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modern vs contemporary interior

A Look at Modern vs Contemporary Interior Design

Many of us keep contemplating while renovating our homes about the new type of interior styles in the market. One of the frequently asked questions is about the difference between modern vs contemporary interior design. This is a good question that many in the interior design industry get from time to time. It can be quite confusing given the nature of the terms themselves.

After all, we exist in the modern age, which is also contemporary to our time, so what is the difference? Unfortunately, the English language has terminologies that are confusing and the same words can mean different things to different people.
What is the most significant difference between modern vs contemporary interior design? It’s a subject that bothers the minds of many.

You might find yourself thinking, don’t the design terms modern and contemporary basically emphasize the same style of design? Aren’t they both popular and minimal, void of color and furnished with clean lines? While some of that may be true, the variations between the styles can also be as broad as night and day. Although there are similarities, they are two discrete design styles from distinct time periods.

Modernism came in early before the emergence of contemporary interior design. The latter is still developing at present. But in time, we will also turn back on contemporary design as a design style of a certain period. Never use modern and contemporary in the same context to describe the style of a room. We should say that a space is modern vs contemporary.

So, to assist you, we’ve put together this handy list to distinguish the sometimes complex contrasts between modern vs contemporary interior design.

Modern vs. Contemporary Interiors

modern vs contemporary design

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Modern vs contemporary design are two discrete stylistic movements. Even so, these two interior design styles share several similar features. A space with a modern or contemporary style is not meant to overwhelm the senses. Alternatively, pare down both styles to include only the most essential and vital elements. We encourage keeping a minimal vibe of modern vs contemporary interior spaces. Both styles favor integrity, a neutral color palette, and a sense of openness.

Natural materials like wood, glass, metal, and many such materials are all often used in modern and contemporary rooms. And while each design may include artistic touches, neither is likely to emphasize anything overtly ornate or intricate. The modern design features wooden and earth-friendly components.

Modern design uses a fusion of natural materials which include stone, wood, and leather. The contemporary style adopts a comparable concept of using natural materials but materials are normally concrete, steel, and industrial-inspired elements. Besides these, let’s see a list of components of Modern vs Contemporary Interior Designs.

Components of Modern vs Contemporary Interior Designs

1. The Bare and Minimal

modern vs contemporary interior

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The contemporary interior design is peaceful, gathered, and mature with neutral and masculine colors favored. Curved lines in the design are crucial and keep the room uncluttered so that the area itself used as ornamentation. Minimal and simplistic furnishing is vital, meaning all the features in the room are striking and prominent.

In the modern vs contemporary design comparison, contemporary style prefers smooth surfaces and clean lines. Furniture should be simple and clean-cut with alluring frames in natural color tones. Floors should be carpetless, using bare vinyl, wood, or tile. New age materials are vital, so use lots of glass and metals. Firm, sharp, and modest modern homes utilize space just like contemporary designs, they have open layouts and natural light.

A modern style is composed of clean, straight lines in contrast to contemporary design which has bold and curved lines. Modern design is very distinguishable, it features crisp, sharp lines, warm neutral colors, and balance throughout the design.

2. Accentuate Good Lighting

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In relation to the modern vs contemporary interior design, correct lighting is essential in both style homes to lead your eyes towards important features, whilst setting positive tones. Lighting washes the subtle walls and brings attention to bold pieces while playing with light and shadow patterns. Natural light is also a must inclusive of plenty of large, frameless windows, helping to bring nature inside.

3. Piece of Art

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Contemporary style isn’t consistent, it’s unique and the artwork is bear but elegant. Striking sculptures and magnificent art pieces with saturated colors add to the energy and liveliness of the atmosphere. Use geometric shapes on rugs and furniture designs to highlight both the curved and straight lines of the architectural design.

With regards to the modern vs contemporary interior design, modern decorative pieces of decor tend to have a function. The color palette of modern design favors naturals or neutrals that have a warm, inviting feel. The color palette has recommended shades of turquoise, brown, and greens. The modern design follows a strict composition of minimalism, balance, and clean lines.

4. Shapes and Materiality

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Contemporary interior design is welcoming and mature. It is an attempt to move away from the harsh lines of the modern design era. It makes way to soft curves, smooth features, and ambient interiors. Contemporary aims to build inviting spaces, whilst preserving the design from trending influences that will become quickly outmoded. With all contemporary designs, items of furniture are straight and minimal, to reduce clutter and give an air of spaciousness.

In the modern vs contemporary design comparison, the modern home is pure and unadorned. It includes lots of natural materials like wood, leather, teak, and linen. Plywood, plastic, and polished metal form the standard furniture. That mid-century modern, airy vibe is still a rage so raise most pieces of the earth. Organize it in a way that makes the space feel spacious and expansive.

5. Open Spaces and Warm Colors

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Large spaces and bold features are a must in modern vs contemporary interiors. Contemporary designs prefer more traditional materials, that can help the house completely resonate with its natural surroundings. We prefer warm materials like hardwood over cold elements like metal and marble, to create a more intimate environment. Match bold warm browns and creams with wood, stone, and tile patterns to create an elegant and tempting warmth.

6. The New and Different

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Modern architecture is the opposite of the grand and flourished building style that came before the modern movement. It concentrates on minimal clutter, unrestricted spaces, and maximum functionality, making use of wood and earthy components. Modern interior design takes its style from the international style of architecture developed in the 1920s.

In relation to the modern vs contemporary interior design, a contemporary home incorporates many high-tech features. Eco-friendly homes are on the rise, and with that comes the growth of more energy-efficient standards and sustainability. Homes constructed from repurposed barn wood or old shipping containers are also swiftly rising in popularity.

7. The Similarities

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There are several similarities and overlapping components between the modern vs contemporary interiors. Here are a few of them:

Both the styles welcome clean lines and simplistic decor. They reject the over-fussed, heavily ornamented space idea in favor of an uncluttered, spacious, and airy one.

The open-concept floor plan is a key component of both modern vs contemporary interior design. So, living spaces united in one make the basis of their design’s aesthetics.

When it comes to interior furniture, both styles are all about expression. Ottomans, sofas, and chairs with exposed legs alongside plenty of exposed wood, metal, and glass surfaces describe both styles.

8. Mixing It Up

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Perhaps the most prominent thing about these two styles is that you can mix them up. Although this may seem unlikely the warmness of wood can help to counterbalance the sharp lines of your contemporary furnishings. This works especially well if you have an open plan home and a simplistic approach. The variation in furniture styles will then complement each other instead of looking like a jumble of different items.

But the bottom line is that you need to create a home that works for you on a functional and aesthetic level. There is no right or wrong response to the modern vs. contemporary interior design argument; just what suits you best.

So, Which is Better: Modern vs Contemporary Interior Design?

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In modern vs contemporary interior designs, some say that certain elements make modern homes better, and others debate for contemporary. There is no right or wrong solution when it comes to choosing how you want to design your home. The selection you make should be reliant on the requirements of you and your family. Go with the design details that you like the most, and that is most practical to your everyday life. And remember, there is no a hard and fast rule. Fight for what you like best.

If you’re struggling to pick between the two, then you might consider reaching out for some expert views on the matter. Another essential tip is to head over to Pinterest and to look at the completed modern vs contemporary interior designs. Consider also making a list of the various elements you like or dislike before chatting to an architect or designer.

A schedule will help speed up the method and give the architect direction for when they begin to design. We hope the article was able to give you an insight into the modern vs contemporary interior designs.

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