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Got a Large Blank Wall? Check Out These Oversized Wall Décor Ideas

Stumped about how to decorate an oversized wall? Large blank walls can be a bit difficult to tackle. Whether you have too much vertical area to decorate or your collection of art pieces is of a small size. Finding a way to amp up the bare walls can be intimidating but it takes some planning to decorate it properly. Making your personal wall décor is a fun and interesting way to express your creativity and decorate your space. Here are some interesting and great oversized wall decor ideas adding your unique personality and style:

Singular Moment 

Oversized Wall Decor Ideas


It may feel like the obvious choice at first glance to decorate a bare wall with a single piece of painting. But it is the easiest way to fill the empty wall that allows it to dazzle and seize the negative space.

You can decorate the empty walls with oversized wall painting, framed wall art, or large photo print. It is an excellent way to add a central focus to your room.

Moreover, large-scale wall art adds texture, color, and visual appeal to your room. You can get an eye-catching setup by opting for one oversized art piece. You can take this approach beyond the living room and bedroom. 

Kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms can also reap the benefits of this bold approach. You can decorate a large wall with different sizes of art pieces to accommodate the space and ceiling height. 

Large-scale wall art prints purchased from the local printer are extremely affordable. Plus, you do not feel guilty swapping them with something new after some time.

If you are the artistic type and feeling particularly brave or creative, you can fill the wall with your original artwork. You just have to purchase a blank canvas and let your skills speak! 

Bookcase System 

Oversized Wall Decor Ideas


If you are intellectual, you may find it difficult to part from your books after reading them. So, you can use your collection for decoration. Display your favorite books on a bookshelf or wall-mounted bookcase system.

With a bookcase system, you can add texture, color, and visual interest to an oversized blank wall. Sometimes art and other décor items are not enough to fill the walls of the living room. 

In those cases, a bookshelf collection is one of the best ways to grace the walls. It can be a series of matching tall bookshelves or wall-built-ins. You can store interesting books and make them a focal point for a room.

Woven Wall Hangings, Tapestries or Rugs

Gone are the days of displaying paintings or mirrors as the only pieces of décor. Nowadays woven wall hangings, tapestries, or rugs are in trend. They are a super stylish, colorful, and impactful way to decorate walls.

A good wall hanging or tapestry is a way to add warmth, texture, and pops of color to the room. Display it behind a couch in the living room or above the bed in the bedroom to add visual effects.

This wall-filler will surely add glam and a bit of quirk to your home. Compared to wallpaper and paintings, woven hangings are considered as more unique wall decor items. 

They are not big heavy pieces; they are pretty and affordable wall art pieces in homes with kids. 

Gallery Wall

Oversized Wall Decor Ideas


If you cannot select a large art piece, curate a gallery wall. You can blend different styles into the gallery wall, like photographs, line drawings, abstract paintings, or three-dimensional objects. This is to avoid a super uniform view on the wall.

They are always favorite and practical oversized wall decor ideas for people. Moreover, you can implement it in any size of room. You can collect several pieces as you want.

For a start, lay all art pieces on a flat surface and plan where they suit best. Try the grid approach if you want the more tailored and organized wall. Gallery wall gives a striking look for sure to impress viewers.

Incorporate Large Mirror

Hanging mirrors is an easy and interesting way to fill a large blank wall. Adding a large mirror or collection of small mirrors is an excellent way to add interest to a wall.

You can either mix mirrors with other art pieces or let a single oversized mirror shine by itself. Mirrors are particularly a good choice for space that needs an injection of light. 

Mirrors are known as reflectors; they will reflect the light to the room and make it brighter. They are not only great for reflecting light, but they also open up the area by giving the illusion of more space. 

You can pick a mirror with fun or bold shape. It will make it look like a part of a wall sculpture.

Match the mirror frame suiting the style of your space. For example, a plain black or white frame suit in a modern room, while a faded wooden frame fits in a rustic room.

Large mirrors are perfect to add design-friendly aspects to bare walls. Instead of hanging up the mirror if you consider a leaning option, it will give a striking look.


Oversized Wall Decor Ideas


Nowadays wallpapers come in different options like traditional wallpaper with glue and all or temporary peel and stick wallpaper. They are further available with different options in stylish prints, patterns, and colors.

Try installing wallpapers on an oversized feature wall or all walls of the room for amazing outcomes. If you display a large wall art on a wall with freshly installed wallpaper, it will make a big style statement.

Using wallpaper is affordable, simple, and most effective on the super large wall. It is not difficult to install, you just follow some simple tips.

Wallpapers leave a drastic impact on the walls and it sets a vibrant tone and surely creates a focal point. 

Final Words

A home is not a showplace, it is your nest. So, forget about following the rules and discover interesting and inspired oversized wall decor ideas to personalize your oversized walls. Express your style with color, texture, and treasures. 



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