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Information on Sheesham Wood Furniture! (Comparison With Similar Types)

Are you searching for the perfect furniture that can go with your house’s style? The straightforward answer for this is Sheesham wood furniture. Whether you have purchased a new home or renovated the existence, furniture can work as a cherry on the cake for your place.

Around 50% of the furniture sold is made from the wood of Sheesham. People love them as much as they love wood floors. There are many benefits of the wood of Sheesham than just durability. It accounts for everything including home and office furniture.

So, why not just go for Sheesham wood furniture? Here in this blog, you will read about the basic information on Sheesham trees and wood as well. However, we have tried to explain a little bit more about Sheesham wood furniture, like its advantages and disadvantages. Also, we have compared two other kinds of wood with this amazing piece of wood.

What is Sheesham Wood?

Sheesham wood furniture


First found on the land of India, this wood is obtained from the Sheesham tree. A  hardy deciduous rosewood tree that takes very little time to grow. A couple of years ago, this leafy tree was seen only in the Indian Territory, but now they are spread across various nations as well. To name, they are seen in Africa, the United States, and Australia.

Sheesham wood is obtained from this tree only. It has different names like Indian Rosewood and Dalbergia Sissoo. Even the tree has various names – Himalaya Raintree, Shisham, Sisso, Indian Dalbergia, Penny leaf tree, and many more.

What does Sheesham Tree look like?

Sheesham wood furniture


Before we look at its appearance let’s look at how its tree looks. The tree is mostly seen in the northern region of India. It can grow as tall as 30 meters in height and 2 to 3 meters in diameter. When grown in the open the trunk of this tree looks crooked with the leathery leaves 15cm. The flowers are pinkish and grow in bunches.

This is enough information about the appearance of the tree. Let’s move to its byproduct – Sheesham wood.

The Appearance of Sheesham Wood

Sheesham wood furniture


The appearance of Sheesham wood is somewhat royal. How? The color of the wood varies from golden to deep reddish-brown. These are the colors of royalty as well. Also, you will find dark streaks on the natural sissoo wood. One of the features of this wood is durability, the reason is its interlocked grains. To know more about it, consider clicking here.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sheesham Wood Furniture

Sheesham wood furniture


Now, here the main topic of the whole content. You might not know but this one is the most commercially sold wood in India after the teak wood. So what is made from Indian rosewood? Mostly furniture.  As said there are many of us, using the Sheesham wood furniture in the household. Let’s see the benefits and drawbacks of it.


  • The foremost benefit is its friendliness towards the carving. There are many wood types out there that are hard to carve. However, as for the wood of Sheesham, it can be carved out easily even with the finest detail. 
  • It has more durability than any other wood type. So the furniture will last long with intact beauty. Also, the furniture made from it needs low maintenance.
  • No matter what shade you want, you will get almost every. How? The grain structure in the wood paint results in color variation when in different lighting conditions.
  • It is pocket-friendly wood, and can be used in making every piece of furniture, be it a sofa, bed, cupboards, or a cigarette tray.


  • Sheesham wood isn’t water-resistant, as it has more water inside making it flexible. It makes it prone to pests and beetles. (This wood can be fixed with waxing on the furniture.)
  • It contains toxic allergens that can cause skin allergy to humans in the sanding process.
  • This wood is hard to find a single long and straight piece of wood. Why? The tree doesn’t always grow straight.
  • The usage of Sheesham wood is increasing day by day. If this stays the scenario, the day isn’t far when these tree species will also be listed in the extinct section.

Comparison: Sheesham Wood vs Teak Wood

Teak Wood


The wood of Sheesham is often compared with teak wood. So here’s our version of Sheesham Wood vs. Teak Wood. 

AspectsSheesham WoodTeak Wood
TextureNatural grain texture with chestnut shade.Smooth grain texture with yellowish-brown color.
Water and Termite ResistanceIt has a very low water-resistant property, which can also result in pests and termite growth.Teak has natural oils instilled in it, which makes it water, moisture, and termite resistant.
WeightSheesham is a heavyweight wood.Teak wood is heavier than Sheesham.
DurabilityIts durability is good but not that much due to its high water percentage.The teak wood has excellent durability, due to its heavier weight and natural oils.
Ease of UseYou can carve the finest details on the Sheesham, but with few efforts.Carving teak wood is easier than Sheesham, but it can worn-out tools quickly.
CostSheesham is pocket-friendly.Teak wood is too expensive.

Comparison: Mango Wood vs Sheesham Wood

Mango Wood


The same scene is with the Mango wood and Sheesham wood. So we created a comparison section between them too. Let’s see our version of Mango Wood vs. Sheesham Wood.

AspectsMango WoodSheesham Wood
TextureDense and coarse grain texture with light to golden brown color.Natural and dense grain texture with chestnut shade.
Water and Termite ResistanceExcellent water resistance, but not moisture. This results in low termite resistance It is better in water and termite resistance as compared to mango wood.
WeightMango wood is light in weight.Sheesham is a heavyweight wood.
DurabilityThe durability of Mango wood is on average level.It has much better durability and life longevity as compared to Mango wood.
Ease of UseAs it comes under the hardwood category with a coarse texture, carving out is pretty hard.It is easy to do carving on Sheesham wood.
CostMango wood is more affordable.It costs a bit more than mango wood.

All-in-all the difference between these both surely tells us that finer things come with a cost. The woods of Teak and Sheesham are perfect for indoor furniture while considering outdoor furniture pieces, mango wood is the best option.  When considering teak wood and Sheesham you should opt for teak. However, if the option is between sissoo and mango wood, then Sheesham is the best option.

FYI: Mango Wood is obtained from mango trees, which is primarily a fruit-bearing tree. So when it stops giving fruit, only then it is used as wood for furniture making.

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Final Hearing

Sheesham wood furniture


So this was all the information you should know, before getting your hands on furniture made from the wood of the Sheesham. For the honest decision, we mentioned both pros and cons of it. We also showed you a comparison of it with the most talked, about wood types – Teak and Mango. 

Always remember, each has its defective side. It’s up to us, how we care and handle the precious thing. Though the Sheesham wood furniture has very few cons. You should totally consider it for decorating your household. 

For more tips and ideas on decorating your place with DIYs or online products, visit HouseDecorationTip.



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