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20 Marvelous Green Painted Furniture Ideas You’ll Love

A furniture makeover is a common and trendy method to give a new look to your furniture. Many people makeover their furniture for different purposes, like when they want to change the theme of their interior decor or when the color of their furniture fades out, so they want to give a new/fresh look to their marvelous green painted furniture ideas.

There are a lot of unique color options that we can select whenever we want to give our furniture a new color. Today we will talk about the specifications and impact of green color when you apply it to furniture. In this article, you will learn about 20 outstanding ideas for marvelous green painted furniture ideas that are painted in different shades of green color.

Top 20 Marvelous Green Painted Furniture Ideas

Marvelous Green Painted Furniture


As we all know, green is a bold and bright color and it also gives a natural feeling when we apply it to anything. It comes in different shades, and each shade has its own significance and creates a unique appearance as compared to the others.

There are also many colors that can easily blend with green to create a new and amazing shade. Wasting no time, we will get to the exact topic that gives you the top 20 green-painted design furniture ideas that will blow your mind.

1. Apply Empire Green on Antique Buffet

Apply this amazing shade of green to the antique buffet and give a unique appearance to your entryway by placing this piece in this spot. You can easily recreate this look by mixing the custom colors and achieving the best results that appeal to every eye.

2. Fresh Green on Chest of Drawers

You can apply this shade of green to the drawers of a vintage chest. You can make it look more fantastic by applying the white floral color design on the knobs of the chest which gives a sparkling effect. Try this color combination and you will definitely fall in love with it.

3. Apply Dark Green To Antique Dressers

Marvelous Green Painted Furniture Ideas

Painting your small antique dresser in a dark leafy color will give a new look to your old furniture. This shade will create an impressive combination with the brass hardware of antique-style living room furniture.

4. Fresh Green To Card Catalog

You can paint your apothecary cabinet by applying the fresh green cabinets chalk color with the labels in a card catalog style. This will give an enduring look to the mini garden in your home or office that can attract everyone.

5. Apply Sophisticated Green To Chest Of Drawers

If you want to transform an ugly furniture piece into a fresh and decent one, then you must try to paint your antique drawers with a sophisticated green color. This will not only help you give a new look to your old furniture but also make it look so attractive and outstanding.

6. Bright Green On Bed Frame

Marvelous Green Painted Furniture Ideas


You can paint the frame of a vintage four-poster bed a bright green color and recreate the entire look of your bedroom. It adds natural beauty to the interior of your home that is eye-catching to anyone.

7. Apply Botanical Green To Antique Cabinets

Apply the inspired botanical shade of green to your old cabinets to give them a unique look. It will give amazing hues of blue and neutral color combinations. If you want to makeover your vintage cabinets, then you must try this shade of green.

8. Light Olive To Dresser

A light olive shade also looks great when applied to a faded and old dresser to give it a new/fresh look. It will turn your dresser into a new furniture piece that enhances the beauty of your interior.

9. Dark Green To Gold Night Stands

Marvelous Green Painted Furniture Ideas


Green and gold always create a unique and outstanding color combination that can enhance the beauty of any piece of furniture, like curtains, blinds, rugs etc. You must try the dark green color on vintage nightstands that have a metal base. It will give an eclectic look and prove to be a perfect addition to your bedroom.

10. Blue Green To Antique Dresser

You can mix the custom colors of blue and green to create an adorning combination and apply it to your old dresser. This will give a perfect makeover to your vintage furniture.

11. Gray Green On Cabinet

Apply this elegant combination of green-gray shades to your cabinets to make a decent and classy look for your old-fashioned furniture. Add this unique piece to your home and create an appealing atmosphere.

12. Kelly Green On Bathroom Vanity

Marvelous Green Painted Furniture Ideas


You can paint your vanity with the energetic shade of Kelly Garden, which will transform your normal-looking furniture into a bright and stunning piece. You can place it in your bathroom and give a natural interior to your place.

13. Muted Green On Bar Cabinet

You must apply the muted green to the old bar cabinet to give it an elegant and sophisticated look that can be eye-catching to anyone who catches even a glimpse. This makeover will change the entire look of your bar cabinet.

14. Sea Green On Console Table

Apply the deep sea green shade to the console table to enhance its look and give a compliment to your interior as well. The sea green color always looks so great that we can’t explain it in words. You must try this shade and tell us your experience, too.

15. Mint Green On Cabinet

Marvelous Green Painted Furniture Ideas


You can refinish your vintage cabinets by applying mint green paint. This will not only give your old furniture a new life but will also assist you in achieving the natural and classic look that is best for your interior decor.

16. Emerald Green On Display Cabinet

Paint your display cabinet with the stunning emerald green color. It will also enhance the appearance of the things that you place in this cabinet. If you have a display cabinet and you want to apply the makeover to it, then you must choose this color.

17. Forest Green On Vintage Dresser

Forest green is also an amazing color that gives new life to your old dressers. This color also enhances the appearance of the room where you place this piece. If the drawers of your cabinets are getting stains and giving an outdated view of your furniture, then this color would be the perfect solution for you.

18. Glos Green On Old Dining Cabinet

Marvelous Green Painted Furniture Ideas


If you want to give a stunning look to your outdated dining cabinet, then you must try to paint it in a dark green color. It will transform your old cabinet into the most trendy furniture piece that enhances the beauty of your interiors too.

19. Light Green On Nursery Furniture

You can turn your old TV stand into a nursery by giving it a unique shade of light green. You can place this in your kid’s room because they always need more storage for keeping their toys in it.

20. Grass Green To Night Stand

If you want to makeover your nightstand with something unique color that gives an amazing look, then you must apply the grass green shade to it. Place this furniture piece in your bedroom and you’ll get an elegant and outstanding interior decor.


All the ideas we gave you in the above discussion are unique and marvelous options for making your old furniture into a trendy, classy, modern, natural, or aesthetic one. If you have any unique ideas related to this, then you can share them with us by posting a comment.



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