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4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Choose the Right Size Shed for Your Garden

While building a shed in your backyard, size matters a lot alongside its style. When it comes to building a backyard shed, you must decide how big or how small your shed needs to be. Of course, you need to consider the size of the property depending upon how you want to use the shed. Still, other factors might readily need consideration. If you are on the verge of starting your own shed-building project, fear not. This guide is made to help you put all the pieces together to decide the right size of your shed that serves your needs. Be sure you consider all these points below before you start building a shed.

How You Want To Use It?

Let me be clear, sheds can do much more than just storing. There are several ways you can enjoy your shed as long as it suits all your purposes and is big enough.

If you want to set a new workshop as a side hustle or store all your power tools, a shed can be appropriate for each and both. Ensure that your shed has enough room for you to move around comfortably no matter for which purpose you are using it.

Furthermore, the right size of a garden shed is not only about the length and the width. For that reason, you need to reconsider the shape of your shed. You also need to think about the height to make sure everything fits in perfectly.

What the Shed Will Hold?

Right Size Shed


You can’t deny that you want an ultimate storage solution, and this urge led you to the idea of building a backyard shed. So, sit and think what exactly you like you are shed to hold.

If you want to keep all the large items, including your motorcycle, a 12X16 feet shed is a minimum requirement. You can also store more minor things if all the heavy objects don’t eat much space.

To cut costs, many people underestimate the storage needs, and they forget all the things they want to store. And once the shed is built, they keep on cramping the shed or reorganizing and rearranging. The size of your shed should be based on your particular storage needs.

What Are the Community Regulations?

Remember that as building a shed is part of home improvement, your local municipality and homeowners’ association may have specific regulations associated with it. Sometimes the laws might restrict you from choosing any size of your choice.

Most localities require applications seeking permission regarding the placement of a shed in your yard. If you want to build a larger structure, you might need a building permit.

The homeowners’ association might set some limits on the area you can use to make the shed upon and the height of your shed. Before you start building your shed, we suggest you go through all the conditions and restrictions in detail.

What Is the Size of Your Yard?

Right Size Shed


Before selecting the size of your shed, you need to consider the size of the yard. If you dream of building a large shed, you need to have a yard that big to pursue your passion.

Generally speaking, a 12 X16 sized shed suits a large yard, and a 10 X 8 shed is better for a medium-sized yard. You also need to be sure that you are building your shed away from roads, property lines, etc.

As the aesthetics matter, you must ensure that your shed looks appropriate with the size of your property and home. If you want to have an attractive and nice-looking shed, think about the landscaping and other features of the yard.

Picking up the right size for your garden shed is an important consideration. Obviously, the size of the shed will depend upon the amount of spare space you have on your property. Still, you also need to consider many other factors that we have mentioned above.

For tips, tricks, guides, and resources related to a garden shed, get help from a licensed residential builder. Visit and get free shed plans.



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