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5 Biggest Roofing Mistakes New Homeowners Make

There are many things new homeowners look forward to—but roof replacement or repair isn’t one of them. Yet, roof replacement or repair is a significant investment that’s inevitable to many homeowners, new or old. This huge investment necessitates the need for homeowners to get their roofing projects right the first time to get value for their money, avoid incurring avoidable roofing expenses, and make sure their roof is protected. New homeowners are particularly prone to making roofing mistakes since most of them have never overseen roofing projects.

Yet, they can avoid making any serious mistake with the right information. This article focuses on the five biggest roofing mistakes new homeowners make and how to avoid them.

Using Cheap Materials

Since roofing projects are typically expensive, many new homeowners try to cut down costs by going for the most affordable materials. And while this may save costs in the short term, the opposite is true in the long term as cheap materials will require more repairs and replacement. 

More often than not, the costs of repairing and replacing cheap roofing materials will exceed the initial investment that could have been made on quality materials. So it’s better not to cut corners and spend more for peace of mind in the long term. 

Depending on the climate in your area, cheap roofing materials may be decent solutions for new homeowners on a tight budget. But in regions that experience harsh winters, heavy rainfall, or other harsh weather conditions, cheap materials will only end up frustrating homeowners. 

Regardless of location, new homeowners will do well to invest in quality roofing materials which can make roof replacement or repair a one-time investment. 

Attempting to DIY Roof Fixes

Roofing Mistakes


One of the biggest roofing mistakes many homeowners make is working with their hands or doing DIY jobs. And what’s more, there are several DIY websites that take people through the process of repairing or installing roofs. But the truth is that a couple of DIY roof repair or installation videos isn’t enough to make one into a capable, let alone expert roof repair or installation personnel. 

Homeowners shouldn’t even be on their roofs, at least not to repair or replace the roof. Doing this can further damage the roof or even cause injuries to the wannabe roof personnel. Homeowners will have better luck with other DIY projects and leave roof fixes for those that are actually knowledgeable and experienced about it. Unless you’re experienced with working with roofs, you’re better off hiring a professional roofing company

Not Getting Different Bids

Another common mistake new homeowners make regarding their roofing projects is not getting different bids. There is no shortage of roofing companies out there and it’s important that new homeowners evaluate the different options available to them. 

Naturally, homeowners will compare different bids based on price which makes sense as everyone likes a good deal. But price should be just one criterion as materials to be used, the scope of work and installation practices should also be evaluated. The cheapest contractor bid isn’t always the best. 

In fact, differences between the price of bids are usually due to materials and installation practices, and going for the cheapest bid doesn’t always save money in the long term. But it’s important to get different bids, compare them, and make a decision based on what has been discussed above. 

Choosing Unvetted Roofing Contractors

Roofing Mistakes


Choosing an experienced and capable roofing contractor is a no-brainer. Homeowners, old or new, should go for contractors that have been in the business for some time. The internet is also a powerful tool you can use to evaluate roofing contractors to find out what their previous clients have to say about them. 

It’s also important roofing contractors have insurance to cover any damage that may happen to their client’s homes during the installation process. Homeowners should always request proof of insurance before hiring roofing contractors. 

Lastly, a warranty is something homeowners shouldn’t compromise on. Roofing contractors that are confident in their work will always offer warranties. And should there be any problem with the roof within the warranty period, homeowners can relax knowing the contractor will deal with it.

Assuming There’s Nothing Wrong with the Roof

Roofing Mistakes


With their homes in good condition, it’s easy for new homeowners to assume there’s nothing wrong with their roofs. However, it’s better not to make any assumptions and contact a reliable roof contractor for inspection and get a verdict about the roof condition. 

Apart from assessing the condition of their roofs, new homeowners can detect small roof problems before they escalate if they hire a contractor for an inspection. The small problems, such as fungus/mold damage, water collecting in roof valleys, can then be promptly fixed and save them the cost of replacing their entire roof. 



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