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How To Remove Paint From Wood: Know The Methods To Do It Easily

Many times, the situation arises when we need to remove the paint from the wooden objects as it has got old and now looks dull and we want to make it new by applying the new paint to it. Many people consider this as a very complex and tough job to do but believe us, it is not…, at least not with the methods that we have brought for you today to how to remove paint from wood. 

Paint removal from the wooden objects can be done using the chemical paint strippers which are basically liquid solvents that easily remove the paint when applied to the surface. Another way is by using heat guns. 

Let us check out these methods in detail and then you can apply the same to your wooden objects to get rid of the paint quickly. Either you can do this task on your own if you are pretty confident about your skills or hire a professional to do it for you. 

Now, let’s check out the steps and different procedures. 

Chemical Paint Strippers 

how to remove paint from wood


Chemical paint strippers are considered a good solution to remove paint from the wood. One can remove paint from any kind of wood with the help of chemical paint strippers. 

You have to buy good paint strippers for wood from the market and then wear the required materials for the protection so that your skin doesn’t get affected. Wear gloves and then pour the chemical paint stripper in a container and then apply it on the wood. 

There will be guidelines written on the pack of the chemical paint stripper mentioning how much paint you should apply. Read it and then start applying. 

Now, wait for 5-10 minutes and then start stripping paint with a scraper. Start from the top of the wooden frame and go to the bottom till all the paint from the wood is removed. 

You can sprinkle sawdust coating over the stripper before you start removing the paint as it will help you to remove the paint easily. 

Check Out the Problematic Areas

There will be some areas in the corner of the wood which will require special attention for removal of the paint. Apply the chemical paint stripper over it and use special scrapers to remove the paint. Make sure you don’t damage the wood while you remove the paint. Use a light hand and slowly remove it so that your wood doesn’t get affected. 

Use Scrub

how to remove paint from wood


Now, use a scrub for removing the leftover chemical stripper. Rub the portion where the leftover chemical stripper is seen. Scrubbing will also remove the old finish as well. 

Heat Guns are Useful

You can use the heat guns as it will really help to remove the varnish and other finishes. This is a very effective method and it will remove the finish and the paint color really well. 

Start the gun, point the nozzle at the surface from which you want to remove the paint. Keep the gun away from the surface, almost 6 inches. 

Now, move the gun across the surface until you see the paint beginning to bubble and blister. You have to stop when you see the surface begins to smoke. Now, take the scraper and start scraping the paint that has come out. Keep doing the same activity until the color of the complete wooden object vanishes away. 

how to remove paint from wood


But one has to be very careful while we use the heat gun as it has a very high temperature. Children must be kept away while you are using the heat gun. 

You have to wear long-sleeve clothes for your safety, this will help to protect you from the hot paint. Wear a face mask too as it will protect your face from the heat of the gun. Googles are also necessary!

Also, don’t turn on the heat gun unnecessarily, turn it off when you are not using it. It is good if you have a fire extinguisher nearby so if there is any fire emergency, you can instantly use it. 

Use Special Paint Scrapers

how to remove paint from wood


There are various special paint scrapers that you can use as it will help you to remove the paint easily with them. These scrapers have angled blades that work more effectively as compared to the ordinary scrapers. 

Go for the heat gun and special scraper at the same time

To remove paint from the narrow crevices and the areas that are difficult to remove paint from, you can start the heat gun and use the special scraper simultaneously as it will remove the paint effectively. 

Wash the Surface

Wash the surface


After the paint is removed from the wood, take a cloth and apply denatured alcohol or mineral spirits to it and just wipe down all the surfaces from where you have removed the paint. After that, clean the painted surface with dish soap or household cleaner.

Sand the Surface

Sand the Surface


Now, we should make the surface smooth using a sander. Attach the sandpaper with the sander and start applying the sander on the surface from where you have removed the paint. This will make the surface smooth. Sandpaper helps to remove the left-out paint too so when you are sanding out the surface, the left-out paint will also get removed. After that, wipe down the surface with a cloth to remove the dust that has come out due to the sanding process.

So, here were the steps to remove paint from wood. Follow them and remove the paint from any wooden surface you have at home. But, make sure you do it with safe hands and don’t injure yourself while doing it. You can even hire a professional to do it for you. For more information, visit Housedecorationtip.



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