenet.com

small bathroom tile ideas

image source: wp.com

small bathroom tile ideas

source: pinterest.com

small bathroom tile ideas

image source: victorianplumbing.co.uk

small bathroom tile ideas

source: timeincuk.net

The Bottom Line

The only thing that’s really important while designing the small bathrooms is how you decorate your walls and floors. This will make or break the look! The best tiling idea for compact bathrooms is to create an illusion of the space, so always select the appropriate style and design of the tile. Also, don’t hesitate to try various styles and also mix & match different tile designs together. 

I hope you’ll get some inspiration from the above small bathroom tile ideas. For more home and office decoration tips and ideas, visit Housedecorationtip.