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How To Install Laminate Flooring: Check Out The Steps

Laminate flooring is getting widely popular all over the world. When it comes to select the flooring option, the trend shows that laminate flooring is the first choice of most people. The installation process for it is quite easy and one can do it on their own too. Today in this post, we will show you the complete steps on how to install laminate flooring so if you are planning to change the flooring anytime soon then just read it and get it done.

After reading the post, you won’t need any help from a professional installer and can do it perfectly on your own by the DIY method. Let us start with a brief intro of it and then we will check out the steps.

What are Laminate Floors?

Laminate flooring is a type of flooring that is made by fusing various products and so consists of multiple layers. This type of flooring is seen in the living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, hallways and other areas where there is no presence of excessive moisture. 

Some of the pros of using the laminate flooring are that it is easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and not much expensive when compared with other floor coverings. 

Installation Process

Check for the Flooring

check the flooring


Now, to start with the installation process, you need to check first of all if the base floor is clean enough and flat. Underlay a foam sheet, it will become a base for the laminate flooring. If the floor area is damaged or has unevenness then you have to lay thin plywood, then lay a foam sheet, and then install the laminate flooring.   

After you have tested the flooring for whether it is flat and clean then you can open a box of laminate sheets and just take some out and put on the floor to check how much is required to fill one row. This is just for testing purpose and we have not yet started applying them. 

Underlay the Foam Sheet

underlayout foam sheet


It is good to put the thin, dense foam sheet under the laminate flooring as it will help to absorb sound. Also, it makes it easy for us to walk on the flooring and acts as a thermal barrier too. If there are any minor gaps in the underlying flooring then also there are no worries now as you are applying the foam sheet, it will bridge the gaps. 

Now, buy a foam sheet from the market and apply it in the room where you are going to apply the laminates. The sheet will be having adhesive behind it so you need to just peel and stick it. Ask the vendor from where you buy the sheet that how you can apply it to the flooring. 

There are many different types of foam sheet options that can provide numerous benefits. For example, an advanced foam sheet can help you to make the room soundproof so when you walk, you won’t feel any noise of your footsteps. Ask the vendor for what different types of options does he have and get the best one. 

Lay the First Row

how to install laminate flooring


Now, it is time to lay the laminates in the first row. Either, you can place the planks vertically or horizontally; that completely depends on you. You have to maintain a gap between the plank and the wall, about ¼ inch. This gap is needed as the laminate can expand and contract. 

Now, start placing the planks from either side of the wall. One by one, take out the planks from the box and start putting them on the floor. Fill the first row from left to right or right to left and complete it. You might need to cut the last piece so measure how much space you require for the last one and cut it accordingly with a saw (don’t forget to consider the spacing between the plank and the wall).

After completing the first row, it is time to go for the second row.  

Complete the layout of all the rows

how to install laminate flooring


Finish laying the laminates on the floor, complete all the rows one by one. You might need to cut the planks for the last row so take the measurement properly and then cut it. 

No Gaps

check no gaps


There should be no gaps between the planks. If there is a gap and if water goes inside then it will damage the plank. To make sure that there is no gap between the planks, tilt the second plank at a 45-degree angle from the floor and place it. It will get placed tightly and no gaps will be seen. 

After placing the planks, if there is a gap seen in the flooring then do one thing, lift that particular plank higher and then bring it down so that it will get tight. If the whole row is having gaps then lift the whole row and press it down so the gaps will be removed. 

how to install laminate flooring


So, here was a guide on the laminate flooring installation. I hope you got a complete idea on how to do it on your own. Just buy the laminate planks from the market, get the foam sheet and start the work. For more detail visit Housedecorationtip.



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