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How to Cut Drywall? A Complete Guide To Know

What is Drywall?

Drywall is a thin board of gypsum. Gypsum is compressed and flattened. Because they provide durability we construct interior ceilings and walls with drywall. Understanding how to cut drywall, a house’s interior can be finished by even home carpenters easily. The process of how to cut drywall becomes easy when we get to know how it’s made. Gypsum is pressed into sheets and then wrapped in two thick paper sheets. The drywall paper reinforces the gypsum and gives a surface that can be easily painted once finished.

Drywall, which is often known as wallboard or Sheetrock, isn’t usually cut like wood. Comprising of two paper faces covering a core of gypsum, making all the cuts using a knife or a saw would surely produce a great amount of dust. To cut drywall you should just cut the paper on both sides of the gypsum and the gypsum inside will break easily along this line.

Follow the instructions below to cut drywall. We are here to guide you on the simple steps of how to cut drywall, in addition to the tips on how to measure drywall and install it carefully.

Step by Step Guide: How to Cut Drywall?

Cutting large sheets of drywall can be troublesome. A single sheet of drywall can weigh over 50 pounds. Moreover, drywall is unsteady and difficult to manage. But with a few simple tools and certain techniques, you’ll know how to cut drywall like a professional in no time. Not only that, but we’ll also show you how to organize your installation to make the best use of materials and avoid any waste.

Step 1: Measure the Board

how to cut drywall


Measure the panel.  We need to cut in desired length and width. And place a T-square at the point where the panel should be cut. The T-square acts as a straight line along which we cut the drywall.

Step 2: Adjust the T-Square

how to cut drywall


Set and adjust your foot at the bottom of the T-square for a better grip to keep it in place. The T-square flutters at the bottom of this are skipped and your cut will be distorted. Keep your foot on the T-square while cutting the drywall to hold it in place.

Step 3: Score the Drywall and Cut the Front

how to cut drywall


The next step is to score the material correctly which is a very important step in cutting drywall. With the help of a sharp utility knife or any cutting tool, score the paper carefully by cutting along the right-hand side of the T-square starting from the top of the sheet of drywall and moving down slowly. Once you have cut more than half of the board, turn the knife over and cut from the bottom of the board to finish the cut.

Step 4: Break the Gypsum in the Core

Pick up the sheet slightly, bend it gently and a little knock from your knee will break the gypsum along this line. The paper on the back of the board will still be intact holding the board together.

Step 5: Cut the Sheet at the Backside

how to cut drywall


Cut the paper on the back of the sheet of drywall halfway down through the crease on the backside and finish the cut by coming up from the bottom. This will completely split the two pieces. Catch the two halves by steadying top with your free hand. 

Step 6: Clear the Cut Edge

Smoothen the cut edge by running a Subform rasp along the freshly cut board to remove the rough edges. 

In this way, we learned how to cut drywall with easy and proper techniques. 

Here Are a Few Quick Tips to Help the Task Go Smoother and with Less Waste

how to cut drywall


  • Hang all horizontal surfaces like ceiling and soffit bottom before you start on walls.
  • Outline layout with the sheets lying flat on floor rather than standing on edge. It’ll be easier to use straight edges and simple chalk lines.
  • You have to cut openings for existing doors and windows before you hang the drywall sheets
  • Peeking jambs and insulation prevent cutting of the sheets in place. Make the cuts while the sheets are standing against the stack instead of piled over the opening. It’s helpful to have another person help and support the sheet to prevent cracking while you cut, especially if the cutout requires narrow, fragile drywall legs on either side of the opening.
  • Save wastes by firstly cutting pieces to length before cutting to width.
  • Use 12-ft. long sheets instead of 8-ft if you can manage the pieces and struggle them into the room. The remaining pieces will be longer, so they’re probably more useful, and you’ll have fewer joints to tape and fix.
  • As much as possible, minimize the number of joints, especially hard-to-tape butt joints.

How to Install Drywall?

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to install drywall:

  • Leave about a half-inch gap between the bottom of the sheet and the floor.
  • Apply adhesive to prevent protruding nail heads.
  • Put the first sheet in place and hammer in some nails to hold it.
  • The vertical edges of the panel should stick to studs.
  • Score the front side carefully and cut away the paper on the backside.
  • Smooth any rough edges and place the pieces at correct positions.
  • Mark the studs at positions and drive in the screws to secure the drywall tightly.

Tips to Repair Drywall

So we saw the step-by-step procedure of how to cut drywall. Once you’ve correctly cut the drywall, you’ll need to maintain it or repair it and the proper length of screws to pull off a successful repair. To repair drywall, follow the steps below:

  • First of all, make certain the old drywall is clean and in a good state.
  • Use a stud finder to look for all existing wall studs, then remove all the flawed sections of drywall between them with a utility or putty knife. 
  • Put down any exposed hardware or outer paper, then replace it and hang the new piece of drywall in the opening of the wall, along with the edge of the old one. You can also repair drywall using a ready-made drywall patch.
  • Enclose the repair seams with mesh tape and a layer of adhesive joint compound to help keep the tape intact.
  • The compound will dry and this finishes the job.

The Process Is Easy How to Cut a Hole in the Drywall and How to Cut Drywall on the Wall

Drywall is an invention that made life easier. Because drywall is thin sheets of gypsum and is very strong. They provide a ready-made look to the wall. The process how to cut a hole in drywall becomes effortless. Cut-out of doors and windows is easily done on gypsum drywall. If any miscut happens. We can rectify it. We can easily cut holes for electrical wires and boards on the drywall.

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