/How to Cut Tempered Glass in an Easy Way
how to cut tempered glass

How to Cut Tempered Glass in an Easy Way

A glass that has been designed in a way such that it resists breakage is called tempered glass. The heating temperament hardens it enough to make it stronger and safe than any other conventional glass. Nowadays, tempered glass is used in a variety of products for both commercial and household use. Due to its strong strength, it has become the common architectural choice for decorative applications. Let’s see how to cut tempered glass.

Tempered glass finds huge applications in many places like shower enclosures, like a glass of windows, in the glass railings, and a lot more. Sometimes you order a tempered glass of the wrong because of any misconception. Now you may think if you can cut the tempered glass? Well! The answer to your query is yes. You can cut the tempered glass anytime you want. You just need to follow the right procedure to do the job.

In this article, we will mention the various steps on how to cut tempered glass. By following these steps you will end up with an accurate piece of glass. you must have a quick sneak peek at the list of precautions before starting on how to cut tempered glass guide.


how to cut tempered glass

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If you cut the tempered glass by following the right procedure with proper sequencing of steps and proper precautions then this task is going to be very easy for you. The list of precautions that you should take are as below:

  • You should use gloves and tongs while heating the glass to avoid any burn.
  • While annealing the process of the tempered glass, you must always keep a fire extinguishing equipment near you. You should use it only if there is any case of an accident.
  • You must use a face mask during the entire process. The mask will protect you from exposure to various gases that are else hazardous.
  • you can get very small particles of the glass in the air while cutting it. It can be hazardous to your eyes. Hence it is very important to wear safety glasses during the whole process.
  • You must always take the measurements accurately and then start cutting the glass. It is very important to get the right dimension of glass, alterations are a bit tiresome job and must be avoided.  
  • You should run the cutter over the glass only once. Make sure that you apply moderate pressure on the cutter while cutting the glass.
  • Follow the steps of the guide properly and you should use the right tools for the task. Also, you must keep all the tools handy to avoid any confusion.
  • You must keep the children away while cutting the tempered glass to avoid any kind of accident.

how to cut tempered glass

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How to Cut Tempered Glass:

how to cut tempered glass

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For many reasons you would need to know the proper technique to know how to cut tempered glass. Firstly because you cannot cut the tempered glass in the same way that you cut ordinary glass. Secondly, It is a bit tricky to cut the tempered glass; you need to distribute the pressure properly to achieve the required size. Also, if you have no idea how to cut tempered glass then you will only break it into pieces. Hence you need to follow some steps before beginning on the same.

Here is a list of steps on how to cut tempered glass. You need to follow the steps in the same sequence to do the job correctly:

  1. To start the process of cutting tempered glass the main first step is to clean the clean glass. Start cleaning the glass thoroughly so that there will be no dust particles present on the glass. Since in the next step, the glass is to be heated, so if there is any dust particle present there is a possibility for burning. So cleaning the glass is an important step and needs attention.
  2. After cleaning the glass, the Annealing process takes place. In this step, You have to heat the glass to a temperature of 1000 Fahrenheit or 538 degrees Celsius. Then you need to slowly cool it down and only then it comes back to its original state.
  3. To cool down tempered glass faster just put it in the cold water. The tempered layer loose over the glass after cooling. It is more refined with the help of a clean cloth and a glass cleaner to cut the glass efficiently.
  4. Mark the glass according to the dimensions for cutting purposes. To avoid any glitches use the proper instrument and marking tools. A black marker is most suited to mark dimensions on the glass.
  5. Use a glass cutter and cut the tempered glass according to the marks over it. If you have measured the measurements correctly then you will get the cut glass accurately. Use little pressure while running the cutter over the tempered glass. Also, make sure to run the cutter only once in a straight line.
  6. To make sure that the cutting of the tempered glass is going in the right way, place the dowel under the line and apply a little amount of pressure along both sides of the tempered glass. It will balance out the pressure.
  7. Now smooth the edges of the tempered glass by using sandpaper as it is in the desired shape. Tempered glass is smoothened because after that it gives a finished look. With smooth edges around, the tempered glass is easy to carry and avoids injuries.
  8. The last step is to re-temper the glass. After this, the tempered glass is ready as per a particular design. You can carry it anywhere anytime to fix it at the intended place.

how to cut tempered glass

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It is also convenient if you can anneal the glass before starting the steps. The glass is passed through the heat in the annealing process to un-tamper it. This way you can continue directly from shaping the glass. The procedure gets very easy and you can obtain any shape as per your requirement. It is also easy to resize the annealed tempered glass.

Applications of Tempered Glass:

how to cut tempered glass

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If safety is a prime concern for you then using tempered glass in place of conventional glass will be your optimal choice. It not only safe but also gives you the flexibility of keeping the spaces visually accessible as well as aesthetic. You can beauty any interior space by using them.

Tempered glasses are available in various textures, styles, and thicknesses to make sure that they can be served in every aspect of home decor. From windows, railings to aesthetic elements, they become the new norm of architectural design for interior spaces. The glass is strong enough and is scratch-resistant. You can expect these glasses to defy any kind of everyday wear and tear. They can withstand blows, strong winds, and other extreme weather conditions.

The glass is ideal and has unique applications as the tabletop, glass doors, windows, and display cabinets. The surface remains clearer and flawless for a longer time. Also, tempered glass adds a stylish and great innovative effect to residential places that add extra glamour to the beauty of the home. The glass is also a great choice for bathroom designs as they are resistant to breakage due to hot water.

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Key Points:

how to cut tempered glass

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There are several notions in the market about tempered glass that if you cut the glass once then you cannot alter it. And if one tries to do so, it will break it into pieces while being cut. However, that is not true. Though cutting it may require you to follow proper steps and precautions, you can easily cut the tempered glass. Do follow the steps judiciously and you will get your job done. 

Although some of you might also be thinking of getting a new glass rather than annealing the old tempered glass. Well! I have a different opinion. But why would you buy a new glass when he can have all that you want by re-using the old tempered glass? All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned steps carefully and you will get a glass of desired shape and size. 

how to cut tempered glass

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If you are a home person and love to decorate it then achieving perfect decor would be your prime choice. However, ordering a glass can sometimes be tricky as you need to be accurate with the measurements. In addition to this, the tempered glass may sometimes be delivered of the wrong size for the intended place. There is a situation where you would need to redo the glass. In such situations knowing how to cut tempered glass is an important skill that you must acquire. You can master the skill by just following the above-mentioned steps in this article.

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