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An Amazing Guide on How To Clean Retractable Fly Screens

There are many benefits of installing retractable fly screens on your windows and doors, especially if you live in Australian cities such as Melbourne or Adelaide. What is the main purpose that these retractable fly screens solve?

They prevent insects, bugs, and other types of mosquitoes from entering your home. Bugs and insects can make your life miserable and also put forward some health hazards for you and your loved ones. One solution is to keep your windows and doors closed the entire day. However, it is not the permanent solution and you might miss the morning cool breeze and the outside view. 

Hence, it is advised to install retractable fly screens Adelaide to ensure that you enjoy your outside view while preventing these insects from entering your home. Apart from it, retractable fly screens look classic, modern, and stylish. 

One of the most important benefits of these retractable fly screens is that they can be retracted when not in use. It is a convenient thing for homeowners who want to enjoy the outside view during the day time. Also, retractable fly screens enhance the value of your home to a great extent. 

Why Is Cleaning and Maintenance of Retractable Fly Screens Important?

Retractable Fly Screens


No matter which window treatment you decide to install in your home, you need to clean and maintain it to ensure its longevity. Whether you install blinds or curtains or shutters or fly screens, you need to ensure that you clean them regularly to prevent them from warping, fading, and tearing. 

If you have installed retractable fly screens and have no idea about how to clean and maintain them to keep them up to date and functioning, this blog is for you. You will get insightful information about how to keep retractable fly screens clean to improve their functioning life. With regular cleaning, retractable fly screens will keep moving along their tracks smoothly and will keep them functioning for years. 

Along with it, mesh used in retractable fly screen doors trap some airborne contaminants such as dust, salt, debris and other wastes when the air flows through the screen. Hence, it is very important that you clean and maintain these retractable fly screens from time to time. 

In this post, we will discuss in detail how to clean and maintain your retractable fly screens at home, without any professional help. 

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How to Clean the Fly Screen Mesh?

Here, you will need a furniture duster or a soft bristled brush on your vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, when you clean the fly screen mesh, you might need to stretch the mesh to get into the fly screen folds. Experts believe that homeowners need to be very careful while doing so as it might rip or tear the mesh. There are many online videos available for you for retractable fly screen mesh cleaning, you can check out them and learn how to do it carefully. 

How to Clean the Frame and Tracks on Retractable Fly Screens?

Retractable Fly Screens


Now, it is time to clean the frame and tracks of the fly screens. You will find dirt, dust and other airborne pollutants in the top, bottom, and side channel frame of the screens. It is important to clean them every six months to ensure that they keep serving you for a long period. Remove all build up while protecting the finish. Ensure that the retractable fly screen has a smooth movement while retracting. Furthermore, when you live in a coastal area or industrial region, you need to clean the frame and tracks every month as the amount of dust and dirt gathered in them will be more. 

Here is the procedure:

  • First of all, you need to retract the fly screen fully. 
  • Once it is done, you can remove any loose dust or debris with a vacuum cleaner or a soft dry cloth. 
  • Now, you can use a wet sponge to remove any remaining deposits. 
  • Still if you find any deposits to the frame, you can use a soft non-abrasive brush with a detergent solution to remove them. 
  • Now, ensure that you wipe with an absorbent chamois cloth to prevent watermarks from forming. 


When you buy retractable fly screens online, ensure that you get them from the best supplier who has the best knowledge and knows everything about retractable fly screens in the market. Ensure that you get high-quality retractable fly screens that last longer. 

While cleaning retractable fly screens, never use steel wool, scourer pads, or scouring liquids that might damage retractable fly screens permanently. Sometimes, using such things will not be covered in the warranty.



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