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Decorating Homes with Recessed Lighting

Homes are sanctuaries for most people when they need a place to be after a tiring day at work. It is essential that a house must be built in such a way that it feels like home. There are several ways to approach this idea; lighting is one of the basic factors which come into play as it sets the mood. Ambient lighting is the most common approach for executing this concept and is further regard as decorative home lighting with recessed light. 

The lighting setup in homes differs from that in commercial and industrial spaces, and it should; as homes are for retreating and relaxing after tiring days. Decorative light fixtures are highly recommended for homes and similar concepts like cafes and restaurants. 

LED recessed light fixtures are indoor ceiling lights which can rejuvenate the entire look of any space according to a planned concept. These are low profile, sleek and efficient lights which are quite versatile when it comes to executing decorative lighting ideas with their use. 

Structure of LED Recessed Lights 

Recessed Light


A usually recessed light fixture consists of three main things:

  1. Housing 
  2. Trim 
  3. bulb 


Housing being the core component of the fixture determines the functionality of this fixture according to certain parameters i.e, ceiling height, ceiling design and area of the room. Working with recessed lights is tricky, lighting contractors suggest it for the appeal of it but one should assess these parameters and carefully craft a layout for efficient working of these fixtures. 

The housing of the recessed light sits inside a hole in the ceiling. The joists are either located in old ceilings or installed in new ceilings which holds the housing above the ceiling. These housings are rated for different ceiling types which are: 

IC rated: IC rated housings are compatible with ceilings which provide insulation for fixtures.  

NON IC rated: Non-IC rated housings have space above the ceilings so they do not require insulation. 


The trims are the outermost visible part of the fixture. They are decorative and direct the light out of the fixture. There are several trims available for different kinds of lighting designs. They provide access to a lot of overlays and freedom to get creative with experimental lighting. The various kinds of trims that comes with recessed lighting are 

  • Baffle trim
  • Reflector trim 
  • Open trim 
  • Pinhole trim 
  • Eyeball trim 
  • Gimbal trim
  • Wall wash trim


Recessed lights are traditionally pair with halogen lamps as they are brighter than other traditional lamps. But over the years it has been rationalized how LED lamps are far more superior to any of the counterparts available in the market. They are brighter, adjustable and the most sustainable option in the market. 

Tips for Decorating Home With Recessed Lighting 

Recessed Light


Lighting is as crucial as furniture, in fact, decorative lighting helps with creating a space vibrant and comfortable enough to taste. LED recessed lights can max up the ambiance of any space with a few tips and tricks as they follow all three forecasting layers of lighting. 

1. Use Cut Down Voltage 

LED recessed lights are parables with cut down voltage i.e., lower voltages than that of the rest of the house. This is essential for creating desirable lighting effects all over the house distinctive to each room. The cutdown voltage is efficient and allows light layering such as task and accent lighting. 

Each room in a house has a distinctive purpose and LED recessed lights to allow creating just that. The cutdown voltage line is super efficient and helps to go beyond the general lighting them. It helps save up energy and comply with regulations placed in certain countries for ceiling light fixtures. 

2. Trim Designs 

The trim designs of recessed lights help create almost any overlay without creating any disruptive lighting pattern. The light from the fixture can guide in any direction within a focus angle. It is highly effective when it comes to layering of light according to the vibe of each room, for example, the lounge and bedrooms require warmer tones of light whereas task areas like kitchens require brighter lights for visibility and focus to detail. 

3. Pair with Other Decorative Lights 

Although LED recessed lights are general ceiling lights and with higher lumen output they are enough to illuminate a room but in lounging areas and for decorative reasons they can be pair with other decorative light fixtures just as chandeliers, pendants, scones, etc. since they allow customization by directing the light in any direction they can be used as accent light fixtures for highlighting important ones within a room or as task lights around work areas. 

4. Divide the Zones 

To get the best out of these fixtures it is necessary to work out the zones within the room. Creating a layout beforehand not just helps with installations it also helps with determining the size, placement and optimum lumen output per fixture. There can be a minimum of three zones within a room: general light zone, task area, accent light zone. The light and lumen distribution can be done according to these zones which is quite helpful in saving extra costs as well as minimize any damage to the ceiling. 

5. Choose the Right Colour Temperature 

LED recessed lights are customizable to create the desired ambiance. LED bulbs are available in a range of color temperatures. The correlated color temperature falls on a Kelvin scale ranging from 2500K to 6000K which is a warm yellow to bright white light. 

For homes, any temperature within the range of 3000K to 6000K or above is preferred as it provides the exact shade of lighting that is desirable in indoor spaces

LED recessed lights are versatile and dynamic fixtures with an increased capability to address various lighting concerns. They are sustainable, economy in the long run, and good value for the initial cost. They rid the customer of any concerns regarding disruptive lighting patterns, malfunctioning, and most importantly frequent maintenance and replacement. These fixtures are safety rated and lasts longer than their counterparts while the light from these fixtures is bright and glare-free.



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