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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Removing Mold

Whether it is a hot and humid summer or a damp and cold winter, moisture getting locked up in a surface can lead to the growth of mold so we need to removing mold. They can make your prized possessions look like musty relics. Furthermore, they are a health hazard especially for people prone to allergies. So if you’ve found a mold, it is best you either get it removed by professionals or clean it yourself as soon as possible. 

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA suggests people hire professionals if the mold growth covers more than 10 sq ft otherwise you may opt to tackle it yourself. In case you are planning to fix the mold as a DIY project, there are a few common mistakes that you must avoid when removing mold.

1. Assuming All the Mold Is Visible

Molds can grow almost anywhere. Generally, most people discover the mold after they notice a musty smell. Once they find and eventually clean it, they feel their work is done. But what most people fail to understand is that the visible mold may necessarily not be all of it. 

More often than not, mold is not isolated to a specific area. It spreads and grows quickly. But the worst part is that in its initial stages of growth, the mold is not visible to the naked eye. In other words, do not assume that the mold in your house is contained, otherwise, you may face more problems in the long run. 

For this purpose, when you see mold in your house, besides fixing it, you should also investigate all other places that may host mold. As you may already know that mold thrives in humid and damp environments so the first place to check is the bathrooms. Mold is also commonly found in the kitchen as it can be humid from washing dishes, cooking, and other things. In consequence, improve ventilation and reduce the growth of mold. Basements are also a very commonplace for molds as it is much cooler than other places inside your house.  

To put things into perspective, clean the mold that you first discover and then other spaces in the house such as bathrooms, kitchen, and basement, among other places. 

2. Don’t Hold Off

Another mistake that most people do is to overlook the mold and leave the cleaning for later. This is a sure-shot way to get into trouble. While you lazy around the mold will grow. And as already discussed, it grows very quickly. Furthermore, you have no idea how long it is growing in your house. Not just that, the mold may even spread to other areas of the house.

That means eventually when you decide on cleaning the mold you will have to investigate other places more vigilantly. So, why go through all that trouble when you can fix it there and then without any hassles. 

The longer you wait, the more problems you will face going forward. In case you feel you are not equipped to remove the mold, it is in your best interest to take help from professionals. Mold is not good for health. They can cause respiratory and other problems. For this reason, remove the mold as and when you discover it. 

3. Don’t Use Bleach

Removing Mold


Bleach may be effective in eliminating germs and fungi on surfaces that are hard such as tiles but it does not work on porous surfaces. That said, bleach will only affect the mold on the outer layer of the surface and will not remove the mold that has grown deep down in surfaces such as wood

Instead, use vinegar if you want to remove the mold completely from porous surfaces. As vinegar is acidic, it may cause damage to the wood or the stone. So, use it carefully. In case you feel you are underqualified and equipped to carry out the molding job, the wise thing to do is contact some professionals to handle it for you. 

4. Don’t Rush to Paint

Removing Mold


Another rookie mistake! If you find yourself in a hardware store staring at mold-resistant paint and feel you have a solution to your mold trouble, you’re wrong. Often people mistake it for mold removal paint. It is not! 

You cannot apply it over a mold and expect it to not spread and ruin the walls or any other surface. If you rush to paint, you may land in deeper trouble moving forward. These paints are only effective once the mold is removed completely and it is remediated. That is why apply it after thoroughly cleaning the mold and not anytime before. 

5. Be Cautious of the Spread

Removing Mold


Removing mold is not a simple job. You may think it is but that is not true. If done incorrectly, you may end up spreading it all over your house. And that could be a nightmare to solve. Essentially, when you are cleaning the mold, make sure you do not leave any residue behind. You will be surprised how fast even a little mold can grow. 

Remain vigilant of the flying spores. It is a matter of grave concern and something that should not be taken lightly. To avoid inadvertently making the situation worse, seal off the area before you begin working on the mold. 

Also, don’t forget to wear protective gear. Mold is a health hazard. It produces toxic allergens that can cause discomfort and allergic reactions to sensitive people. So, it is important when you work on its removal, you wear protective clothing. Wear proper latex gloves and a mask to shield yourself from the mold. 


These are some general mistakes that you must avoid when removing mold in your house. But remember, if there is extensive damage due to the mold, it is best to call professionals before you inadvertently cause more trouble. Regardless, if the mold has not grown much and you feel you can tackle the situation, take note of these things, and all the best to you. Hope you come out of this with glory and sunshine. 



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