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3 DIY Steps On How to Propagate Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus is very famous and sold almost everywhere in the nurseries during the spring for vacation time to make your home blossom with the beautiful home plant. how to propagate Christmas cactus is the best houseplant for the time of Christmas. What can be more interesting to decorate your home with real and beautiful flowers and plants? Moderate pace or steady can be the growth for these long-lasting and healthy moist and fleshy cactus.

So there has always been a question in people’s minds when one should actually propagate Christmas cactus? So the answer to your question is; the perfect time to propagate a cactus plant is after almost one to two months of its bloom. Avoiding propagation during the fall while the flowering period and the setting bloom is what no one wants to miss. So be careful when propagating the Christmas cactus to get the best experience of watching the blossom.

So now let’s move on; how to propagate Christmas Cactus!

If you are trying it for the first time or doing it without an experienced or skilled person, you must definitely try by stem cuttings in the mix for a 100% result achievement. Each Christmas cactus is made out of various pads that are thoroughly linked to each other. At the bottom where it connects to another pad is the area from where you can get the roots that can be grown.

But the challenge awaits you; you need to discrete the sections that are the pads without ripping out the bottom of the sections(places). Cutting can fail out if in any way the bottom of the sections is damaged while separating. So make sure that you are separating the pads very carefully.

How To Propagate Christmas Cactus

If ever you have propagated moist and fleshy leaves, then it is recognizable that ripping off the cactus sections is similar to ripping off the leaves. If you want to actually see how to nicely cut the leaves visually for a better understanding, you may refer to the following link.

Gently twisting the pad or section from the bottom pad is the best and easy way to get a completely intact cactus pad. The pad comes out smoothly if you gently twist the top section apart from the bottom section.

Now let us see the three different DIY ideas on how to propagate the Christmas cactus houseplant.

Step 1: Breeding Upright in the Soil

Breeding Upright in the Soil


This method suits best if you have large and colossal cutting like around four to five sections and it is excellent if you have uncondensed termination on your cuttings which can also be said that you did good cuttings without ripping off the bottom of the section.

Now what you need to do is lay down your cutting where it is scorched and let it dry for one to two days, but avoid them to keep them under direct sunlight. This dormant term is very essential as it guides the plant from filling out the shoots and bringing them out of the roots.

After letting it dry for one to two days, place the cutting lightly in an absolute fresh mix potting of succulent and cactus soil. Keep in mind to put the end deep inside, so that the ground can cover up the bottom section. Later water it lightly, letting it barely dry in between the waiting periods. The cutting needs almost two to three weeks for the roots to form out nicely and have a sturdy effect on the ground.

 So before we start with the next step of propagating let us summarize step 1

  • Large and huge cutting of four sections.
  • Dry it for one to two days avoiding it to direct sunlight.
  • Use the dry and light-draining soil.
  • Keep it lightly moist in between the watering period to prevent drying of the cutting beneath the ground.

Step 2: Breeding or Propagate Christmas Cactus in Water

how to propagate christmas cactus


Christmas cactus breeding in water has proven out to be the fattest and the best way to breed the cuttings. 

This turns out to be the fastest way, but this is a very challenging and intricate process at the same time. You have more steps in this method than the other two techniques. You have an additional effort that is shifting off the cutting to the soil, which turns out to be a gauzy process. 

The first step for this method is to get good cutting with the help of the first step, as we discussed above. Then as earlier leave it for drying, same avoiding it from direct sunlight. Let it dry till the leaf gets thinner, but you must make sure to keep it in water before it starts getting any pucker. If you can see pucker lines on the plate, then you must realize that you have kept the cutting way too long.

Once your cutting has dried nicely without extensive drying, they form out with good corn, and after that, without any further doubt of getting rot, you can place it within the water. If the cutting is rotting, then it is a sign that you need to let it dry for two to three more days for proper formation of the callus.

Next Step

Now what you need to do is leave your cutting in water for a few weeks. Until it gets its root grown for two to two and a half inches in height. Make sure of changing the water in a few days of the interval until the cutting is placed into the water.

This changing of the water helps the cutting to be in freshwater and reduces the chances of bacterial rot on your cuttings of the plants or on the roots.

Once and for all when the cuttings are ready to be propagated in the pot, get a well-absorbing soil, in particular, the mix of the succulent and cactus soil mix or regular solid which has a mixture of fertile in it.

Fill this mixture of soil in a well-draining pot. This step is essential while shifting the cutting from water to soil and stands out to be successful and 100% result gaining.

Shifting the Cutting From Water to Soil

Shifting the Cutting From Water to Soil


When you are shifting the cuttings, you should plant them in the stable with the same process as you did for the other cutting, and water it nicely. Keep the plant in a warm area with a proper amount of indirect light and fresh air. You can keep them in early morning sunlight or late evening sunlight unless it is too hot with the temperature.

Later before watering the plant, make sure that the soil is slightly dry. But this only for other than Christmas cactus. You can slowly decrease the watering interval when you are sure that the plant can withstand the soil before getting absolutely dry. This shifting from water to soil should be over the trail of a few months. So that the plant can understand the movement done from water to sand and adapt the ground culture of growing.

Summary of Step 2.

  • Take cuttings from corn.
  • Change the water at a regular interval of time.
  • Use proper absorbing soil.
  • Keep them moist when freshly potted in pots.
  • Slowly transit from water to mud.

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Step 3: Propagate Christmas Cactus Flat on the Top of the Soil

Flat on the Top of the Soil


This method is appropriate if you are planning to do soil propagation. If you have smaller cuttings, like about two to three sections or pads. This can be helpful to you even if by any chance you have damaged the bottom section of your cuttings.

Usually, people choose this option and step if their two sections are cut off like if the parent plant and the bottom part of the base pad are missing.

You must take exceptional care for particularly this type of rooting. As the cactus sections are laid horizontally to the ground, and you water them in between to get them moist. There is a possibility that the roots may get too wet and are rotten to the dying of the plant. 

To avoid such a scene what you can do is, only moist the sand and let the cutting section dry. If you still find this method difficult or challenging, it is advisable to use the other two steps or techniques.

Summarization of step 3

  • Best use for shorter cuttings like two to three sections.
  • Drying it for two to three days, not in direct contact with sunlight.
  • Laying it horizontally to the top on the soil
  • Usage of light soil.
  • Lightly moist till the roots form nicely.
  • Try to keep the cutting dry and wet the soil.

how to propagate christmas cactus


Happy Planting!

So with all the above methods, you can have a successful propagation of the Christmas Cactus. You need to remember all the forms have their advantages and disadvantages. So, choose the best practice based on the situation and the environment.

Make sure you follow all the steps nicely. Try to keep a good watch on the entire process to avoid any kind of damage to the plant. When you are still trying to grow the roots of the cuttings. With this, we end the blog. We hope you could find this blog helpful. If this was interesting, do share it with all the Christmas cactus houseplant lovers.

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