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5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Kitchen Needs Refacing Immediately

A kitchen refacing is a low-cost kitchen renovation that ensures there will be no materials going to waste. Plus, it will also be finished over a short period. When you do kitchen refacing, expect the installer to remove doors, cabinets, and the like. They will also laminate existing cabinet frames with a new color.

However, as a homeowner, you should ensure that your kitchen is indeed in need of refacing before jumping to a conclusion. Doing this helps you avoid wasting money and time on a project that turned out to be unnecessary.

So, before you decide to reface your kitchen, here are some tell-tale signs you should look for to know whether your kitchen needs it.

Outdated or Damaged Furniture

One of the most common reasons homeowners decide to carry out a Kitchen Refacing is that the furnishings are already damaged or out of style. You have to consider that cabinets are the most prominent furniture your kitchen has. It occupies the majority of your kitchen’s space.

Therefore, if these become damaged or outdated, it will have a significant impact on your kitchen as a whole. Over time, your kitchen cabinet’s drawers and doors will stop properly functioning as they can get stuck, misaligned, or sag.

Once you are starting to see or experience this in your kitchen, there is no doubt that your kitchen needs to be refaced soon. Not only will a refacing fix these problems, but it will also help them look beautiful.

You’ve Outgrown Your Kitchen Space

After some time, you’ll be able to acquire various types of kitchen equipment, utensils, and furniture that could make the space congested as time goes by.

Once you notice that you are already lacking storage spaces, experiencing a lousy flow throughout your kitchen, and lacking preparation space, you should start planning your refacing as soon as possible.

No one likes cooking and preparing meals in a small space. A lack of storage space will clutter your kitchen, and you will lose interest in staying and using your kitchen when this happens.

Plus, not having enough space to work around when preparing food will affect how you cook, no matter your level of expertise. So, you better start the kitchen refacing soon.

Kitchen Appliances Are Wearing Out

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Nothing lasts forever. No matter how expensive your kitchen appliances are when you acquire them, the time will come that they become worn out and cannot function like they used to anymore.

When you face such a problem with your kitchen, you might want to start looking for a good kitchen refacing constructor to help you remodel your kitchen, including your appliances.

If you are going to choose a replacement for your worn-out kitchen appliances, you should go for newer kitchen appliances. Newer models of appliances are more energy-efficient and can help prevent greenhouse emissions.

Using this kind of appliance will help you save money in the long run. Not only will you enjoy its benefits, but the environment will also appreciate its benefits.

When Your Kitchen Floor Is Badly Worn Out

If you see some damage on your floor, such as cracked or chipped floor tiles, it means that your kitchen floor is wearing out. It means that you should replace your floor tiles soon. However, it is highly recommended to consider a complete renovation project on your kitchen.

By doing so, you can rest assured that your new tiles will compliment your entire kitchen, especially your countertops and walls.

Changing your floor tiles will have a considerable impact on your kitchen design as a whole. It is why even the most minor change in your kitchen, such as changing your floor tiles, should be enough reason to renovate your entire kitchen and make it look nice and new.

So, before you choose a new flooring design, you must first consider the theme of your kitchen as a whole and decide on that factor.

If Your Countertops Are Deteriorating

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Just like with your kitchen cabinets, drawers, appliances, and floor, your kitchen countertop is also expected to deteriorate as time goes by. Therefore, you must also pay attention and check your kitchen countertops to ensure they are still in the proper condition.

But when your countertops are starting to see signs of deterioration, don’t wait for this issue to develop into a bigger problem. Address it immediately as soon as you see the signs of deterioration.

Kitchen countertops have a vital role in your kitchen. Not only does it add beauty to the design of your kitchen, but it is also built to serve as a workbench for preparing food. Some individuals even treat their countertops as a place to eat or store their kitchen essentials.

The importance of kitchen countertops is unparalleled. It is why you should make sure that it is fully functional for it to provide its purpose effectively.

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Start Planning Your Kitchen Refacing

If you notice these tell-tale signs on your kitchen, then without a doubt, your kitchen needs to be refurbished. Once you neglect these signs and do nothing, all of these issues will become bigger in the future, which also means a higher cost for repairs and replacements.



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