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Expert Tips For Investing In Neutral & Experimental Elements For Kitchen Remodeling

While planning for a kitchen remodel it is hard to say what to invest in and what not to. Since the kitchen has turned out to be a very personal space of home décor, people have gone head-over-heels to design a kitchen that reflects their own personality as well as complements their overall home. Yet it is a fact that not everyone can afford to hire an interior designer for their kitchen remodel. However, this does not mean that they cannot design their kitchen at all. Keeping this in mind always helps us decide what aspects we can invest more in and what to invest less in, before going for a kitchen remodeling.

While deciding upon your kitchen remodel, you should also consider the later stages of your life when you might be thinking of selling your house. It always helps to have a kitchen that will bring you a fruitful selling of your house. So, there is also the consideration of long-term savings. Now, this can be done by dividing your kitchen remodel into two sections- neutral elements and experimental elements. And both these sections are interconnected.

Let us find out what the neutral elements and experimental elements are and how they are connected:

Neutral Elements (More Investment)

These are the elements that have more long-term use and should always be opted primarily on the basis of their usability, longevity, and durability which may then be followed by their appearance. This is, as mentioned above, an added advantage in the case of selling the house as well. Since they are a long-term investment, they will have a cost-effective aspect.

Kitchen cabinets:

kitchen cabinet

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The first and foremost of all neutral elements are kitchen cabinets. Available in a long range of styles from cherry wood cabinets to the white shaker to glazed maple to walnut cabinets and many more, these are perfect for any kitchen décor. Their RTA nature allows you to use them for any kind of kitchen space without compromising it. Moreover, their durability and longevity along with affordable costs make them a great long-term kitchen investment.

Cabinet Countertops:

 Kitchen Remodeling

source: kreativekitchensandbaths.com

In addition to discount cabinets, another long-term investment is countertops. Opt for granite, stone or quartz and install the suitable style cabinets for a perfect show over a long period of time. Countertops are used for a variety of purposes, including cutting vegetables, coffee stations, and even having food.


kitchen marble flooring

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Like countertops, flooring is certainly a kitchen aspect that one rarely chooses to change. So, opt for a surface, e.g. marble or granite, which can last longer, endure wear and tear and suit the overall kitchen décor. Flooring today, due to its versatile finishes, is being opted by hundreds of people who are creating either a contrasting or complementary kitchen décor.

In the later 2 points too, kitchen cabinets play an important role in complementing appeal; which is why it is suggested to opt for a set of discount kitchen cabinets that will go well with both the countertops and the flooring. You will definitely find your match with the varied range of cabinets available in the market.

Experimental Elements (Less Investment)

These are those elements of a kitchen that are more prone to change, that too often. These tend to be the more stylish elements of the kitchen décor and the more expressive ones too. Moreover, if you plan to sell your house, these can be opted to be changed easily.


 Kitchen Remodeling

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An essential experimental element, lights play a significant role in uplifting your kitchen design. Strategic placements of lights, for example, over your kitchen island, under your wall cherry wood kitchen cabinets, inside your glass cabinets, and others can greatly complement your kitchen space. Moreover, the variety of light designs available in the market has it easier to experiment with them too

Smaller Hardware:

 Kitchen Remodeling

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From pulls to knobs, to integrated handles to latches, for your cherry shaker cabinets, and other such cabinet hardware like faucets, are perfect for a personalized touch. They may appear small but play a significant role in adding a chic style statement to your kitchen décor.

Wall and ceiling color:

 Kitchen Remodeling

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Another important experimental element is the wall and ceiling color. And perhaps an easy-to-change element as well. Choose a color based on your kitchen installations like discount cabinets, Cabinet countertops, and flooring. Wall and ceiling colors are one of the most important aspects of a kitchen remodel which helps showcase the kitchen in the most apparent manner.

Be it neutral elements or experimental elements, opting for RTA style discount kitchen cabinets allows one to have an experimental element that has the characteristic of a neutral element as well i.e. a long-term investment that can be customized or experimented upon due to their RTA nature.

While designing a kitchen, it is very important to keep in mind where to invest more and where to invest less. Considering the fact that an average American shifts house over 11 times during the lifetime, it helps a lot in saving the budget and being cost-effective too. The above-mentioned points show how one can segregate these elements in order for a better kitchen design remodeling investment.