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An Ultimate Guide to Purchasing the Best Lift Top Coffee Table

You may have a small or big home, but there is never enough storage space to keep your stuff. So, there is no doubt you may go an extra mile to gain extra room into your storage space so you can hide away the clutter in an arranged manner. Your coffee table might be a piece of furniture that would be covered by stuff like books, magazines, coasters, etc. you might want to get a coffee table that doubles with a place to stow your stuff away. Here we are particularly mentioning a Lift top coffee table compartment, which has unsuspecting drawers like pop-up tops.

These amazing coffee tables will make your living room much cleaner and you may also be able to hide some secret stuff. There are various options for the coffee table that may have different options for a lift top. A few may also double as desks and dining tables for studios and other super small spaces.

What is a Lift top Coffee Table?

lift top coffee table

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Basically, lift top coffee table means a table whose top surface can be lifted up to make it useful as a workspace, as a dining table, or for some other purposes. It has a hidden storage space that can be utilized to keep away the stuff hidden which you may probably keep on the top. This storage idea provides you with the advantage of hiding away your unwanted clutter which may otherwise steal the elegant look of your living area.

You only have to lift the top surface of the table to make it meaningful to utilize for other purposes. There are numerous designs and models on those tables which you can choose from according to the size, space, and design appropriate for your home. It is not only the smart way to utilize the small space your home has but also an addition to the beautiful furniture piece for your home.

Let us now discuss some of the crucial advantages of having a lift top coffee table at home

Advantages of Lift top Coffee Table

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1. Can be used as a dining table

A snack or a meal can be easily enjoyed from the comfort of your couch by just lifting the top of the coffee table to the correct height. As they rise to the height of the standard dining table you do not even have to lean over. Also, they provide you with an easy option to enjoy your favorite sport on TV while dining. 

2. Have various styles

With the increasing popularity of Lift top coffee tables, they are available in the market in various shapes like square, rectangle, oval, round, etc. they are also available in different types of material such as metal and wood. The price of the table depends on the shape, size, and material used to construct it. You may also find sleek contemporary black lift tops along with the traditional ones and the prices will range from cheap to luxurious.

3. Helpful when working from home

Now you do not have to complain about frequent back pain when working from home. The Lift top coffee table provides you with a comfortable raised top to place your laptop and work papers. You will no more have to depend on your bed or some other place when working from home. By only raising and locking the coffee table, they provide a secure and amazing resting place for laptops and papers. It is also easy to wind up the table too. You just have to place it back in its original position which will transform again into its original position.

4. Useful in day-to-day life

The versatile Lift top coffee table can be used as a place for drinks and snacks, a resting place for legs, casual lunch and dinner table, as a place to lay your papers and books, or it can also be used as a game table for monopoly and card. This multipurpose table is useful in many other ways in our everyday life.

Expert Tips to Buy Lift top Coffee Tables

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Some of the expert tips to purchase the ideal Lift top coffee tables is considering the material used and the correct size that will fit your home. We will elaborate more on this in the following points.

There are various materials used for coffee table worldwide but some of the main types suitable for your home are as follows:

1. Wood

A wood coffee table is the most recommended material choice when it comes to having a Lift top coffee table. Wood also has various kinds, colors, and shades. If your home has a plain and light décor a light-colored wooden coffee table is the most suitable. Furniture which has dark shades like oak wood looks more elegant and classic and goes along with houses that have other dark wood items too.

2. Metal

When you have an urban or industrial living space, metal coffee tables are a great choice. Here the density of the metal is an important thing to consider. Mostly you will find Lift top coffee tables that have metal frames and accents only.

3. Glass and chrome

Chrome and glass are both light-looking materials that can go along with a range of colors and styles. When you have various things occupied in your room it will make a great choice. It is good to add bold colors but also too much dark color could leave your room looking cluttered and busy.

4. Faux marble

Stone or marble tabletops make your living area look stunning. But here the weight of the marble will make it unsuitable for a lift-top design. The faux marble will provide you with an on-trend visual appearance of marble without the weight.

Sizing also matters the most, so that you do not make a mistake while purchasing the table. Let us elaborate on how to choose the sizing

1. Consider existing home furniture

Consider any of the rugs and floor items that you may already have in your room. A floor rug must be the appropriate size of the table. If your requirement is of a large storage coffee table and your rug is small, it will look disproportionate in the room. For this, you will have to replace your existing rug with a bigger size suited according to the table.

2. Storage space

When you know the items that will be stored in the lift top table, put them all together so that you can anticipate how much storage space is required. Accordingly, you will have to take up some measurements and compare the table at the stores.

3. Area to be placed

Also, consider where exactly you will be placing your lift top table, it is vital as the area available for the storage should match the size you are considering purchasing. With the correct information on your hand, you are on the correct path to finding the perfect Lift top coffee table.

Best Materials for Lift top Coffee Tables

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Our expert tips on purchasing Lift top coffee tables feature the material section considered mostly for purchasing tables for homes. Below are the highlights of the same

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Chrome
  • Glass
  • Faux marble

Some of the Examples of Coffee Tables

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1. Cornelia lift top coffee table having storage

This coffee table has inclined metal legs that provide a unique look. The slim design of this table makes it perfect for small living rooms. The top of this table lifts high which takes the strain off your back from leaning forward. It has a lot of space to accommodate dinner plates and two laptops.

2. faux marble lift top coffee table

It is a notable slim coffee table as it brings an art décor vibe to your living area. Besides having an attractive look, it is also very functional, with enormous storage space and lift-top options.

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3. Mid-century pop-up storage coffee table

If you are looking out for modern mid-century designs with a mix of materials, then this slim and stylish wood and marble coffee table is an ideal choice for you. You will find a lot of storage space under the walnut wood top to store various stationery, laptop, chargers, and other work essentials. It also features open storage on the sides suitable for storing books and various other things.

4. Lehi lift top table in seafoam

A coffee table which is upholstered is a cozy and unfussy choice especially when you want to lift your legs up during movie time. the top shelf has hidden storage underneath along with numerous storage spaces in the bottom rack.

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Now, that you have known what a Lift top coffee table is, its advantages, tips, material, and some of the examples, you are well-versed with selecting the right choice for your purchase. If you make a choice considering the above-mentioned points you are sure to get a suitable piece for your home. Our guide will help you make an informed choice when you are at a store or seeing some of the samples online. Hope you have a wonderful experience purchasing.

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