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Pale Oak Benjamin Moore Paint Color

Are you looking for methods and ways to improve the look of your house, or if you want to give the house a fresh touch up? There are several paint colors that you can choose from, but choosing the right type of paint is the main task. It is essential to know those paints you are considering to opt for your house. If you are looking for neutral paint, you can choose pale oak, Benjamin Moore. It is a soft neutral greige paint that works well in several places and lightning situations. BM pale oak is the most versatile paint color you can choose for yourself. It is warm and balanced paint reads as the off-white in some rooms and a true greige in others.

Regardless of what you think about OC 20 Benjamin Moore, it is a delightful neutral color. It will help you add warmth and charm to the space in which you choose to add it. This paint will provide you with undertones that add it to the hue lists, which significantly boosts the house’s look. You will love the cozy and modern feel you will get to your bedroom when you choose pale oak paint benjamin moore for your house. 

To help you make the better choice for the paint, we will tell you all about the Benjamin Moore pale oak undertones. We will discuss from undertones to the best places to use this paint color. 

Characteristics Of Pale Oak Benjamin Moore

BM pale oak is a very light paint color being from the white collection of Benjamin Moore. It is a mixture of beige color and gray colors. Many people tend to consider this color greige paint color. It is because greige paints are a blend of gray and beige. Because of the pale oak undertones, it is categorized as the taupe paint color. It is a bit more grayish than beige, which makes it an updated shade of the paint that ranks with the other warm shades of the times.

What Type Of Color Is Pale Oak Benjamin Moore?

pale oak benjamin moore


Pale Oak OC 20 is the warm-toned gray color of paint. It comes from the family of the grey spectrum. When you choose this paint in those rooms with little natural lights, it will look gray. But when you add it to the room with a ton of natural light, it will provide you with a more white or creamy color. Many people take the extra step and say that it is a very light taupe color as it is more inclined towards the beige side of greige.

What Are Pale Oak Undertones?

pale oak benjamin moore


You can describe OC 20 benjamin moore as the light greige with yellow and warm undertones. As mentioned earlier, greige colors are perfect in between the gray and the beige. Benjamin moore pale oak undertones can look more beige or gray, depending on the surroundings.

An excellent thing about benjamin moore pale oak undertones is that it can change dramatically depending on the room it is in. depending on the size of the room and the amount of natural light you may have in the room is the factor playing an essential role. If you have this paint in those areas with lots of natural light, the pale oak paint color will give off warm off-white rather than a medium-toned greige. BM pale oak undertones make it a different color than the rest.

However, when you have pale oak OC 20 in the room with little natural light, and you do not want interiors to feel cold, it is the best color for you. When you have pale oak paint color in the darker rooms, you will get the true greige look while still retaining its warmth. BM pale oak undertones are best when looking for warm colors.

LRV Of Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

pale oak benjamin moore


Many people do not know about it, but the LRV stands for the Light reflectance value. It works by giving the numerical value from 0 to 100, determining how light or dark the color is. When looking at the LRV, the higher the number, the lighter the color is. Let us look at the LRV of the pale oak Benjamin Moore. Pale oak comes with an LRV of just 69.89. the reason why LRV is good is that it will help you choose the best color for you. It will be better for you to look at the LRV range that works best for the room and stay within the range to make the coordination of the color easier. Pale oak paint color LRV more inclined towards 100.

Benjamin Moore describes the paint as reminiscent of the majestic white oak. When you choose this paint, you will be provided with the elegant, beautiful, neutral, and convey the room’s style sense and quiet restraint. Dominating the room with pale oak paint benjamin moore is a great thing as it may also enhance the look of the interiors.

How To Sample Pale Oak?

You can get the sample for the pale oak benjamin moore paint from the paint store, but you will get the paint you cannot use. The small can of paint will not be used anywhere. You can try and put it on the wall and look over it. Wait for a few days, observe the paint, and decide whether you want to keep it or throw it away. It will be the most straightforward way to sample the paint, take your time and make the right decision. This will help you to get an idea on the bm pale oak undertones.

How You Can Use Benjamin Moore Pale Oak OC 20?

If you want to enhance the warm undertones you will get, you can pair pale oak benjamin moore paint with a white dove. These barely white will provide you with a creamy look that will beautifully set off the warm greige. 

You can read various pale oak Benjamin Moore reviews and learn more about the color. Using it with darker tones can assist the rich accent pops of the color. It will be excellent to go for the earthy and timeless colors such as red river clay or hale navy for shelving, fireplace mantel, or the wall behind the bed. Pale oak paint Benjamin Moore can drastically change the look.

The warm tones of the OC 20 Benjamin Moore will shine in the room with lots of natural light. When you add it with the wooden beams and warm stone fireplace, you will be provided with the elegant and stylish off-white.

White Dove and Pale Oak

pale oak benjamin moore


These two paint colors are the most popular colors of Benjamin Moore, and they work great together. It is a warm, soft white paint color with a bit of yellow. Many people tend to use this color as the trim color to get the elegant, muted shade for the trim. If you want to get the white with pale oak, you can go for the white dove as it will be the best shade. These two colors will be the best combination. You can see Pale oak benjamin moore review to get more ideas.

Pale Oak and Revere Pewter

pale oak benjamin moore


You can also use the pale oak and revere pewter similarly to the pale oak and Edgecomb. It is a good bit darker than the pale oak. These two colors will suit best with each other. Choosing the best pair with the color is the most essential if you want to choose more than one color for the room. Make sure not to be hast, or you may end up with the odd color combination, which may not even look good. Take your time and make sure you choose the combination that will complement each other.

Pale Oak Trim Colors

pale oak benjamin moore


As you may have learned by now about pale oak benjamin moore paint, it is a light color and so has several differentiation between the white. You will need a bright and clean white. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace will be the good white paint option to go for. The color is clean, bright, and almost does not have any undertones. Because it is white-looking, it will be a great option if you pair it with pale oak.

If you want more softness, you can choose Sherwin Williams Pure White. It is another pure white color that will work best with the pale oak. Pure white is the go-to option for the trim as it will work with any other paint color. The color is white and bright with a bit of softness and warmth, which keeps it from being too stark.

Where To Use Pale Oak?

pale oak benjamin moore


Since it is a light color, you can opt and use this color anywhere you want to. You can paint it in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining rooms, or entryway. The reason why many people choose this color is that it is such a versatile color. You can put it anywhere, and you will get the best results. 

However, before going and painting the home with pale oak, you should know that it has pink undertones. In other words, it may look pink or purple on the walls. In some houses, these types of undertones will not be an issue. This color will look great, like a beautiful, taupe-colored off-white, but you should check it on your house. 


Pale oak Benjamin Moore is amongst the top choice from Benjamin Moore. This post can help you to choose the best combinations for the color. Make sure to read it carefully to know the essential bits and make your house look great with the best paint color. Read the pale oak benjamin moore review to get more insight.

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