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List of Elements to Add For Wondrous Mexican Interior Design

As a millennial, we thrive on trying out new things and are adaptable to almost each and every change. Many of us love to travel cities and try to pick up things, be it as a souvenir or just a memory. Every country has its own culture that signifies the life of people over there. And they are as fascinating as their country. And one such country is Mexico. It is a dream of every individual to make their home look wondrous. And for that, we would suggest you go for Mexican interior design. 

Mexico has given so many things from delicious food dishes to the loved-by-all desserts. This is a country where people are not afraid to use bold colors like hot pink and turquoise blue — a country with high family values. You will rarely find a nuclear family there. 

Even if they are not living in an extended family, the get-to-gather and parties are held for creating a healthy bond. They perfectly follow the ‘Family First’ culture.

We know you are here to read about Mexican home decor. But before implementing any kind of home decor, you should know what it can reflect and will it give the vibe you wanted.

Mexican Interior Design Ideas

What are you expecting from your home? Surely you would want your home to emit warmth, a colorful and interesting vibe. And Mexican interior design style decoration is the solution.

Now you know what Mexican culture is and what look it will give to your dream place. So to help you out with the interiors, in this blog, we have listed down the elements that you need to keep in mind while decorating your place.

Once you get the upper hand on those things, the result will blow your mind, and guests visiting your home will be asking you the tips to create the same vibe. But before we start, we would like to give you a tip for decorating your house aesthetically.

Always consider these seven elements for interior design: space, line, form, light, color, texture, and pattern.

Now let’s start decorating your house with these Mexican interior design ideas:-

1. Bold Colors

mexican interior design


As we said, it is a country that doesn’t feel shy to use bold colors. In most Mexican homes or hotels or any structure, the first thing you will notice is bold colors. The most common color found is Mexicana (2172-30), a color with an orange-red shade.

But always keep in mind the golden ratio (60:30:10) of interior design. The 60 percent of the room should be in one color, 30 percent in second, and the rest 10 percent in the third color. Otherwise, there will be an imbalance in ambiance and you will end up with a blunder-look waiting for your guests.

Colors that you can opt for are hot pink, turquoise blue, golden yellow, orange, green, red, etc.

2. Greenery

plant in mexican room


Mexico has an arid landscape in its range. So this common green plant you will find there is a cactus. There are different types of cacti in the country. This low-maintenance plant will enhance the look of your room.

The green color and different shapes and textures have the charm of attracting people to it. There are two types of people: Rose People and Cacti People. The cactus is given more importance due to its longevity. Rose resembles love but it won’t survive in heat, while cacti represent thorns, but it will survive throughout the year and maybe a lifetime, irrespective of ups-downs.

We guess this is the reason why Mexican interior design includes the cactus in their home – to represent the long-lasting love and bond between them.

Place them on the mantle, near windows, or as a focal point on the table. And keep them in earthen pots for more Mexican 

3. Textiles

mexican interior design


Mexico is famous for embroidery and hand-weaving. The Mexican textiles are infused with patterns and colors. You will find geometrical prints as well as folk art on the textiles. Fabrics add warmth to the area. This is also one of the reasons why the Mexican interior emits warmth.

Use Mexican textiles (you will get them from stores or online) for carpet, rug, like throw blankets, pillow covers, or curtains. Just make sure there is a balance between color and textures in the room. 

For instance, you can get a rug, a curtain, and a pillow cover of Mexican print. Not more than that, try to implement the rule of three in the interiors. 

What is the rule of three? For decorating the rule of three signifies, the objects look best in groups of three.

4. Talavera Pottery

Mexican Interior Design: Talavera Pottery


The most sought-after Mexican accessory is Talavera pottery. It is made from high-quality clay in nearby communities. This pottery is filled with colors and different prints depicting the culture of Mexico or its flora and fauna.

You will find the Talavera pottery for home decor in the form of pots, tiles, wall hangings, lamps, trays, dishwares, platters, and many more. Add them to your area and see how Mexico gets alive there.

The intricate designs on the product will send you in a state of confusion, where you will try to figure out what is drawn on it. And at the same time, you will praise the artist, whoever made it. You can infuse them in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and even patio.

5. Lightings

Mexican Interior Design: Star lights


Lightings are the best thing that can add a glow to the place attractively — ditching those boring dim lights and wiry fairy lights. For the Mexicano, feelz add the light fixtures that can reflect its vibe.

Mexican lightings are perfect for you who dream of having a dreamy aura in the house. To add charm to its dreamy light accent, Mexican light fixtures come in a star-like shape and with colored glass and a frosted effect. Get the hanging lamps mirroring the same.

Now where you can place them? The answer is short anywhere you like. You can even replace chandeliers with them. Fix them in the hallway and welcome everyone with a warm feeling. Install them in the bedroom and enlighten the romantic mood of your partner. 

6. Ceramic Tiles and Mosaic

Mexican Interior Design: ceramic tile and mosaic


The two things that will do half of your work in creating a Mexicano aura are mosaic tiles and colored walls. Mosaic and Mexican tiles can add life to the plain surface and walls too. They come in vivid colors and patterns that add spark to the floor. 

If your house is in an area where there is a hot climate, you would want to skip the carpets and rugs. But then floors will look atrocious as compared to walls and furniture. Now what? Install ceramic tiles or mosaic floor they will act both functional and beautiful.

7. Mexican Furnishings

Mexican Interior Design: Mexican chairs


This one is the last but most important element to get your hands on! – Mexican Furniture.

If nothing else, it will surely close the deal of getting the Mexicano ambiance at your place. What is different in its furniture? Mexican furniture reflects the hand art and airy structure. It has a rustic effect on it that gives out the authentic charm of the city.

The must-have furniture in the house is the Mexican chair. Be it in a dining room or backyard. They will spell the magic. The above image described how a Mexican chair is creating a Latin charm.

They are made up of Mexican cedar strips, and hence are durable as well as comfortable.

Make Your Place a “Land of Enchantment”:-

So these were the ideas that you need to follow for the best Mexican interior design. Be it a bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom maintain the balance of texture and pattern equally. A slight mistake and everything is in vain. Don’t add any element forcefully in the decoration.

You would be in doubt why here the phrase ‘land of enchantment’ is written in quote marks. It is an official nickname of Mexico.

It should look natural, only then it will give out the eclectic feels. The implementation of six principles of Mexican interior designs is a must, namely balance, proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast, and space.

Now you know what you need to consider and what to avoid. Let’s get to work and inspire others too.

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