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kitchen cleaning checklist

Keep Your Kitchen Clean With This Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

The kitchen is one of the dirtiest places that need to be cleaned regularly otherwise we would end up consuming dirt and would surely fall sick for the same. Your house cleaning checklist should have kitchen cleaning included but often cleaning the kitchen becomes a problem for us and we try to escape from that but running away would not help in this case so the good idea is to find ways to clean the kitchen in a better way. 

There are three parts of cleaning, regular cleaning, weekly cleaning, and monthly cleaning and there are things that need regular cleaning and there is also the thing that can be cleaned once in a while and you have to prepare your kitchen cleaning checklist accordingly so that you can cover everything up. 

If you are wondering about the kitchen cleaning checklist then here is everything that you need to know and you can, of course, follow this as well for your kitchen cleaning:

Regular Kitchen Cleaning Checklist:

Regular kitchen cleaning checklist that you should be following to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic at the same time and this would also make your weekly and monthly cleaning a bit easy and this is not even that time consuming which is the best part cleaning your kitchen regularly:

Wiping of Worktops

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We cut vegetables or we sometimes pour our food on top of the worktop and look bad and if you would keep that as it is for a long time then it would be a pain to clean those up so it is always better to clean that almost immediately. Here you should make a routine of cleaning or wiping up the worktops daily and in this way, your kitchen would remain clean as well as, hygienic which is great for sure.

Keep your Cooking Clean

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Most of the time we make our kitchen dirty while cooking the food so a bit of care would make things better and if you would be a bit careful while cooking then you kitchen would never become much dirty so at the end of the time you would not have to clean your kitchen that much. Here you should continue cleaning even if something falls aside while cleaning so that you don’t have to invest extra time to clean your kitchen and this would make things easier for you.

Empty The Bin

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It is very important to empty the bin daily otherwise it would become messy and would release toxic odor as well and germs as well as, bacteria would also get generated from that bin. Often we get a small bin for our kitchen to make space look sleek and simple and so such sleek bins can’t store much garbage so if you would not clean that regularly so you would not be able to use that bin on the next day.

Wash the Dishes Regularly

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No matter how many dishes you have got but you can still wash your utensils daily so that your burden doesn’t keep on increasing. Here you can divide this part of cleaning into members of your family and ask people to clean a bit of utensil daily after they are done with their meals and this small start would make a huge difference for sure. 

Washing dishes make sure that your kitchen is hygienic so you don’t end up with stomach infection or food poisoning and this would contribute a lot in the complete cleaning of your kitchen which is a great thing for sure.

Sweep the Kitchen Floor at the End of The Day

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After your day would end and you would be sure that you don’t have any such work in your kitchen then you can start sweeping the kitchen floor because while cleaning the top of your kitchen the dirt often falls on the kitchen floor making it appear dirty. 

Here you don’t have to do much for cleaning your kitchen floor rather you can either take a moist cloth to sweep it up or you can just use your regular floor sweeper for the same and this would make your kitchen appear neat and tidy.

Weekly Kitchen Cleaning Checklist:

Weekly cleaning is as important as regular cleaning and some things don’t need to be cleaned regularly but if you would keep them dirty for a long time then that would become a pain to clean at the end of the month so it is better to clean certain things on weekly basis:

Fridge Cleaning

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Often we keep packaged food inside our fridge and if you have not consumed that for a long time then the expiry date exceeds and that food becomes dangerous for us and if by any chance we consume that then we would surely fall sick that you might not want. It is always recommended to check the fridge in a week and throw away all the spoilt food and expired food and in this way, your fridge would appear clean and safe.

Appliance Cleaning

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If you are thinking of cleaning the appliances regularly then that is next to impossible and it would take you the whole day to clean every appliance of your kitchen so it is better to clean them once in a week. Cleaning them once in a week would make it easy for you to clean and at the same time, it would also consume less time which is great for sure.

Wash the Bins

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Though you have to empty your bins regularly it is not necessary to clean them or wash them daily rather you can keep that for your weekly cleaning routine. It is important to wash your bin once in a while otherwise that would start sticking and would make your entire home smell weirdly that you would not like for sure. Here you can just wash that with some soap and water and this would not even consume much of your time which is a great thing for sure.

Wash your Kitchen Cloths

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While working in the kitchen we do need some clothes that we use to either clean the worktop or to hold a hot container and such clothes also become dirty and you should clean those clothes at least once in a week and by doing this you would be able to maintain the hygiene of your kitchen which is great.

Monthly Kitchen Cleaning Checklist:

Monthly cleaning involves those things that rarely get dirty or things that work for at least a month and this is a very important step that you have to make once in a month:

Deep clean the Oven

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We often forget to deep clean the over and other such appliances and it is not even possible to clean that daily of weekly so it is better to deep clean such things once in a month.

Clean and Rearrange the drawer and cabinet of Your Kitchen

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We never clean our cupboards or drawers and that not only make such places dirty but also it makes them appear messy so it is always better to clean them and arrange them accordingly at least once in a month.

Clean the Floor mat if there is Any

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Most houses have a floor rug in their kitchen as that helps in protecting the kitchen floor and that rug also becomes dirty so it is better to clean or wash that at least once in a month otherwise the kitchen floor would not look good at all.

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These were some of the most important kitchen cleaning checklist that you should follow and know about more such things you can browse through Housedecorationtip.