/9+ Foolproof Tricks On How To Get Rid Of Moles (With A Guide On Identification)
how to get rid of moles

9+ Foolproof Tricks On How To Get Rid Of Moles (With A Guide On Identification)

Who doesn’t like having a beautiful lawn to chill on sunny days? However, some creatures can destroy your dream. Have your feet recently sunk into the soft soil area? Do you see mini-volcano like structures in your lawn (mostly in a zig-zag design)? If yes, then you need to take action quickly.

This is the sign of moles living a foot under your lawn. They usually don’t harm the lawn, but when their amount increases, you will see the destruction of your beautifully maintained plants. If you don’t get rid of moles in time, there are chances you will see mice, voles and other wildlife creatures. You probably don’t want that, right?

So here in this blog, we will show how to get rid of moles. But before that, you will need to know everything about moles.

What are Moles?

how to get rid of moles

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Moles are one of the members of the shrew family. They are seven inch long creatures with the weight of hardly two to four ounces. With the grey and velvety fur, moles are hairless snouts with small eyes and ears. They have large front feet in order to dig the holes in the ground.

You will find them on the ground, they live a foot under the ground and come out only to find their mate. Moles are insectivores and can eat 90% of bugs, and worms of their weight. As we said, they are not that bad, in fact, their tunnels can help you with aerating soil.

However, still, the cons outweigh the pros. Their tunnel is around 10-inch deeper in the soil, which can scar the lawn and damage the roots of grass and plants. So it is necessary to get rid of them ASAP! 

For that, you will need to know about how to identify whether there are moles in or field or not.

How to Identify Moles?

 how to get rid of moles

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Here we will tell you that as well, we won’t make it too long but a quick snippet. Just to make sure you are on the right path. 

#1 Molehills: A volcano-shaped heap of loose soil (entrances).

#2 Soft areas in the yard: There will be soft areas where your leg or stick will sink in.

#3 Criss-cross raised ridges: Those are their tunnels

FYI: Moles can dig tunnels at the speed of 18 feet per hour.

How to Get Rid of Moles in the Yard?

Once you have recognized the actual problem, take actions for its solution, rather than whining about it. Try getting rid of moles before they entirely destroy your lovely lawn. Take heed!

 how to get rid of moles

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Use castor oil

This multi-purpose vegetable oil is used in eliminating the moles with its bad smell. Its odor won’t kill them but will upset their digestive system. If you have any pets or children, be careful when using castor oil. You can mix repellent with it and spray around the field. 

Castor oil has a faint odor. If possible, use the quart of the castor oil with a sprayer attached to your garden hose for treating the 5000 square feet of lawn.

Flatten out tunnels

Tunnels are their home. This process may sound harmful, but flattening out tunnels will help in getting rid of moles. But you will have to do this time to time, as not to let them make their home again.

Flatten out tunnels

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Get rid of their food source

Let’s get rid of them psychologically. Make them go hungry and see how they run away in search of food. For that, you will have to make sure about the end of worms, pests, and insects (whatever they feed on). You can go for nematodes or insecticides, which will help you in getting rid of grub and insects.

Replace grass

Moles primarily damage grass, so it is better to replace it with something tougher and sturdy. There are chances it might seem impossible to you. But it is necessary you can also have a frequent change in the grass bed. If you are ready to replace, then go for shrubs, hedges, or other ground coverings.

 how to get rid of moles

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Grow protective plants

There are few plants that can help you in preventing the increase in the number of moles. Grow them in your lawn at a certain distance. These plants are marigolds, alliums, fritillarias, daffodils, garlic, and shallots.

Cut back on watering

By this, we mean sprinkle needed water only. Excessive water can attract worms and other insects, which will eventually result in growing moles. If you see water clogged in some areas, remove it as soon as possible.

how to get rid of moles

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Proper maintenance

Have proper maintenance of your garden. Clean up any excess dirt or piled-up soil, as it will attract insects and pests, which are the food source of moles. Trim the grass bed regularly and avoid thick layers of mulch around the grass and tree.

Install a physical barrier

You might be thinking, “I already have a fence installed.” But my dear friend, fence can’t stop moles. They dig deep into the soil, so barriers around small areas will work. Dig a trench 24 to 30 inches deep and fill it with galvanized hardware cloth (1.4-inch) for a barrier. Leave about six inches of it above the soil for protection purposes.

Install a physical barrier

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Ultrasonic moles spikes

Many farmers say moles can’t tolerate the high-frequency of sound waves. Believing this, we have added this option too. Get the ultrasonic moles spikes for effective treatment.

Mole traps

Mole traps are another option for getting rid off of the moles. This is the most effective way, all other options may fail, but this won’t. They are specifically designed to catch the moles and getting rid of them.

To be honest, it might kill them. Mole traps come in two different types: a scissor trap or a harpoon trap. Before using them, you might need to take the official permission; in many states, this procedure is considered illegal.

Mole traps

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Make your Yard Moles-Free:

These are the foolproof tactics to get rid of moles in natural as well as unnatural ways. They are good for the garden, but up to some extent, an increase in them is going to ruin your dream of having a perfect and beautiful garden. Try these formulas and see the difference. For more maintenance tips for any part of the house, visit HouseDecorationTip.