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17+ Creative & Useful Outdoor Kitchen Sink Station Ideas!

Do you want to upgrade your backyard’s design? If you ask any interior designer about “what is the most popular home’s improvement right now?” their top list’s answer will be the “Outdoor Kitchen Sink Ideas.” Due to Coronavirus, we all have to stay indoors, and that’s why many families started cooking in their backyards. Now people enjoy joyful cooking and dining time outdoors. 

From taking care of the garden to outdoor cooking, an outdoor sink is so useful these days. That’s why today, we’ve come up with brilliant outdoor sink ideas for you. There are many benefits and creative ways to turn your outdoor surroundings into pleasant areas. 

Besides that, we are still fighting against Covid-19, so it is better to keep a distance, stay clean and wash hands frequently. Maybe that’s the reason many people are putting a sink outside the room or in their outdoors. But this not only serves to wash your hands, but they also have many other uses. So whether you’re an avid gardener, outdoor cook, handyman, or pet enthusiast, these outdoor sink station ideas will make your tasks so much easier. Let’s know how to make the sink more useful. 

Types of Outdoor Sinks

There are many options available; that’s why it is hard to select the right one for your garden or backyard. This basically depends on where you plan on locating the sink and what you will use it for. Below are some famous types of outdoor sinks: 

1. Outdoor Garden Sinks

outdoor sink ideas: outdoor garden sink

Source: pinimg.com

Garden sinks are best for storing fertilizers, potting, or even as garden tools to make your own sink garden. Just by adding some wall shelves and storage cabinets, they can be used as a garden shed. In them, there are three common types: 

  • Plastic Garden Sinks
  • Outdoor Garden Sink Stations
  • Mobile Garden Sink Carts 

2. Outdoor Kitchen Sinks

outdoor sink ideas: Outdoor kitchen sink station

Source: shopify.com

Outdoor kitchen sinks are one of the popular and preferred sinks these days. They are usually made of stainless steel, and just like the indoor kitchens, they are installed on the counter. Here are various types of outdoor kitchen sinks: 

  • Single-bowl sinks
  • Double bowl sinks
  • Cocktail/bar sinks
  • Undermount Sinks
  • Top mount/drop-in sinks
  • Apron Sinks

3. Outdoor Portable Sinks

outdoor sink ideas: Portable Outdoor sink

Source: ytimg.com

These sinks are small and usually built on wheels so that they can be moved anywhere in your garden or backyard. 

4. Outdoor Utility Sinks

outdoor sink ideas: utility sink

Source: gardensnursery.com

Outdoor utility sinks or laundry sinks are large in size and provide great functionality outdoors. 

5. Outdoor Sink Stations

outdoor sink station

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Sink stations are generally called a place where an outdoor sink and some storage areas are provided to store garden tools or utility items.  

17+ Creative and Clever Outdoor Sink Ideas! 

These days many families enjoy having joyful outdoor cooking sessions and dining time while experiencing the warmth of the weather. Now, the outdoor space has become an exhilarating space to have fun. Believe these outdoor sink ideas are more useful than you can imagine. Below are eighteen various types of outdoor sinks that you can easily install in your patio, backyard, or garden: 

1. Minimalist Sink Design

outdoor sink ideas: Minimalist Sink Design

Source: hzcdn.com

This minimalist outdoor kitchen is located in a house in Miami. There is also a sink attached to the countertop. With minimal decors, this outdoor kitchen is looking sophisticated and clean. 

2. Modern Farmhouse Outdoor 

outdoor sink ideas: Modern Farmhouse Outdoor Sink Station

Source: hzcdn.com

Another great outdoor kitchen sink idea is this one. This dining deck features an easy to access kitchen with a sink and snack bar style window. You can also go for this farmhouse style sink. 

3. Sink in Shade

outdoor sink ideas

Source: homemydesign.com

This outdoor garden sink table is covered with a pergola. This will be perfect if you’re looking for a sink that goes well with a cottage-style deck design. 

4. Wood Sink Station

outdoor sink ideas: wood outdoor sink station

Source: pinimg.com

Isn’t this outdoor sink table gorgeous? This entire station is made of wood; that’s the reason it looks so good in the outside surroundings, and the plantation makes it look more earthy.

5. Amazing Ancient Sink

outdoor sink ideas: Ancient Sink Design

Source: antiquefountains.com

No, no, it is not an ancient sink; we just called it ancient because it is entirely made of stone. Sometimes the external living spaces are known as the ‘Al Fresco’ space design (Italian). The meaning of ‘Al Fresco’ is ‘the open’ or ‘the cool/fresh exterior.’ Place this huge Tuscan backyard stone sink on your patio and enjoy cooking while viewing the pristine beauty of nature. 

6. DIY Wooden Cable Spool Sink

outdoor sink station ideas: DIY Wooden Cable Spool Sink

Source: architecturesideas.com

This unique portable DIY outdoor sink is made from an old wooden cable spool. Do you have an extra or old cable spool in your garage? Use them as a sink. They are not only useful for cleaning and washing hands but also add a more rustic and catchy look to the garden. 

7. Strong Stone Sink Station

outdoor sink station ideas

Source: hzcdn.com

Look at this beautiful outdoor sink station idea. With the concrete walls, flowers, and pots, it is looking like a movie set. To make your outdoor cooking more fun and enjoyable, you can also add an outdoor pizza oven. Don’t know how to build one? Read our blog on How To Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven, where we’ve described everything in detail. 

 8. Traditional Outdoor Patio Sink

outdoor sink station ideas: Traditional Outdoor Patio Sink

Source: ytimg.com

This is a traditional style kitchen decor ideas which are located in San Francisco. Here the sink is stainless steel, and it is just right behind the BBQ. 

9. Restaurant-style Outdoor Sink

outdoor sink station ideas: Restaurant-style Outdoor Sink

Source: pinimg.com

Want a unique outdoor kitchen for your outdoor parties? Go for this restaurant-style Outdoor Sink Station with Chalkboard. From writing a daily menu, recipe, to-do list to what to buy and party instructions, you can do so many things with this chalkboard. The beautiful sink station is quite sturdy as it is made from wood. 

10. Small Outdoor Sink Idea

outdoor sink station ideas: Small Outdoor Sink Idea

Source: cloudinary.com

Want an outdoor sink but don’t have enough space? Don’t worry, look at the above sink idea. It is perfect for tight spaces or areas. It will serve the purpose and won’t even take much space. 

11. Portable Sink Table

outdoor sink station ideas: Portable Outdoor Sink Station

Source: pinimg.com

This sink table has a wrought iron design, which is bringing rustic vibes to the outdoor area. You can place this on your backyard or patio, it will look gorgeous. 

12. Stoneage Sink Station

outdoor sink station ideas: Stoneage Sink Station

Source: nmhmedia.sk

How cool will it be to have a completely stoneage station in your backyard? If you want to make your outside space look distinctive, you can go with this design. After all, the classic combo of wood and stone never goes out of style, and it will also create a calm, natural atmosphere. 

13. Outdoor Garden Sink

outdoor sink station ideas: Outdoor Garden Sink

Source: pinimg.com

This is actually a stone table, but it brilliantly can function as a sink station. The greenery around it gives a more natural touch and makes it more attractive and beautiful. 

14. Semi Circle Wood Sink Table

outdoor sink station ideas: Semi Circle Wood Sink Table

Source: pinimg.com

Another unique sink table design is this one. Instead of a regular rectangular shape, go for a semi-circle or half circle design. It also has a storage space underneath. Painted in mint green, this sink table will be perfect for your garden. 

15. Industrial Sink Station

outdoor sink station ideas

Source: pinimg.com

Here an oval galvanized bucket has been used as a sink, and it is connected with an industrial pipe to run the water. This unique outdoor sink station is really a creative idea and will definitely catch your visitors’ attention. Simple yet attractive, right? 

16. Outdoor kitchen sink

outdoor sink station ideas

Source: pinimg.com

Another industrial-style sink is this wall-mounted outdoor sink. The best thing about this is that it has a lot of storage space where you can store extra wood logs for your outdoor fireplace or daily kitchen supplies. 

17. Concrete Outdoor Sink

outdoor sink station ideas

Source: elmueble.com

This sink is made from concrete, and it is sturdy and permanent. If you are sure about the place of the sink, you can surely build this type of sink in your outside area. 

18. Wall Mounted Sink

outdoor sink station ideas: Wall Mounted Sink

Source: remodelista.com

Want to an area where you can easily and comfortably wash your dishes? This sink idea will be best for you. With the underneath storage space, you can safely store the cleaned plates and bowls. You can construct this any corner of your outside place. 

If you want to see more amazing outdoor sink ideas, click on the link to read our blog on Easy to Make DIY Outdoor Sink Ideas For Your Garden.

The Bottom Line  

Having an outdoor sink is very useful and convenient. It will really help you in your daily outside activities such as you can easily water your plants, store your garden equipment, wash your hands and kitchen dishes and so many. Consider building a sink if you already have an outdoor kitchen or planning to have one because this will be an important part of it. 

So this is all about outdoor sink ideas. I hope this blog has helped you in finding the right sink for your backyard. Please do share it with your friends and family who are thinking of upgrading their outdoor area. 

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