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Crazy Rich Shiplap Fireplace Ideas To Inspire You

We all want a shiplap fireplace wall in our homes. It is the best and efficient add-on that we can include in our house. They will help us to get warm, and it will enhance the look of the house. If you’re going to renovate your house, you should opt for the best shiplap fireplace. You may have thoughts about shiplap. Reading this post can help you get a better understanding of Shiplap and Shiplap fireplace ideas.

What is Shiplap?

Shiplap fireplace


Shiplap is a wooden sheathing that you can use to construct sheds and other types of buildings. Many people usually use it as the exterior of interior sidings. They have become a better alternative for interior finishes due to their subtle texture and homespun, which will help you to provide a better visual impression. The finished look you will get of the modern fireplace will look out of this world. The joints of the fireplace look like the tongue and groove joints. Another way people are now choosing shiplap is because you can easily install it, and anyone can build it. You can also build a rustic shiplap fireplace, but you may wonder why you should take your time and build a shiplap fireplace, read the following to learn the benefits of having a fireplace.

What are the Benefits of the Indoor Fireplace?

Various homes come with a white shiplap fireplace, but some homes do not have them. There are various benefits of building a farmhouse shiplap fireplace, such as:

Natural Focal Point

Shiplap fireplace


A fireplace will become a natural focal point. When you and the family gather in a single place in the living room, the fireplace is likely to be the attention center. A fireplace will help you get a unique and traditional focal point that most living rooms do not have. With that being said, you can also place a television above your vertical shiplap fireplace.

Provides Warmth

Shiplap fireplace


During the winter times when the snowstorm hits, ice will collect and form on tree branches. It will cause weight which makes them fall and knock out under the hanging power lines. It can result in a power outage. When there is no power, you will not be able to use the central heating system. When a fireplace comes into the play, they will warm up the house when there is no power. You can fire and heat as much as you want. You have it till you have the dry firewood. This is the first and foremost reason many people want to opt for the fireplace for their homes, as it can help them during uncertain times. 

Fireplaces have been used for many years, and they will never go out of trend. If you have a fireplace, you can enhance the look if you opt for a shiplap fireplace surround. There are other methods that you can use a shiplap fireplace mantel for decorating the fireplace.

Increase Property Value

shiplap fireplace ideas


What if you want to sell your house in the future? No one is certain of the future. By having a fireplace at your house, you will sell your property at a higher price. You will get various better options that are willing to pay good money for your property due to the fireplace. Homebuyers will pay an extra 2000 USD just for the fireplace.


shiplap fireplace ideas


When you have a white or black shiplap fireplace, you will have to pay less in the electricity bill during the winters. Whether it is gas or electric, central heating is more costly than the fireplace. Instead of relying on the central heating system, you can use the fireplace to offset the cost. Various houses in the US use a fireplace during the winters as the primary source of heat. It is cheaper and effective. You can heat your home during the cold months of the winter. The benefit is that it does not use electricity or gas. All you will need is wood which the fireplace will use for producing the heat.

Shiplap Fireplace

Now that you know the benefits of having a fireplace at your house let us look at the best type of shiplap fireplace.

Shiplap Barn Beam

shiplap fireplace ideas: Shiplap Barn Beam


Implementing this idea will make a rustic shiplap fireplace. You can use the rustic barn wood as the combination that will always be in the trend. Ensure that you bring the shiplap on the bottom half around the fireplace and top it off with an efficient and beautiful barn beam. This shiplap will become the focal point of the house, and your house will get the vibes of the 90s house, which makes it look more classic and modern.

Wood Shelf

shiplap fireplace with wooden shelf


In this idea, you can place the shiplap above the fireplace. You can also use a wood beam mantel. To execute and implement this fireplace idea, ensure that the shiplap goes on from the floor to the ceiling. It can help you to make your ceiling even taller. Having a shelf above the fireplace can provide various options for decorating it and putting some useful items there. If you want to use the shelf for decorating purposes, you can put some photographs, it can be your memories with your families and friends, or you can put some of the best paintings and photographs.

Shiplap above White Brick


This fireplace idea is an excellent choice if you look for something that will take your hose to the old times. You can use the 70s outdated brick around the fireplace and get a dark wood trim. It will help you lighten the living room by painting the brick, wood, and shelves in a nice color. You should choose the white color and later add the shiplap above the fireplace to have a nice and finished look.

Industrial Fireplace

shiplap fireplace ideas: Industrial Fireplace


In today’s time, you will see that the metal fireplaces made of refractory glass are usually considered typical for these fireplace designs. If you want to soften the excessive coldness and severity of the interior, you can decorate the space and the part of the wall with a shiplap. You should get smooth wooden surfaces and lay the board in perfect harmony with metal and concrete surfaces typical for industrial designs. It is the best stone and shiplap fireplace idea that you can choose for your house.

How to Build a Shiplap Fireplace?

Shiplap has various benefits, and the best one is that you will be able to complete the look of the fireplace by yourself and without wasting any time. It will take only a few hours to complete the look. If you want to implement any of the ideas mentioned above, you should have the right materials and the appropriate tools. Do the following steps:


Shiplap Fireplace Measurement


It is an essential step, measuring all the planes you plan to be the finishing you will choose with the wooden elements. You can include both the ends and space in shiplap around the fireplace front plane and part of the wall above it.

Calculations and Materials

Shiplap fireplace decor


After doing the measurement, you will have to calculate the number of boards that you will need. In this case, you should consider the plants with the width estimation. You should also take care of the hardware and the tools. Ensure a nail gun, circular saw, fretsaw, a level, putty, primer, and sandpaper. These materials are very important when you want to build a white shiplap fireplace.

Wall Marking

Wall marking for shiplap fireplace


The surface under the shiplap is sequentially marked with the indication of the places for fastening the elements to the nails. Ensure that you do the measurement as precisely and accurately as possible because it will decide whether your place will look good or not.

Placing the Boards

Shiplap fireplace


After doing all the marking and measurement, you will now have to place the boards for the grey shiplap fireplace. You can start by placing the wooden elements from the bottom to the top. You can also combine the spike and groove and place them with nails according to the marking you have done. It can help you get accurate placement, and you will not have to worry about the wood going to the wrong place. Make sure to follow the markings strictly and do not make any changes after doing the marking procedure.

Edge Decorations

shiplap fireplace decoration ideas


If you can see the boards’ edge spike or groove, you can hide them by filing or covering them with the help of a decorative corner to make a great shiplap corner fireplace. Hiding them is an essential point because you do not want people to come to your place and notice the unfinished work. Always ensure that whatever décor you are doing, you should do it exponentially.


Paint shiplap fireplace


If you want to paint the wood surfaces, ensure that the wooden plants are cleaned with sandpaper, pained, and primes. Painting on a plank of wood without any sanding will provide you with a look that is not smooth.


These are all the tips about the shiplap over the fireplace. We hope that you will be able to build your shiplap. Always make sure that you take the process slow and easy. Take your time and do the measurements more than once for accurate cutting. Once you cut planks and notice an error in the measurement, you will have to get new planks.

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