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Beautify Your Terrace With These Roof Garden Ideas

Nowadays almost everyone has a terrace extension in their home which is kind of a waste of area. On the other hand, people don’t have much space outdoor in their house so even if they want they cannot plant up a garden. If you are also facing the same problem then you can go with some roof garden ideas. It is a great thing and this would not only get a new roof terrace design to your house but at the same time, it would also get you a garden.

Having a roof garden is very easy and this would not even include much effort which is a great thing again and in this way you would be able to utilize the space of the terrace for a good purpose.  If you were looking for a different roof terrace design then also this would help a lot in getting your home beautified and at the same time, it would also make your home feel fresh. 

The best part here is that to be in the garden you would not have to get out of the home rather you can just go upstairs to enjoy the freshness of your garden. If you are wondering about some of the best roof garden ideas then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out and you can, of course, try them out at the same time in your home:

The Open Terrace Gardening:

If you are more into the open sky then you can keep your terrace garden open and avoid having any such shades on the garden. It would make your home look beautiful. Also, it would increase the visibility of the garden from outside of the home. But, make sure to have plants that can bear the heat even if the heat is way too much. In this case, you would also have to make sure about the water supply of your garden otherwise your plants may dry up.

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Creeper Based Terrace Garden:

Creepers are one of the most beautiful things that people can use to make their home exterior as well as, interior look beautiful. Here you can even set a creeper-based terrace garden where you would have to grow the plant at the terrace and let it grow till the base of your home. 

Roof Garden Ideas: Creeper based terrace garden


This would cover your house walls and make them look beautiful and creeper. It doesn’t need too much care so you don’t have to bother every time about the plants. You can try having both fruit-based or flower-based creeper plants for your home. It would serve you in different ways which is a great thing.

Have a Garden Terrace Patio:

This is another beautiful addition that you can have on your terrace along with the garden and here this would also help in creating your own outdoor living space. Here you can hang out with your guests or you can even spend some quality time reading your favorite book there on the patio. 

roof garden ideas: Garden terrace patio


To create your outdoor terrace garden patio you would just have to get some of your chairs and a small tea table and nothing else would be needed. The beautiful flowering plants and other plants would automatically make the place look very attractive.

Color-code your terrace garden according to the exterior color of your home:

If you want to make your terrace garden colorful then color-coding would be the best idea for your garden. Here apart from getting green plants you would also have to get some colorful flowering plants and at the same time, you can also get some colored leaf plants. 

Roof Garden Ideas


This would make your garden look beautiful. You can add as many colors as you want by planting colored flowering plants in the garden.

Have Proper Water Facilities:

No matter if your garden is on the grounds or the terrace. But, you should always have proper water facilities in your garden. Otherwise, you would not be able to save your garden from heat. Here you can get the water supply from the water tank. Or, you can have water taps all around so that the watering process could be a bit easy.

roof garden ideas


Add Some Lights To the Garden:

If you love spending time in the garden even at night then this addition of lights is a must for your garden. Here you can go with small LED lights as they look amazing. It would make your garden look beautiful at the same time.

roof garden ideas


Paint the Walls or Boundary Of the Terrace:

You should always have proper boundaries on your terrace just to ensure safety. It becomes important if you have kids in your home. Kids always tend to run and play! So, if you would not have proper boundaries on your terrace then an accident can take place. 

Roof Garden Ideas: terrace boundary wall painting


Here you would have to color those walls of boundaries to make the space look beautiful. It would also make the garden look colorful.

Have a Grass Field on the Terrace:

Walking on the grass barefoot would give you peace. It would also relax your mind and bust your stress. Often people think that you can’t have a grass field if you don’t have the exterior space of the home. But now you can have it on your terrace. 

roof garden ideas: Grass field on terrace


Here you would have to fill the surface of your terrace with a thick layer of soil. Then you would have to let the grass grow on the soil. Grass takes very little time to grow on. It would not take much time to grow such a beautiful grass bed on your terrace.

These were some of the best roof garden ideas that you need to check out and for more such amazing ideas and tricks you can browse through Housedecorationtip.



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