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DIY Housekeeping & Design Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Looking for a profitable way to start the new year? If you’re a homeowner, you may have already noticed the favorable market conditions for sellers. In the current real estate market, home prices are high and competition is relatively low. In fact, since real estate agents don’t expect home prices to drop any time soon, this may be the best possible time to prepare your home for sale if you’re looking for the best price. 

While selling will be easy so long as you find the right real estate agent, experts always recommend some simple home maintenance prior to selling. Even without the budget for major updates or renovations, there’s plenty that can be done without professional help to increase your home’s value!

Purge Your Home of Clutter

Prepare Your Home for Sale


After years of living in one space, clutter starts to build up. In the current housing market, buyers are especially on the lookout for spacious properties. Large homes can actually seem very tiny with too much clutter, while very small properties that are properly organized and decluttered can appear extremely spacious. 

To get started, remember to label your bins so you know what to keep, donate, or toss. From there, simply choose a method that works for you. Some people like to declutter an entire area in one day. Some prefer to set a timer for a certain amount of time each day. Others set a goal to find a certain amount of items each day to keep, donate, or toss. 

Just remember to begin one room at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. From there, set a rule that anything you haven’t used in some way in the last year — unless it has sentimental value — should go.

Set a Cleaning Schedule

Prepare Your Home for Sale


Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, buyers are easily turned off by dirty homes. When cleaning, be sure to use disinfectants on areas that are touched often, like remotes, light switches, door handles, knobs, etc. This will help ensure your safety — and the safety of your potential buyers — during the selling process.

Before you stake a ‘For Sale sign on your front lawn, however, you should deep clean your entire property. If you struggle to find the motivation for cleaning, setting a schedule is the best way to stay driven. This could mean setting certain chores for certain days of the week or setting a timer for just 10-20 minutes each day to clean a certain area. 

Even if you’re not thinking of selling anytime soon, setting a cleaning schedule for yourself is still a great habit to begin this year!

Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal

Prepare Your Home for Sale


We’ve been taught the importance of first impressions our entire lives. In the real estate industry, a buyer’s first impression of your property is crucial.

Remember, even though a buyer might not schedule a showing of your property, they may drive by the outside many times before requesting a viewing. This means you’ll have to ensure your curb appeal is up to par. 

Top-notch curb appeal is easy to achieve on a tight budget. Simple maintenance can actually set your home high above the competition if executed correctly. 

Trim down the overgrown shrubs, mow your lawn, plant some colorful closers in the garden, and give the front door a new coat of paint. If you have the budget, consider purchasing an inviting welcome mat, pronounced house numbers, and a modern mailbox. 

Establish a Home Office

Prepare Your Home for Sale


During the pandemic, companies all across the nation switched to permanent remote or hybrid environments. This means buyers in the market are currently on the lookout for homes with designated spaces for both work and relaxation.

In fact, top real estate agents have dubbed the home office a top buyer priority in the current housing market. If you have a home office on your property, buyers will be knocking on your door the second you prepare your home up for sale.

It’s easy to convert a bedroom into a spacious home office. Just purchase a desk and you’ll be all set! If you don’t have an extra bedroom, however, you can easily still create an office space with minimal effort. 

Just find a corner of your home that’s not being utilized to its fullest potential. The office doesn’t have to be large, so long as there’s space for a desk. From there, purchase organizational tools like filing cabinets and stackable storage bins. Remember, keeping this area organized, neat, and decluttered is important. 



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