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How to Unlock a Door Without a Key: Know the Proper Strategy to Unlock the Door

Nothing is more nerve-wracking than being locked outside of your own house, and you see the lock dangling. You are not alone. We have done it at some point in our lives. It can be annoying but also dangerous. For this reason, you should have enough knowledge on how to unlock a door without a key. It can be better than breaking the whole door, and you will also get useful skills. 

To assist you, we have listed some of how you can unlock a door without a key. Make sure to go through the post carefully so that you can learn how to unlock a locked door without a key.

Lock Picking

how to unlock a door without a key


The most efficient and popular strategy for opening a locked door without a key is lock picking. This lock opening method will need a set of lockpicks. However, you can also do it with the help of paper clips.

The steps needed to lockpick are easy, but the hard part is to master the technique and be an expert at lockpicking. If you happen to lock yourself frequently, then it is essential to have it in your arsenal. You will find several locksmiths that use this method before doing anything else. 

Steps to Follow

Wondering how to unlock a house door without a key? To do this, you should have two tools, such as a rake and a tension wrench.

  • The initial step is to put the tension wrench into the lock and rest it on the opposite side from where the key teeth would normally go. If you don’t know which way the lock turns, you can turn the wrench to identify the direction. It is essential to know the direction as it is the direction you will have to turn when it is necessary.
  • The next step is to hold the tension wrench twisted in the appropriate direction and put the rake into the lock where the key’s teeth would go. After that, you should push and pull the rake out of the lock. Try to twist and work it by feeling.
  • When working the rake, you should feel the key pin go where the teeth push them.
  • After that, you should try to twist the tension wrench in the right direction, and the lock spring should open.

As we mentioned earlier, it may sound easy to do, but it can be hard to get better and need more practice. If you do not have the wrench and the rake, you can use paper clips to get lockpicking tools if you are in no condition. 

Screw Drivers

how to unlock a door without a key


We all know that some front doors do not have visible screws, as any screwdriver can remove them. However, it is not the case with the doorknobs. Even some of the most sophisticated, modern indoor locks have regular and externally visible screws. 

If the lock is stuck or if you cannot find the key, then do not worry. The process is simple. To do the process, you should look and find the right screwdriver and begin to dismantle the lock itself. Generally, you should choose the regular Philips head screwdriver as it will most likely do the trick.

However, know that not all of the doors are easy to access. There will come times when you may encounter the door that comes with an extra protection layer. For instance, you should put the mounting screws under the shank or the rose, and there can be an entire mounting mechanism in place. You can use it to learn how to unlock a door knob without a key.

If that happens, you should find out the type of lock you have by doing online research. In this way, you can see the specifics of the mechanism before. After doing that, a flathead screwdriver can assist you in dislodging the extra mounting mechanisms, and it can go after the screws that are under.

Using Credit Cards 

how to unlock a door without a key


It is another method that you can learn how to open a door without a key, and using a credit card can help you. However, you don’t need to use a credit card to buy a new door. You should use it to push the lock’s bolt for opening the door without the help of a locksmith.

You can utilize either a credit or debit card to open the locked door. 

However, you should know that opening a locked door with a credit card will not work for deadbolts or doors with high security. Only with the doors with an angled latch bolt will you be able to open the door with a credit card. Learning how to open a locked door without a key is the most essential skill you should have.

You may be wondering how to unlock a doorknob without a key by using a credit card. Ensure that the credit card is made of plastic resin to wedge into the door and force the door for opening. Another essential factor you should know is that this method will not work if the door comes with a reinforced strike plate. By striking the plate, the bar would access the latch of the door.

Steps To Follow

A credit card is durable and sturdy, making it best to push the bolt of a lock and open the door. This technique of opening a locked door without a key is easy. Below are the steps that you can choose for opening the door with a credit card.

  • Initially, you should angle the card towards the bolt of the latch side, which will be in the diagonal position as it will assist you in pushing the latch bolt which rests on the striking plate.
  • You should push the card against the angled latch while adding pressure against the door to unlock the door.

Remove The Doorknob

If you do not have the key to a door, you can open it by simply removing the knob of the door. To do that, you will need a screwdriver, and you are good to go. However, you should know that this technique will not work against the doors with high levels, and there are possibilities that it will not open the house’s front door. It is a long process and needs a lot of hard work. Let us look at the methods:

  • There are doors in which you can easily find the mounting screws and remove them to disassemble the lock with the help of a head screwdriver.
  • However, there are locks in which you will have to remove the shank, rose, and other door pieces. You will need a flathead screwdriver.

It is amongst the least destructive ways you can learn on how to open a door without a key. You should learn how to unlock a door knob without a key as it can help you in case of emergency.

Use A Knife

how to unlock a door without a key


Although it may sound excessive or destructive, you can use a butter knife carefully and get the end goal in various ways. You can handle different lock types with a knife in various ways. Household bathrooms usually only come with a simple flat keyhole. You can place the knife tip, and turning will do the job almost instantly.

However, there are doors with more complex keyholes that you can open by bypassing the keyhole entirely. If there is sufficient room between the door and the jam. You can use a thin knife blade that can be slid between. Once you are in, you can slide the blade up and down where the striker plate should be till you find the bolt. Push the knife in and try to get around the bolt. After that, you can push the bolt out of the unlocked position.

You can use a butter knife to pick the lock other than paper clips by putting the knife blade in the lock as far as it goes and applying the pressure in several directions.

Use A Door Latch Shim

There are several methods to unlock a door without a key, but what if the latch slant face is away from you? You will be able to use a latch slipping tool. It is a thin metal piece with a hook on end. You can use a slim door latch and learn how to unlock a locked door without a key.

To use a loiding latch tool, you can start by inserting it between the door below or above the latch. After that, try to push the tool via the door seam and slide the hook around the latch. Next, you should pull the tool for retracting the spring latch and open the door. 

Kick In Door

how to unlock a door without a key


It is one of the classic ways of opening the door. To kick the door, you should aim below or above the lock side. The lock is the resistant point and one of the weakest door parts. Before kicking the door, consider the door material as you may not be able to get far when kicking the stainless-steel door. It may be the most efficient way to learn how to unlock bedroom door without key when someone is in the room and danger is there.

How Can a Phone Help You To Open a Door?

how to unlock a door without a key


Opting for eKey is the solution to all the key problems. There are various applications that you can choose and use for entering the house without a key. Using the application will open the door without even taking the phone out of your pocket. The smart lock senses that come with some of the eKey applications, and it will unlock the door. How to unlock bedroom door without key, electronic keys are the most essential factor.


These are the tips that you can learn on how to unlock a door without a key. Make sure that you choose the option with the least destruction of the door. It is because you will have to get other parts which can be costly. It is better to have a lockpicking tool.

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