/Interesting Shiplap Bathroom Ideas That Will Catch Anybody’s Attention
shiplap bathroom ideas

Interesting Shiplap Bathroom Ideas That Will Catch Anybody’s Attention

Enhance your life, and wake up to an incredible bathing experience. We welcome you to the exquisite world of shiplap bathroom ideas. We have an extensive range of gorgeous shiplap master bathroom ideas that are crafted with artistry and durability to enhance your dream washrooms. These ideas suit all your needs and requirements. 

Sensing your range of tastes, we have the most antique collection with a traditional royal outlook and the latest digital and computerized designs of the latest ideas of 2021 and 2022. From shiplap small bathroom ideas, rustic shiplap bathroom to modern shiplap bathroom, the article covers it all for you. The said wide range of ideas is sure to enrich the ambiance of your washrooms. Walk down through the article to choose the styles that suit your living style best.

Shiplap Bathroom Ideas

It is the right time to transform a dull, outdated bathroom into a bright and stylish retreat. Also, you don’t need to sacrifice style while choosing comfort. Here is a list of ideas that you must consider while working on the renovation.

Marble Masterpiece With Wood Shiplap Accent

shiplap bathroom ideas

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Imbibe the true essence of luxury by choosing marble for your bathroom. It not only features clean lines, but the white color makes the place even more spacious. Also, add a wood shiplap accent wall that is complemented by light color wallpaper. Choose to have a double sink in front of the sizeable oval-shaped mirror. It would help if you chose a white quartz vanity top with modern cabinet doors and a stone sink. Make sure that you contrast the color of the marble with the black floral-designed mirror frame. You can also add a few organic touches. For example, keep a small vase holding succulents along one of the corners of the vanity. This idea will add to the bathroom decor exponentially. 

Key Tip: Keep in mind not to choose a surface that is going to be constantly wet for wallpaper.

End to End Mirror Cutting Shiplap Boards

shiplap bathroom ideas

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Have your dream bathroom by installing a sizeable end-to-end mirror along with one of the bathroom walls. You can decide on the side of the bathroom where you would love to have this mirror.  Now, install the shiplap boards on the wall beside the shower area such that it reflects in the mirror. However, make sure it’s not in the shower enclosure! You can also choose a place behind the vanity sink for the shiplap bathroom wall. Choose the floral printed tiles for the other walls of the bathroom while keeping the vanity white. Not only will the mirror contrasting the wall of the shiplap bathroom look astonishing, but it will also catch everybody’s attention.

Fireside Tub With Shiplap Style Tiles

shiplap bathroom ideas

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Do you own enough space in your bathroom? Please make the most out of it! Choose Wood-look porcelain tile in the shower and tub area. It will provide a rustic shiplap design while protecting from moisture. Accompany the tiles with a colossal bathroom tub along one side of the wall. The tub will be a great source of relaxation after a strict, busy schedule at work while adding to bathroom decor flawlessly. Choose a neutral color tone theme for the rest of the bathroom. However, make sure that you fix a single hook close to the tub to hold your bathrobe.

Farmhouse Shiplap Bathroom

Farmhouse Shiplap Bathroom Ideas

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The Shiplap farmhouse bathroom definitely looks stylish. It offers a great combination of patterns and textures. With a little patience and water-tight installation, wood brings a hint of nature inside of your home, so it only fits the farmhouse vibe. Choose to keep a small wooden table along with one of the corners of the bathroom. Put old wood mason jars galvanized metal and concrete to give your space a cozy, homey feeling. This is one of the best Shiplap farmhouse bathrooms as it adds to the decor and the storage.

Shiplap Small Bathroom

shiplap small bathroom ideas

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Want to keep the tub in your bathroom without making it look congested? Add shiplap boards on the walls of this freestanding bathtub. The idea is amazing and will definitely help to make your bathroom stand out more. It will prove to be a great style that matches the aesthetic of the freestanding bathtub. In comparison, if you choose plain white walls or tiles, it will look and feel too sterile. However, shiplap boards will give a more rustic feel and turn your bathroom shower area dreams into reality.

Shiplap boards add depth and texture to the small corner vanity and wardrobe. Make the most efficient use of this for a small bathroom. Choose a neutral color for the board to help it stand out as the best shiplap small bathroom. You can also choose to install a pair of floating shelves of the same color. This not only adds to storage but also matches the bathroom theme.

Vertical Shiplap Bathroom

shiplap bathroom ideas

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Getting the best vertical shiplap bathroom is by installing shiplap boards across the wall vertically. You can install these wooden boards above the baseboard and top them with molding to seal off its edges. Accompany this cozy bathroom with dual mirrors and also two matching pedestal sinks. It complements well full shiplap walls. You can also contrast it with a beautiful black and white mosaic tile for the floor—all you need to place tiles side by side to get this amazing contrast.

White Shiplap Bathroom

White shiplap bathroom ideas

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Want to add shiplap in bathroom ideas in a simple yet attractive way? Choose White Shiplap Bathroom. Being the most popular finish choice for shiplap boards, you can enjoy everything good about the white theme. Small spaces will look brighter and happier. This is because of the features that the white theme offers. For example, it is versatile, easy to match, and very much timeless. Paint your shiplap boards white. It allows you to have that rustic aesthetic & subtle texture while still maintaining a more subtle appeal. It complements well with other features of your interiors and makes them shine.

You can choose white wooden shiplap boards for the bathroom vanity area, which definitely complements the shaker-style vanity cabinets. This brings in the vibe of country style. Moreover, you can choose to have the horizontal shiplap boards run from the backsplash up to the ceiling and create an amazing shiplap bathroom ceiling. This is going to look amazingly flawless. Get the side edge lined with a wooden trip to help seal the edges, exponentially adding to the bathroom decor.

Quick Sneak Peek Into Shiplap in Bathroom Ideas

shiplap bathroom ideas

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Want to make the best deal? Here is a quick sneak peek at the shiplap bathroom ideas:

  • If you are not short on the budget amount and want a decor that reflects luxury with style, choose a master bathroom with a shiplap and granite combo. Moreover, any bathroom that has a greige painted shiplap wall above his and hers dual vanity with granite top will look amazing and will be my suggestion.
  • If you want to have more texture with less effort, here is your read. Instead of completely parallel boards, you can also choose a bathroom accent wall that alternates the overlap of its shiplap boards. Paint it gray to match the wall paint.
  • For all those out there who would love to have a coastal look in their washroom, paint it blue. Choose a nautical look by painting your shiplap boards blue. Pair it with white tiles and cabinetry. I am sure that you will easily pull off that coastal vibe! While blue color brings in the happy ocean vibe, white color-neutral downs the color tone for amazing decor.
  • Horizontal boards will help you to make the area look wider. This also is a good marker to align the mirrors and other wall installations.

Things to Consider While Designing out the Best Shiplap Master Bathroom

shiplap bathroom ideas

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Firstly, chalk out the layout of your bathroom—Mark all the plumbing fitting and design accordingly. You must also note down the budget to execute any of the shiplap bathroom ideas. Great planning leads to better results. Things to consider list includes:

  • Choose the right material for shiplap boards. For PVC, moisture isn’t really a problem.
  • A well-ventilated bathroom prevents the warping or molds on their shiplap walls.
  • Ensure your material has been properly filled. It is properly sanded, finished, and sealed
  • Choose a durable paint finish. For example, a marine-grade acrylic enamel will work great. You must also use primer and semi-gloss paint to cover the wood.
  • You can also use ceramic tiles that mimic the look of wood for infinite decor. This will have your peace of mind as it is less or zero maintenance.

shiplap bathroom ideas

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Do you want to build a space that will combine functionality with luxury? Choose ensuite shiplap bathroom ideas! Nothing could be more relaxing than taking a hot shower in your dream bathroom after a long tiring day. However, choosing a brand new look might be difficult without expert guidance. We have tried to help you out with some of the decor ideas! The article discusses the best shiplap bathroom decor and ideas, along with some helpful tips. Choose that fits you best.

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