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The Three Most Common Outdoor Heating Options for Luxury Hotels

With a raging pandemic that has made social distancing a compulsion, more and more luxury hotels are turning their outdoor space into an area to host guests. Effective bromic patio heaters are one of the best outdoor heating options to take maximum advantage of the outdoor space.  

Customers, after all, love to dine amidst nature, which is why outdoor spaces are becoming more popular by the day.  

But keeping the outdoor space snug and comfortable for the customers is essential to make the most of this area. 

This necessitates the use of bromic patio heaters by luxury hotels. 

Understanding Your Options 

Once you decide to improve your guests’ stay in your hotel by adding an outdoor heater to your property, you have to select the type you want to invest in. 

A majority of the patio heaters are empowered in the following ways:

  • An electric heating element  
  • Fuel – natural or propane gas 

Three Most Common Outdoor Heating Options for Luxury Hotels

You can select the heaters based on their mounting and standing features. These can turn out to be great energy hacks for your hotel. Here are the top 3 options: 

a) Wall-Mounted Heaters:

Outdoor Heating Options


The wall-mounted heaters are mounted to a wall surface, as the name suggests. They can fuel by propane, or they can function with the help of electricity or natural gas as the power source. 

In most cases, these heaters are much smaller than the freestanding ones. This type of heater is beneficial because they let you add warmth and snugness to the chilly outdoors without taking up floor space.

This helps avoid accidents as the heaters getting bumping up or getting knock over reduces. A wall-mounted heater is ideal in smaller spaces where free-standing ones cannot be placed. 

The wall-mounted patio heaters are great for those areas that do not have coverings. They can easily mount to the wall or suspended in the air when the need arises.  

b) Tabletop Heaters:

Outdoor Heating Options


The tabletop heaters are more or less the same as the wall-mounted counterparts. The size is, however, smaller than the free-standing heaters. 

The tabletop patio heaters are great for outdoor settings where feast tables allow the guests to chat around. These heaters can be fueled by electricity or propane and are great centerpieces.

c) Free-Standing Heaters:

Free-standing patio heaters are the most popular types of heaters in the hospitality industry. These are the first choice for outdoor areas in hotels as they can be installed without any hassles anywhere on the ground that has a little level surface. 

The propane store in the base of this type of heater. The base is also responsible for keeping the heater stable. A pole is attaching to the heater, which helps in pushing the heat upwards.

A deflector link with the pole decreases heat loss by advancing the rising heat outwards. This augments the area to which the heater provides warmth. Several free-standing heaters come with adjustable reflectors, which easily allow you to direct the heat flow to a specific area. 

You can add warmth to a specific region by ensuring that you are using an Infrared Technology heater. This essentially heats an area instead of just that air which is often uncontrollable outdoors. The Infratech heaters are inexpensive and efficient commercial heaters. 

Bromic patio heaters can generate a warm and welcome ambiance in significant parts of hotels and resorts. 

When you are analyzing to install, consider the places where guests spend most of their time outdoors. Subsequently, install the heater where it can provide heat efficiently, ensuring maximum comfort for everyone.



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