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Kid’s Room Decoration Tips Your Kid Will Love

Let’s agree that decorating a kid’s space can be both confusing and enjoyable at the same time. That’s because we want to get into their head and figure out what they want and what they don’t and stay practical at the same time. Because there are a lot of details for kid’s room decoration that your kid will love and grow into, you should have some basics in mind first.

Here are some guidelines to serve as a blueprint when designing your kid’s dream room. 

Tip #1 Accessibility

The first thing to do is to imagine yourself as a tiny human being who’s looking for something in your room. Although high shelves look good design-wise, kids won’t be able to access their stuff with storage places hung all the way up.

So, instead of choosing storage pieces and furniture pieces that aren’t easily accessible by your kid (unless that’s your intention in the first place), stick to storage boxes, easily accessible hooks, bean bags, and small tables. 

Also, make sure you don’t use pointy tables or anything that could be harmful. If you’re not sure of what these little human beings are capable of, you can child-proof the entire room so you don’t have to keep worrying.

Tip #2 Start with Neutrals

Kid’s Room Decoration


Because your kid will most likely grow in the room you’re currently designing, you don’t want to paint the room bold colors that they’ll change in a couple of years. Doing a full room makeover at every stage isn’t practical and is costly, so stick to a neutral canvas in the beginning, and add some details that can be easily removed.

Tip #3 Add Comfortable and Safe Furniture Pieces

Your kid will definitely play with and/or on anything they find in their room. So, it’s best that you make the major pieces such as sofas and chairs as comfortable and safe as possible. Consider buying them a play couch sofa for kids. That way, you added a sofa and a playing space at the same time.

Make everything around cozy, comfortable, and most importantly safe by adding a lot of cushions and soft furnishings. Maybe add a corner with some pillows, a blanket, and a tenant with some puffy toys of their favorite character. They’ll appreciate this safe and cozy space so much.

Tip #4 Make Space for Creativity

According to Health Care Channel, encouraging creativity early on is incredibly important for kids. Part of exploring their creativity is giving them space to do so, and surrounding them with things that will foster their creativity and make them explore.

This starts with games or plays spaces that aren’t structured. Unstructured play means that there aren’t guidelines that they should follow, therefore they use their own creative mind. So, you can add a huge empty canvas on the wall so they can draw, paint, or color it in any way their mind lets them. Also, add some building blocks and materials that are safe and encourage their artistic side.

Tip #5 Add Some Removable Wallpaper

Kid’s Room Decoration


There’s no doubt that your child will obsess over a cartoon or movie character at each stage of their life. Adding decoration to your kid’s room that has that character on it seems insignificant to an adult, but makes a child fall in love with their room.

Of course, it isn’t practical to paint Marvel characters on the walls, and then change them into astronauts, so that’s when removable wallpapers come in handy. There are many options to choose from and make your kid’s room so much more fun.

Tip #6 Add Storage Pieces

Kid’s Room Decoration


One mistake most people do is underestimating how much storage their kid is going to need. We’re here to tell you that – it’s a lot. Because your kids are at a stage where they’re constantly changing, outgrowing things, and buying a ton of new times, storage pieces are your absolute best friends. 

Maybe buy a bed with built-in storage, get some plastic boxes that can be stored in the closet, add cube shelves, or any smart storage pieces such as clothing hooks, storage organizers, storage benches, floating shelves, etc…


Although kid’s room decoration can be tough because you want to give them the best room they’ll ever have, it can be very fun and enjoyable. Keep the abovementioned guidelines in your mind, and then feel free to play around with colors, fun pieces, and cute accessories. 

With only a few simple tweaks here and there, you’re able to turn a boring room into a kid’s dream fantasy!



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