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4 Types of Creative Metal Wall Art to Consider for Your Interiors

Throughout the years, interior designers have incorporated innovative ideas to upgrade the quality of their works and ensure the continuous invention of unique and fresher concepts. Since decorating has been prevalent for centuries, as observed in the Egyptian hieroglyphs and cave paintings, coming up with different metal wall art undergoes a constant cycle because creativity births new ideas every day

. Even newer artists and home decors have pushed the limits of traditional interior design by applying bizarre sculptures and technology. Moreover, they have experimented with combining old and current themes like mixing medieval and contemporary motifs to develop another trend. 

Knowing Metal Wall Art

Considered as a decorative element, metal wall art became part of modern interior design due to the influence it brought in beautifying the space. Today, there are several designs released for metal wall arts. These are available in rustic, glossy, and bronze finishes which could change the entire look of your wall.

You can be expressive when making your own metal piece for your blank space because the possibilities are limitless. We never know you could be making an astonishing piece of art that many people are interested in. 

As much as metal pieces mainly function for aesthetic purposes, these also serve practical purposes. For instance, your metal clock can be connected with a small device designed to operate its clock hands. Your metal piece has served dual purposes which will benefit you in the long run.

As a result, the demand for metal wall art has increased lately which should be the cause because of the additional improvements artisans have integrated into their creations. Furthermore, there are different types of metal discovered today, and probably is still increasing because of newfound minerals.

Some of these are iron, tin, copper, aluminum, brass, silver, bronze, gold, and lead. Its flexibility has enabled artists to go further in their talent to create a metal piece.

Modernized Metal Wall Art

Unlike other forms of wall art, metal has a unique kind of vibe and essence that cannot be seen in other art forms. It is composed of varying characteristics such as physicality, innovation, and color shading.

It suits almost any interior design that’s ever created – may it be elemental, vintage, medieval, or industrial. We believe that houses should have at least one metal piece on their wall. Below are the different types of modern wall art.

1. Glass-Embedded Metal Wall Art

Metal Wall Art: Glass-Embedded


Do you have paintings or artworks placed on a piece of glass? You can have it applied with a metal frame for added protection. Your artwork can be anything: a piece of cross-stitched cloth or a preserved insect or you can paint directly on the glass.

This is a beautiful piece of ornament to display your talent for the arts. Just simply place between two glass boards your finished work and have the boards framed. The frame can also color according to your chosen color. This is a simple decoration but can do wonders on your wall space. We also suggest that you fill the wall with metal-framed glass boards of varying sizes.

2. Three-Dimensional Wall Sculpture

Metal Wall Art: Three-Dimensional Wall Sculpture


For added interactive elements, make your output stand out when you have your work fabricated in a three-dimensional effect. This will surely appeal to those who will be witnessing it personally.

3D effects always seem to be approaching the people directly which is why it prefers by many. What’s even better is that this concept helps people to appreciate your efforts more because they will be noticing detail by detail through the angles closely. It will take much more time to make compared to other types of wall art.

3. Metallic finishes

Metal Wall Art: Metallic finishes


Forget about the metal as a material itself and think about it as a coating or finish for other materials to make it appear as if it’s made up of metal. Yes, that is possible. This is done to protect the surface of the object and improve its appearance.

Since many are inclining to own shiny objects because of their look, your plastic toy or clay that you create can be coated with metal finishes to prolong its life and increase its attractiveness. Now, it would be appearing like you have created your pieces from metal even without buying very expensive metal.

4. Traditional Metal Fabrication Pieces

Metal Wall Art: Traditional Metal Fabrication Pieces


Here, you will be deciding on the layout of your metal art or sculpture and have it produced through metal artisans. Usually, it would take days to finish it, but depending on the processes involved and the materials you’ve preferred.

To ensure the product is high-quality metal wall art, you have to monitor the fabrication procedure, step-by-step. Of course, everyone wants to receive great value for the money that they have paid for these kinds of services which is why it is best to always update the manufacturer on the status of your custom-made metal piece.

Final Thoughts 

Nowadays, it is much easier to gain high-quality metal wall art because there are ready-made metal decorations and ornaments out there and all you have to do is purchase it. It also observes alongside the spread of the online shopping fever, where people can just engage in business transactions in one click and have the item delivered directly on their doorsteps.

However, we aren’t sure about the quality of the products online but opting for custom-made wall art decors seemed too costly. The thing is it is up to the discretion of the buyer or client in choosing which is a better way to own a metal piece for decoration.



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